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At Healthyguide.com, we believe that our mission is to help people build up and complete a healthy and joyful lifestyle and diet plan. We often come closely with traditional and even not very popular natural remedies as well as safe nutrition advice so that we will help people appear with the highest performance of themselves.

Our mission at Healthyguide.com is also to help readers restore health, improve strength and get faster healing process by giving some useful information with prestigious researched and studied proofs that have been working well for many people all over the world day by day. With all remedies coming from nature and healthy proven diet plans with concrete recipes, nutrition facts, fitness workouts, and daily exercise instructions, readers of Healthy Guide will feel glad about their brand new version almost after just a blink!

At Healthyguide.com, the last thing we believe is that good health should better come from the inside out, so improve inner health from just small and simple lifestyle and diet chances is really an important part of life!

So with passion and the big love for helping people all over the world, we are working hard day by day to write useful and trustworthy articles – the real ‘friends’ that you can confidently count on!


Meet our “family members” who has contributed to build Healthyguide.com into a helpful and enjoyable informative health guiding website. The team is deep expertise in media, marketing, engineering, and editorial fuels innovation across the organization.

Lien Nguyen

Lien is an experienced writer and blogger, who has more than 6 years working in the industry of Health, Beauty, and Fitness. She is the chef editor of Healthy Guide, who provides reliable resources to help readers solve all their health, beauty concerning, and many other issues in life. She also has a plenty of experiences in researching on the fields of relationship, fitness, lifestyle, as well as men and women’s secret issues.


News and reports on emerging research, brand new home remedies, diet tips, exercise instructions, and trending topics in the field of health. All articles are written by a wide network of our professional editors and contributors. Everything we publish is thoroughly checked by our panel of experts.


The mission of Healthyguide.com is to become readers’ best friend and also the most trusted information resource of health and well-being whenever they get trouble in health or simply want to improve their wellness. We are committed to bringing readers authoritative, actionable, reliable, and definitely approachable content that inspires and guides readers and even their family clearly on the track of how to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

The reality is that funding from the advertisers of Healthyguide.com allows us to cover more diseases and health issues, as well as offer more powerful experiences, such as animations, videos, and input from many prestigious professionals and experts. Be assured that we are definitely inflexible about our editorial autonomy. Other than input about broad topic areas, we hardly say “no” with allowing the sponsors to leave any special impact on our specific content.

Here are the clear and complete guidelines we follow about the types of advertising we accept:

1. We Have The Full Right Of Choosing The Ads

We keep our hard discretion for determining the advertising types that we want to accept and display on Healthyguide.com. We have the full right to reject, cancel, or remove any ads from Healthyguide.com, at any time without any question asked. We will give the advertisers an exact announcement upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of any ads, along with a firm and clear explanation. We also have the full right to determine the proper place to put the ads on Healthyguide.com.

2. We Don’t Accept Some Product Promotions

Although products may appear on our site, under no circumstances shall our acceptance of any ad be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or advertised, or for the company that produces, distributes, or promotes these service(s) and/or product(s).

3. We Will Not Accept Certain Types Of Ads

We will not accept any ad that is not attractive enough and/or factually inaccurate.
Healthyguide.com will not allow, at any time, the placement of any ad for illegal, harmful, or objectionable services or products. Ads must not contain deceptive, fraudulent, or offensive material, such as material that ridicules, misrepresents, or attacks a certain person or group on the basis of color, age, race, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Ads must not be related to firearms, alcohol, fireworks, ammunition, pornography, gambling, tobacco, or the simulation of news or an emergency. Every ad must clearly identify the advertiser. Any ad that could be misconstrued as editorial content will be clearly labelled as an advertisement.

4. We Keep A Clear Distinguishment Between Editorial Content & Ads

In every instance, we keep a very clear separation between editorial content and advertisements. All ads on Healthyguide.com are clearly and unambiguously identified as such. Clicking on the ads will take the readers to a sponsor’s resource center or to an advertiser’s site on Healthyguide.com. Sponsored resource centers are labeled as such, showing the name of the sponsoring entity at the same time.


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