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25 Home Remedies For Warts On Face, Neck, Hands And Feet

25 Home Remedies For Warts On Face, Neck, Hands And Feet

Warts are a common infectious skin problem which is common seen on the human skin. It is caused by some types of virus named human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus infects the top skin layer, often entering the human body through a broken skin area. This virus causes the top skin layer to grow quickly, creating a wart. Normally, warts will disappear on their own in months or years. It could develop at anybody part. There are some types of warts. For instance, common warts will appear on hands while plantar warts will grow on the foot soles.

Are Warts Contagious?

The answer is yes. Despite warts are reckoned to be contagious, it is common for just one member in the family to suffer from them. They often impact just one part of the human body, but could be spread to other areas if you pick them.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Warts

Warts are available in different shapes and sizes. A wart might be smooth and flat or may be a bump with rough surface. Tiny blood vessels can grow into the core of warts to give it blood. In both normal and plantar warts, the blood vessels might look like dark dots in the center area of the warts.

Oftentimes, warts are painless, but if a wart grows in an area where you put on it pressure, like the bottom of your foot or on a finger, could be painful.

After getting some basics about warts, you may wonder how to get rid of warts quickly, right? Of course, you can always find the solution in modern medicine; but before doing it, consider using some home remedies for warts on face, neck, hand and feet here. I bet that you will surprise at how amazing these natural remedies could do for your wart relief. Take a look at Healthy Guide!

Top 25 Out Of Best Home Remedies For Warts Are Revealed

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Among home remedies for warts, apple cider vinegar may be the most easy-to-find. It is not surprising that ACV is on the top of this list thanks to anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Many people have successfully treated their warts by using this ingredient. Actually, it does not kill the virus, but due to its acidity, it can attack the “flesh” making up the wart, kill of physical wart itself, and let it peel from the skin naturally.

Steps to take:

  • Mix water and apple cider vinegar with the ratio of 1:2
  • Apply the mixture over your infected area by using a cotton swab. Cover it with a tape or bandage.
  • Reapply this remedy for several weeks. The warts should turn black in a few days, then fall off and leave a small mark in the affected area. Over time, the mark will steadily vanish.

2. Garlic

Garlic itself is a good natural medicine. Garlic can clean the blood vessels and dissolve cholesterol plaques. Being a good antiviral agent, garlic can treat warts efficiently. That is why it gets a position in this list of home remedies for warts.

  • Take a fresh garlic clove to crush it.
  • Apply the crushed garlic over your infected area. Use a bandage to cover it up.
  • Wait for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly the area
  • Reapply this treatment twice per day for 1 week. The garlic will make your warts blister and fall off. The time for garlic to take effect will depend on the size of warts.

If you do not like the smell of this ingredient, use garlic capsules thrice per day for about 1 week. As a result, you will see good results the same way as fresh garlic does.

3. Milkweed

In reality, milkweed develops widely across the world, and could be found in fields, along the roads, and even in your backyard. Despite it could be toxic because of the “poison” named cardiac glycoside, it just has toxic effects if taken internally. Due to this, do not keep milkweed around pets or kids, and avoid getting it in your eyes. Just a small amount of the sap can eliminate the warts. This treatment has been used for centuries and was common among Native Americans. The reason may be because of the proteolytic enzyme found in this plant which is believed to dissolve the wart.

  • Take a pumice stone to get your wart slightly exposed
  • Break several leaves off that plant, and then squeeze the stem bottom to get sap.
  • Apply a moderate amount of sap to cover the wart.
  • Wait there and reapply if necessary

In case you see any skin irritation or rash, stop and rinse off instantly. For those with sensitive skin, it may be better to stay away from milkweed.

4. Banana Mash

It seems a little bit strange for you but banana mash is actually a great one among the list of the most amazingly useful home remedies for warts that we would like to reveal in the entire article today!

Bananas also have a proteolytic enzyme similar to milkweed. This enzyme can dissolve the warts. Furthermore, banana peel also has strong anti-oxidant properties, thereby successfully treating warts and other skin issues. The oils and chemicals can also help the immune system kill off the virus causing warts.

To take advantage of banana for wart removal, you should follow these steps:

  • Take 1 banana peel and scrap the whitish mush out of the inside of a banana peel.
  • Apply it over your warts
  • Wash the hands carefully to prevent the warts from spreading
  • Reapply the process till your warts disappear.

5. Vitamin C

Another option when it comes to home remedies for warts is vitamin C. The acid content of vitamin C can kill off the virus causing warts. Also, it can remove the warts away naturally.

  • Take 2-3 vitamin C tablets and crush them in a bowl
  • Add a small amount of water into and mix it well to create a good paste
  • Rub that paste over your warts, use a bandage to cover the area.

At first, you will feel a burning sensation, but that feeling will go away soon.

6. Hot Water Soak

This seems the simplest choice among many home remedies for warts you can opt for. Soaking your affected area in slightly hot water will help soften the warts and promote the healing process. Also, this routine can prevention further infection and fight the virus causing warts. To make the remedy more efficient, you can add a small amount of Epsom salt of white vinegar into the soak.

However, before following this treatment, you slough the infected skin area with a pumice stone. Make sure that the water used is not too hot otherwise you will be burnt.

7. Basil Leaves

When it comes to natural home remedies for warts, basil leaves should be put on top of the list as it can help a lot in curing signs and symptoms of the condition.

Basil has a multitude of antiviral properties which can kill off the virus causing warts. Also, it speeds up the healing process.

  • Crush ¼ cup of fresh basil leaves to get a good paste
  • Apply the paste over your warts, cover it with a clean cloth or bandage.
  • Reapply this routine everyday till your warts disappear.

8. Dandelions

To find the best home remedies for warts, you must try a few types of herb and dandelions are one of them. The milk found in dandelions can remove warts naturally. Dandelions can be found in even your yard. So, do not dispose of them.

  • Pull off the head of a dandelion to take the milk
  • Rub that milk over your warts, use a bandage to cover it up
  • Apply this twice per day till the warts disappear.

9. Honey

Organic Manuka honey, which is originated from New Zealand, may be the best to use when it comes to home remedies for warts using honey. Actually, Manuka honey is one of the most potent kinds of honey in regard to anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Also, it is rather stable, unlike other kinds of honey. So, it could withstand the fluctuation of temperature without losing its initial benefits. Additionally, it can create a kind of “occlusion therapy” which is depriving the warts of essential oxygen and defeating it. Yet, make sure that you buy the real Manuka honey from a reliable store.

  • File your warts away. Apply a thick layer Manuka honey onto your warts and use a bandage or cloth to cover it up.
  • Wait there for 24 hours, change the bandage and reapply the method.

10. Potato

Rubbing potatoes on warts is reckoned one of the most common home remedies for warts people use. There is not much scientific evidence behind this method, but over centuries, people used and got success. Thus, it is worth your try.

  • Peel and cut a potato into slices.
  • Rub that slices over your warts thrice per day
  • Or, you can place the peeled skin onto your warts
  • Take a bandage to cover it up and leave it there
  • Change the bandage every day.

11. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice can soften the warts. Hence, it is worth being mentioned in this list of home remedies for warts on face, neck, hands and feet. The special enzyme and a high content of acidity in pineapple juice will kill the virus and eat away the warts. The first sensation can be stinging, but it will disappear soon.

  • Soak your warts in the pure pineapple juice for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Pat your affected areas dry.

Note: Do not file before applying the juice because it can make the area sensitive.

12. Baking Soda

Because of strong anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, baking soda can combat the virus causing warts successfully. In fact, among natural home remedies for warts, baking soda is a powerful agent that provides a lot of supports and will help you say goodbye to signs and symptoms of the condition fast and effectively.

  • Mix white vinegar and baking soda to create a thick paste
  • Use a cotton swab to dab the paste over your warts twice per day

Or, you can mix castor oil and baking soda together to create good paste. Apply the mixture over your area using a bandage. Leave there and the next morning you remove the bandage. Follow this routine for several days till your warts disappear.

13. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties which could help in treating warts and other skin disorders.

  • Take a few aloe vera leaves to extract the gel
  • Apply the gel over your warts by using a cotton ball.
  • Use a tape or bandage to cover the area up.
  • Repeat this process twice per day for 2 weeks.

14. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used to treat a variety of skin issues, such as cellulitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, and warts thanks to its strong antiviral properties. Nonetheless, you should dilute this natural ingredient initially before using it because it is very strong.

  • Dilute tea tree oil in aloe vera gel or water
  • Apply the diluted tea tree oil over your warts for a few times per day, particularly before hitting the hay.

This oil is very easy to absorb, so it will kill of virus almost instantly.

15. Castor Oil

The castor oil which is pure cold pressed is commonly used as one of home remedies for warts and other skin disorders. The major component in this castor is ricinoleic acid, which is known to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil works best on flat, small warts on face, neck and the back of your hands.

  • Cover the affected are with castor oil. Apply it a few times per day.
  • Before your bedtime, soak a cotton swab in the castor oil, use a tape to cover it. The next morning, clean the warts and soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes. Rub off the dead skin cells using a pumice stone.
  • Reapply the routine for several days. The warts will get dark and steadily fall off.

16. Bee Propolis

In regard to wart removal, some people have successfully treated warts by using propolis. Just simply apply propolis directly over your warts a few times per day. Or, you can apply before going to sleep and cover it up till the next morning.

17. Raw Papaya

Raw papaya is a useful ayurvedic treatment for natural wart removal which has been used for centuries. Thanks to the proteolytic enzyme, raw papaya juice can dissolve the warts naturally. Also, it can cure foot corns, acne and boils, but those pregnant women should not use this remedy.

Just simply make a shallow cut on an unripe papaya, collect the white sap from its surface. Mix the sap with water and apply the mixture over your warts twice per day for a couple of weeks to see good results.

18. Essential Oils

Having potent anti-septic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, essential oils can promote the process of treating warts and cure them from their root by damaging virus. Some essential oils you can use are clove oil, garlic oil, vitamin E oil, lavender oil, wheat germ oil and lemon essential oil.

These oils can accelerating the healing process and give the infected skin its initial state. What you need to do is:

  • Smear several drops of your chosen oil on the warts, and soak it entirely.
  • Reapply the oil twice per day on a regular basis to get remarkable results.

19. Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the most effective home remedies for warts that we would like to reveal in the entire article today and encourage readers to learn carefully about and make use for good!

Fish oil has been using in a lot of health supplements recently. It is because of the omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil which has been proven to improve human health in different way, such as improving weight loss, boosting mental performance, increasing energy, and improving the fertility. This oil also has vitamin A, which is claimed to be effective in treating warts.

  • To make use of fish oil for your wart removal, you take a fish oil capsule to slice into two parts.
  • Squeeze the capsule part to get the oil and apply the oil topically over your warts.
  • Cover your infected area using a bandage, wait for 1 hour before rinsing it off.
  • The results should be seen within 70 days of application.

20. Duct Tape

According to WebMD, duct tape occlusion therapy is one of inexpensive home remedies for warts. With this method, you use a duct tape to cover and eliminate the warts. The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed in an American Study conducted in 2002. What you need to resort duct tape for wart removal is:

  • Small pieces of duct tapes which have the similar size as warts’
  • Put the duct tape on top of your warts. Wait for 6 days before removing it.
  • Then, put a wet cloth on top of the infected area
  • Rub the wart using a pumice stone
  • After that, apply another duct tape
  • Wait for 24 hours and repeat the process till your warts fall off
  • Do this for 1-2 months.

21. Sandalwood Oil

Not only is sandalwood oil loved for its woodsy sweet fragrance, which is used in incense, perfumes and skincare products, but it is also loved for its benefits in terms of medication. Sandalwood oil is used in traditional medicines as an astringent, antiseptic, expectorant, disinfectant, sedative, carminative, antispasmodic, and memory booster. It could also help in treating warts thanks to its antiviral properties. The alpha-santalol and beta-santalol are main compounds in sandalwood which have strong virucidal effects. Keep reading this article to find out more home remedies for warts and apply at home for good!

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil with 5 drops of sandalwood oil.
  • Apply the mixture over your warts
  • Cover it using a bandage
  • Wait for about 1 hour
  • Repeat the remedy 2 times per day for 1-2 weeks.

22. Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate is fused and shaped into a stick in order to be used as a “cauterizing agent”. Applying this compound daily can be effective in damaging cutaneous warts. Nonetheless, there are some side effects associated with this compound because silver nitrate may irritate the eyes and skin, and cause burning. It should be used basing on specified directions.

  • Take a stick of silver nitrate and apply it over your warts for several minutes
  • Repeat once per day for about 1 week.

23. Green Tea

Being one of the most common drinks in the world, green tea has a lot of benefits on health and beauty. Not mention to the ability of aiding in weight loss, green tea also helps in treating warts. It can boost the metabolism and keep you feel full for a long time. According to a study, the powerful antioxidants in green tea can power up the immune system to combat the virus causing warts on your skin. Moreover, this treatment is also good for genital and anal warts.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves into a cup of water
  • Boil them up and let it simmer for 20 minutes
  • Remove the tea from heat
  • Let it steep for 5 minutes or so
  • Drink the tea 2 times per day for 1-2 weeks.
  • You can also apply green tea bag on your warts a few times per day to get better results.

24. Marigold

This is another effective wart removal remedy because it has the capability of damaging wart virus. Both sap from its stem and the juice from the leaves could be used to eliminate warts.

25. Zinc

Considered an “immunomodulator” which is often used for curing a lot of types of skin disorders, zinc is one of effective home remedies for warts. According a study conducted by scientists in Lebanon, those people who used zinc sulfate or topical zinc oxide ointment reported a significant improvement in their wart condition. What is more, this method does not come with any side effects, according that study.

What you need to do is:

  • Consume 10mg/kg of zinc sulfate supplement daily for about 2-6 months
  • Apply ointment over your warts 2 times per day for 3 months.

Despite warts are not a life-threatening problem, it still bothers people in terms of aesthetic. Hence, knowing natural ways to remove warts at home is essential for anyone who wants to get rid of warts without using medicines.

Tips To Prevent Warts Naturally At Home Without Using Drug, Pill, Or Medication

After reading the list of top home remedies for warts, it is important to know how to prevent warts effectively. The major way to prevent this skin condition is to avoid contact with HPV – the virus which causes warts. In case you are exposed to the virus, chances are you may or may not suffer from warts because it also depends on how susceptible you are to that virus.

Following these tips to prevent warts effectively:

  • Do not touch the warts on your body as well as other people’s
  • Do not share socks, towels, razors, or shoes with the suffered ones or any other person. A person who does not have visible warts may still carry the virus.
  • Do not walk barefoot on moist, warm surfaces where the virus might be alive. Wear shower shoes upon using locker rooms, public showers, or pool areas.
  • Keep the feet dry. Wear socks that absorb moisture well.
  • Protect the hands using a glove if you have warts on hands.
  • Avoid shaving, combing, or brushing the areas that have warts.
  • Avoid biting fingernails if warts are on your fingers
  • Wash your hands whenever you touch your warts
  • Keep your hands clean and dry.
  • Avoid irritating the soles of the feet. Warts will develop more easily if your skin has been broken.
  • Cover warts with a bandage
  • Improve your immune system

If you want to have more information about skin care tips, visit our Skin Care page. It will give you a lot of home remedies for many health and beauty issues. This article about home remedies for warts hopefully will help you find out the right solution for your skin problem. Statistically speaking, warts can grow anywhere else on our body at any time of our lives, no matter how hard we try to prevent. If this really occurs, do not feel depressed because you are not alone. There are always solutions for warts, and the best of natural home remedies for warts are mentioned here. Once warts have developed, it is time to plan your treating plan using the information in this article of “Top 25 home remedies for warts on face, neck, hands and feet”.

Do you have any other home remedies for warts to add to this list? If yes, feel free to share your ideas with us at the comment box. We appreciate and will feedback as soon as possible.

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