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51 Best Diet and Foods for Sex Power for Men and Women

51 Best Diet and Foods for Sex Power for Men and Women

Sometimes, by eating some specific food, you will be able to stimulate bodily desires naturally. Do you want to know what the foods for sex power and stamina are? In this article today, I want all of my readers from have knowledge about best foods for sex power and duration.

I. Common Causes Of Decreased Sex Stamina And Power

One of the most powerful desires of every man is to be the best in their bedroom. To reach the highest levels of satisfaction and pleasure, proper sexual stamina and power is necessary. However, unfortunately, most of men lack the ability to perform properly throughout the process of coitus. Men suffering from the low sexual power are still disturbed. They are not able to satisfy their partners and even themselves. This may cause a lot of troubles in men’s life, both physically and mentally issues. In some cases, men even cannot have children.
And there are some common causes of low sex power and stamina in men:

  • Low testosterone level
  • Low endurance level
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Ageing
  • Impotency
  • Anxiety and distress
  • Chronic illness like heart diseases and diabetes, etc.

II. Some Common Symptoms Of Low Sexual Power

There are some common symptoms showing a low sexual power and stamina and they include:

  • Ejaculation is earlier
  • Erection is not sufficient
  • Duration of orgasm is a minimum
  • Inability to gain satisfaction
  • Inability to perform well

III. List Of Natural Foods For Sex Power – 51 Best Foods

The following foods would be what you should add to your daily diet to increase sex power and stamina. All of them are good for your sex life.

1. Onion 

This is one out of great foods for sex for men and women that I want to reveal in this article and want all of my readers to know and make use of it soon for good!

Onions are aphrodisiac, which makes it useful to improve males’ sex power and stamina naturally. To use onion for increased sex power, you just need to prepare some white onions and then fry them with butter. Consume the fried combination mixed with 1 tbsp. of honey to taste. Also, you need to make sure that your stomach is still empty for at least 2 hours before you eat this fried butter and onion combination. This will help you dissolve with the low sexual stamina and premature ejaculation. In summary, despite the onion breath, in case you want to increase your sexual power, try it out!

2. Chia Seeds

If you feel exhausted after a long working day or after a tough workout, according to a study about chia seeds [1], consume some chia seeds to rev you up and offer the prolonged energy that you want to have before a date. Due to the contents of complex carbsand omega-3 fatty acids found in chia seeds, a guy can experience an increased endurance and stamina. Just need to consume about 1-2 tbsp. of chia seeds and you can reap all of their benefits. You can either eat them raw or blend them into a great smoothie to add taste. This is also known as one of the easiest to make use yet most effective home treatments for sex power that you should not skip out, so you and my other readers can make use of these chia seeds to have a better sexual life.

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3. Vanilla 

Vanilla was once banned as it offers great sexual stimulation. In fact, the name “vanilla” is actually taken from “little vagina” and as some people know, the Orchid family and its related plants including vanilla, have associated with flowers in terms of sex.
You can consider making some food dishes such as vanilla and cinnamon but ginger, garlic, cloves and cardamom are aphrodisiac and warming.

Actually, this is also one out of the foods for sex for men and women that you should know and try making use to improve your ability in your bedroom!

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4. Liver

Another out of the list of most effective foods for sex for men and women that I want to mention in this article today and want you to make use is liver. In fact, this food is not favorite food for many people and it is not a common ingredient in cooking. However, if liver is marinated and well-processed, it would become a very delicious food that lots of people will love! It may be difficult to find someone who enjoys liver, but it may make you become a better lover, so do not look down it. According to a study about liver and its nutrition [2], animal’s liver is packed with zinc, so consuming it can help you get the optimum level of testosterone, as mentioned earlier in this list of foods for sex drive. In fact, deficiency of zinc will prevent pituitary gland from giving off hormones that increase testosterone production. In addition to this, zinc could impede the aromatase enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen.

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5. Ginger

Ginger is also among the best foods for sex life as it can work wonders for men and can be included to the daily diet for sex power! It is said that adding some fresh ginger to the daily diet may help you improve libido effectively and naturally. The fact behind that is ginger can boost blood circulation throughout the body, including sexual organs. Additionally, ginger is also one of the most common herbs used in the traditional Chinese medicine. It goes into the stomach, lungs, helping increase blood circulation.

6. Cherries And Apples

As you know that apples and cherries have antibacterial properties that can help you fight off the bacteria causing bad breath and also support dental carries and promote gingivitis. The polyphenols found in apple may decrease the activity of foul-smelling bacteria that is present in the mouth after you consume any sugary foods. Addition to this, cherries have high content of anthocyanins that could cause a serious hurt on methyl mercaptan, which is given off from these decaying foods that are trapped on the tongue as well as foods between the teeth.

Consume cherries and apples to improve your sex power because they are helpful before a big date. In fact, this is also one on the list of the best foods for sex for men and women that every man who are trying to improve the sex power should make use. For the best results, add these healthy foods to your daily diet right today and enjoy how great they would be for your sexual desire!.

7. Watermelons

According to some studies about watermelon and its Viagra-like effects [3] , watermelons have been known the new Viagra. This fruit has citrullineamio acid, which is great for the cardiovascular system and simultaneously relaxes blood vessels that boost sex drive. Besides, watermelons also help increase the mood for sex because they increase libido. Therefore, people who are looking for an increase in their sexual lives should add this fruit to their daily diet.

8. Asparagus

Being one of the best foods for sex for men and women, asparagus has folate that helps with the production of histamine good for keeping a sex drive healthy in both men and women. Besides, asparagus is known for its psycho-physiological benefits due to its shape. It causes the mind to have a response to sexual activity.

9. Garlic

foods for sex

According to a study about garlic for sexual health [4], garlic also has the power to ensure a satisfying sex life. It is known to increase sexual desires when the heat inside the garlic ups the level of libido that makes the partners desire to cuddle more often. Garlic has allicin that helps increase the blood flow to the other organs involved in sexual activity. However, this spice would only have effects if used for long periods of time. Also, it helps fight causes of impotence and is a good ingredient for those who want to satisfy their sexual life.

10. Coffee

Recent findings show that men who consume 85-170mg of caffeine daily are 42% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than people who take in up to 7mg of this stimulant. This is also true among obese, overweight and hypertensive men, but not for people with diabetes.

11. Tomatoes

Men who consume over 10 servings of tomatoes every week experience an 18% lower risk of getting prostate cancer. This is because lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomato may help fight off toxins causing DNA and cell damages. Another study found that eating tomatoes can also improve sperm morphology. Men who have the highest tomato intake had between 8-10% more “normal” sperm.

12. Bananas

Hard men need to have healthy hearts, so consuming bananas for potassium is good for their heart and circulation. Having enough potassium may help maintain the sodium levels under control, preventing the blood pressure from reaching the roof and decreasing the risk of heart-related problems. In case you eat too much salt and you do also not like bananas, you can take in potassium from oranges or the skin of the potatoes.

13. Pomegranate

A recent study discovered that the juice of pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that help with blood flow and improve erectile dysfunction.

14. Hot Sauce

A recent study showed that men who eat much more spicy foods tend to experience higher level of testosterone than men who cannot bear the heat. Experts suggest that due to capsaicin found in chili pepper have associated with an increase in testosterone levels. In other animal studies, capsaicin has also found to increase the certain organs’ size, while simultaneously reducing belly fat.

15. Celery

Celery has androsterone, a male pheromone given off through perspiration. Some research have shown that celeryhelps increase flirty behavior among women. Consumin the androsterone can also increase male arousal and cause a man’s body to send signals and scents that make him more attractive to women.

16. Carrots

A research analyzed the positive effects of fruits and vegetables on the quality of sperm found that carrots caused the best results on sperm motility and count.   Men who consumed more carrots saw increased sperm performance by 6.5-8%.

17. White Fish

Men who are looking for a natural food source to boost their sperm quality should keep their head on white fish. Sperm size and shape was better in men who consumed white meat fish if compared to men who did not. And sperm count was nearly 34% higher among men who consumed the dark meat fish such as salmon and tuna than men who did not. Besides, men who consumed 1-3 servings of processed meat fish experienced worse sperm shape than men who consumed the fewest servings.

18. Grass-Fed Beef

Apart from being leaner and lower in calories than regular beef, grass-fed beef gives many other benefits, from fat-burning to muscle-building to heart protection. Besides, it is also a good assistant in your bedroom. This is because grass-fed beef is a good source of vitamin B12. A recent research highlighted that low levels of vitamin B12 has linked to erectile dysfunction.

19. Maca

Maca helps increase sexual appetite, endurance, stamina and fertility. A study published in 2008 found that maca helped men with antidepressant-caused dysfunction to regain the libidos.

20. Catuaba

This aphrodisiac comes from a tree in Brazil, where tribes use it for impotence and nervousness. The active compounds of this plant work on certain centers in the brain, so you might have erotic dreams while consuming catuaba.

21. Green Tea

foods for sex

Green tea is rich in catechins, which have been proven to reduce belly fat and increase the liver’s capacity for converting fat into energy. In addition to this, catechins also increase sexual desires by promoting blood flow. Catechins kill harmful free radicals that inflame blood vessels, thus increasing the ability to transport blood. Also, catechins cause blood vessel cells to give off nitric oxide that increases the blood vessels’ size, resulting in increased blood flow. Experts suggest that drinking 4 cups of green tea a day for the best effects.

22. Muira Puama

A study found that muira puama, a shrub used in folk remedy, works as an aphrodisiac, It helps increase libido in most of men who have ever complained of impotence and lack of sexual desire. Other studies also suggest that this herb also helps deal with chronic stress, nervous exhaustion and depression.

23. Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms have high content of choline. A serving of these mushrooms has nearly double the amount of choline found in an egg yolk. Besides, they are also high in vitamin D and zinc, which keeps the level of testosterone healthy.

24. Honey

Honey is loaded with beneficial compounds called quercetin, which has been proven to support athletic endurance and fight off depression. Also, honey has a less effect on the blood sugar levels than normal sugar, so consuming it will not send the body into fat-storage mode. Like the way the white sugar does. Consider adding some honey to your tea or morning oatmeal.

25. Walnuts And Fortified Cereals

Peanuts and walnuts contain the L-arginine, an amino acid, which helps men maintain their hard-ons. Similarly, fortified cereals are also great food sources of vitamin B12. Check the nutrition facts and choose whole grains that can aid to lower the levels of cholesterol.

26. Damiana Leaf

As damiana leaf reduces inhibitions and anxiety, it helps you feel more relaxed and amenable to arousal. Besides, damiana leaf’s aphrodisiac powers are also associated with a property it has, progestin.

27. Yohimbe Bark Extract

This tree bark extract sends blood stream to the genitals. Herbalists also add a warning that this extract can result in nervousness and increase high blood pressure, so you should avoid it in case you suffer from heart or kidney disease. Additionally, it can also negatively associate with antidepressants.

28. Broccoli

When men are older, their levels of estrogen gradually increase while levels of testosterone decrease. Fortunately, anti-cancer compounds called indoles can help regain a balance. Broccoli has high content of indoles, which increase testosterone production.

29. Peanut Butter

foods for sex

It is rich in 2 essential nutrients that are important for good bedroom performance: niacin and vitamin E. In a study, men who have impotence took a niacin supplement experienced an improvement in their sexual life. Besides, peanut butter is also a great source of folate that helps improve the quality of sperm.

30. Teff

This whole grain is a perfect addition to your diet if you have quinoa fatigue, but it will also support you if things in the bedroom are drooping. Being high in iron and manganese, it also has all 8 essential amino acids that help increase the energy levels.

31. Arugula

Arugula has been known as an arousal booster for years. Now, researchers found that the antioxidants as well as minerals found in dark leafy vegetables, so consuming more of these foods are necessary for improving your sexual life. This is because arugula may help in preventing the absorption of some contaminants from the external factors that can have some negative effects on your libido.

In fact, this is one out of the best foods for sex drive and power that can be also included in the list of foods for sex for women and for men.

32. Seafood

Despite their slippery texture, seafood may be the best aphrodisiac out there. Also, they are the best sources of zinc, which is a libido-improving substance. Nonetheless, seafood can also act effectively as aphrodisiacs. Oily fish contain many essential nutrients that are good for developing a healthy heart. Therefore, seafood should be included in your daily diet in order to make it the perfect food for sex power that can help you boost sex power and stamina fast and effectively! Actually, seafood is one of the best foods for sex that you should try to consume regularly for good!

33. Almond

Contributing to my list of foods for sex for men and women, almond has been used to increase the sexual desire, working as a good sex booster, and aiding your fertility for years. Like asparagus, almond has high contents of trace minerals that are good for reproduction and sexual health, such as zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Actually, zinc can help you increase libido and sexual desire quickly and efficiently. Therefore, this is also among the best foods for sex for women and men that help men in the world gain the highest levels of sex drive without the need to use any form of medications.

34. Ginkgo

Ginkgo can help you relax blood vessels so that nutrients can be transported throughout the body well. By improving the lack of vascular, it can help your body increase blood flow to your penis. Actually, ginkgo is one of the best tonic and rejuvenating assistant. It is among the most effective foods for sex for women and men that you should not skip out.

35. Figs

These fruits have a long history of working as a good fertility booster. They are also known as a good aphrodisiac because they are loaded with insoluble and soluble fiber that is essential for the heart health. Additionally, fiber-rich foods can help to fill up your stomach, so it may help you gain the sexy lines on the body. So, people can say that figs are one of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men that can help to improve sexual quality in general and happiness in particular.

However, figs are not common and easy to find in some countries in the world, so you should continue reading the entire article. Actually, there are some other foods for sex that will be revealed right now!

36. Citrus Fruits

Almost all of the citrus fruits are very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid. All of them should be added to your diet according to your own craving. You can consider making a fruit salad, which includes many different citrus fruits, including mandarin oranges or pink grapefruit, Otherwise, you can even use the dressing made with lemon and lime.

This is in fact great one out of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men so that people should not look down them, but try to add these fruits to your daily diet for good.

37. Spinach

Spinach is a good source of magnesium that may help dilate blood vessels, so it is also known as one of the most effective foods for sex power and stamina. Having servings of spinach daily will help you increase the blood flow to your genitals, making higher arousal for men and women as well. Similar to spinach, some other green veggies like kale, bok choy, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are also great food sources of folate, a sex booster. This is also among the list of what foods to consume to improve sex power, so people should consider bringing along with some of them to make use whenever they want.

38. Unsweetened Tea

The antioxidant named catechin found in tea can increase blood for sex power and brain power. Actually, catechin helps increase focus, memory and mood. Besides, a compound found in tea called ECGC is proven to be able to promote fat burning. In a study, people who drink 3- 5 cups of tea daily within 3 months may report a 5% bodyweight reduction. So, it is said that people should drink unsweetened green or black tea on a regular basis, either in hot or iced form to improve their libido.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that bottled tea will not offer the same benefits as it contains sugar. Consuming too much sugar may lead to the decrease in the body’s ability to produce endorphins, thus resulting in depression. Unsweetened tea is a great alternative to commercially soft drinks or juices.

This is also one on the list of best foods for sex for sex for women and men that a plenty of men in the world love and have been making use every day.

39. Strawberries

It is proven that strawberries are rich in antioxidants, which can be good for the arteries and heart. So, eating these fruits can help you get better circulation that is believed to be important for sexual activity in both men and women. In addition to this, strawberries are also a rich food source of vitamin C, which along with the antioxidants, support to maintain the sperm counts in men. So, you can consider dipping some berries in the dark chocolate to activate your libido effectively and naturally.

40. Avocados

foods for sex

Avocados are known for being rich in unsaturated fats as well as low in saturated fats, so eating them is really good for the arteries and heart by keeping the heart beating stable and maintaining blood flow to different areas of the body. In fact, men who suffer from heart disease are twice to have erectile dysfunction. Therefore, this is known as one of the best foods for sex power and stamina that I want to recommend my readers who are trying to improve their sexual life should remember and make use for good!.

41. Oat Straw

Oat Straw is nutritive, relaxing and warming. It has long been used as a tonic that can help with impotence, preventing premature ejaculation, improving ability to perform sexual activity and simultaneously increasing libido. Besides, this is because it can help improve the nervous system, consuming oat straw can help tactile sensations become more pleasurable for men and women.

This is also one on the list of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men that you should add to your daily diet if you want to improve your sexual activity and satisfy yourself and your partner in your bedroom.

42. Nuts

You just need to add a handful of nuts to your morning breakfast, dessert, or salad to improve your libido. Nuts, especially hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts are good food sources of L-argine that turns into nitric oxide. This substance is also known as a sex booster. Therefore, they are one of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men , sex drive as well as erection strength that you should not look down if you want to last your love longer and have more powerful erection in bed to satisfy your partner and if you want to learn what foods for sex to consume at home!

43. Oysters And Other Shellfish

Apart from being an amazing aphrodisiac, oysters really have an association with sexual activity. In fact, oysters contain more zinc than any kind of food and it is thought that zinc could improve the sex life by increasing the testosterone production as greater testosterone production also means greater sexual desire. Also, zinc is an essential mineral for a healthy production of both sperm and blood flow.  Some other foods that have high content of zinc are pumpkin seeds, red meat, pork, shrimp, poultry and dairy products.

Actually, this is also one of the best foods for sex power and stamina that men should consume more if they want to improve their erection strength in bed through diet.

44. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a compound named phenylethylamine that helps release some similar endorphins good for sex life. Actually, a British study showed that consuming chocolate can result in a longer and more intense brainbuzz than kissing can. According to some studies, the brains of both genders showed a huge stimulation when the chocolate melted on their tongues while their tongues were in a romantic kiss. In fact, dark chocolate is very attractive and delicious and it can also work as one of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men so that people who are trying to deal with their decreased sex drive should know and remember to make use for good!

Remember that the darker the chocolate’s color is, the healthier it is. Dark chocolate has a high content of disease-fighting flavonols that are very good for the overall human health and sexual health. To keep the health benefits of chocolate and its flavor balanced, you should consume chocolate varieties with 70% of cacao. Additionally, a 2-inch square chocolate chunk containing about100 calories will give you a healthy treat without negatively affecting your efforts to manage your weight.

45. Red Wine

Another out of the best foods for sex for sex for women and men that I want my readers to make use right now to get better sex life and stamina is red wine. In case you are wondering whether red wine is good for your sexual function or not, and the answer is yes, but, moderation is very essential. It is suggested that women who drink 2 glasses of red wine daily may get a higher libido than those who decide to drink other alcoholic beverages. Drinking pinot noir, cabernet and other red wine varieties could help you decrease inhibitions and make you become more sexually attractive.

46. Eggs

Most of people love eggs for some certain reasons. Eggs are known as the symbol for fertility and they are also high in vitamins B5 and B6 that can help reduce stress and keep the hormone levels stable effectively. This is also the great out of the best foods for sex drive that I want to mention in this entire article and want all of my readers to know and remember to make use for good.

47. Sweet Potatoes

They are a better alternative to French fries and they are also a great food for sex power. Our body will convert beta-carotene in these sweet potatoes into vitamin A, which can help keep the uterus and vagina in good shape and produce more sex hormones. Actually, this is one out of the list of the best foods for sex drive and is also a tip on how to increase sex power in men by food that I want to reveal in this article today. Hopefully, you and my other readers will remember and make use of them for good!

48. Pumpkin Seeds

foods for sex

When it comes to best foods for sex power and sex drive, pumpkin seeds should not be skipped out. In fact, pumpkin seeds are one of the good food sources of zinc that is known to increase testosterone levels.

49. Roast Beef

Similar to animal’s liver, roast beef is also a good food source of zinc. However, for health benefits, in case you want to consume roast beef to boost your sex power, opt for the low-fat varieties, like those in the beef shank, chuck and shoulder, which just contain nearly10mg of zinc for each 100g serving. Therefore, this is one of the best foods for sex drive that are good for men who want to learn about what foods for sex to consume in order to improve sex power and satisfy their women!

50. Fatty Fish

The next food in this list of best foods for sex for sex for women and men that I want to include in this article is fatty fish. You should choose herring, mackerel, trout, sardines and albacore tuna that contain a high content of omega 3s. This is one of the reasons why men who are dealing with their decreased libido should choose to take supplements of fish oil. Actually, this is a good food on the list of the most effective foods for sex power and this will do favors to help improve sex drive and stamina to ensure that you can 100% satisfy your woman in bed.

51. Lobster

Lobster is a good source of selenium, lean protein, copper and zinc.  As I mentioned earlier, zinc is important for increasing testosterone levels in men, so it has been associated to a healthy libido.  In addition to this, lobster is packed with the mineral phosphorus that can help increase your sex power dramatically. Plus, it also has a high content of essential fatty acids which may boost sensitivity in the males’ sex organs.

Actually, this is the last but very important one of the best foods for sex for sex for men and women that you should not skip out, but try to make use of this food for good. This is also one of the best tips on how to increase sex drive and sex power in men by foods for sex that lots of people in the world, especially men who are suffering from decreased sex power love and have been making use of as they know that this fish is among the best foods for sex drive they can ever find!

This is the list of 51best foods for sex power and sex drive that all men should know and try to consume more to improve their duration and stamina effectively and naturally without the need of using harmful and costly pills, drugs, or medications. The efficiency and amazing health benefits of these foods are actually shown by science and simple to consume so you should not worry when making use any of them.

If you think that my list of 51 natural foods for sex power is helpful for your current issue, and if you know anyone else around you who are trying to deal with this sexual issue and looking for natural foods for sex power, you should share this list and these best foods for sex power with them. One more thing, remember to leave your comments in the comment box below!

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