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23 Tips How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally in 7 Days without Surgery

23 Tips How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally in 7 Days without Surgery

Breasts are known as a sign of beauty and femininity, so women desire their breasts to be well sized and shaped. However, when the breasts become bigger, which can be because of some factors including obesity, genetics, pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body, breastfeeding as well as side effects of drugs. Thus, many women want to learn how to reduce breast size fast at home without using any type of medication.

As extremely big breasts can cause emotional and physical problems. Some health problems may comprise of tenderness, rashes under the breasts, neck pain, back pain and shortness of breath. Even, it can affect your confidence level, posture and your attractiveness. Besides, women with large breasts can have difficulty in exercising and wearing clothes that fit well.

When it comes to knowing How To reduce breast size naturally, you should opt for simple dietary changes, lifestyle changes and home remedies. Now, you should keep your eyes on the following article on Healthy Guide site to discover some of the best tips that help you reduce a breast size at home.

Top 23 Tips On How To Reduce Breast Size In 7 Days Naturally Without Surgery

1. How To Reduce Breast Size – Massage


When you massage your breasts, you should give equal time for each breast.

How to do:

Ÿ You apply warm coconut oil or olive oil on your breasts.

Ÿ You use your ring finger and middle finger, and then massage your breasts in upward direction and circular motions for about 10 minutes.

Ÿ You repeat the massage 2 times a day for more than 3 months to see a size reduction.

Ÿ Also, you can massage with a breast-reduction lotion or cream.

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2. Green Tea

Green Tea

It is also an effective tip on how to reduce breast size without surgery and lose weight. Catechins found in the green tea will boost weight loss by encouraging the body in order to burn calories and reducing body fat. Drinking green tea will help you reduce your breast size. Additionally, green tea will lower the risks of breast cancer.

How to do:

Ÿ You add 1 tsp of green tea leaves to a glass of boiling water

Ÿ You cover and steep it for a couple of minutes

Ÿ You strain it and add honey to taste.

Ÿ You drink 3-4 glasses of green tea daily for more than a couple of months.

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3. Egg Whites And Onion


Egg whites are a good home remedy for you to reduce breast size. It will help you have firm breasts as well as tighten your chest area in order to make your breasts smaller.

How to do:

Ÿ You beat the white part of an egg into a smooth texture and apply this solution on the bottom of your breasts.

Ÿ You let it sit for half an hour.

Ÿ You mix the onion juice in a cup of water.

Ÿ Next, you use this onion mixture to wash off the egg white.

Ÿ Do this home remedy once daily for a couple of weeks to notice smaller and firmer breasts. Learn More:

4. Ginger


In many home remedies, ginger is used to give a breast size reduction. It will increase the metabolic rate of the body to help you in burning more fat. Also, this affects your breast size because breasts are made of fatty tissues.

How to do:

Ÿ You boil 1 tsp of grated ginger in 1 glass of water for about 10 minutes

Ÿ Then, you strain it, add honey and then slowly sip it.

Ÿ You drink 2-3 cups of ginger tea in a regular basis.

5. Flaxseed


When you are trying to know how to reduce breast size naturally at home, you should not ignore flaxseed. Flaxseeds have omega-3 fatty acids that will help you reduce the level of estrogen n the body. A high level of estrogen is one of the main reasons behind extremely enlarged breasts. Additionally, flaxseeds help you effectively in removing harmful toxics from your body.

How to do:

Ÿ You add 1 tbsp of flaxseeds to a cup of boiling water. Drink it once a day.

Ÿ Alternatively, you can take 1-2 tbsp of flaxseed oil daily

Ÿ Follow any of these home remedies until you get your desired result.

6. How To Reduce Breast Size In 7 Days – Neem And Turmeric

Neem And Turmeric

A home remedy on how to reduce breast size naturally is neem and turmeric. Both of the herbs contain anti-inflammatory properties that will automatically reduce your breasts.

How to do:

Ÿ You boil neem leaves in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. Next, you strain it.

Ÿ Then, you mix in 2 tsp of turmeric powder and honey.

Ÿ Drink this solution daily for a couple of months.

7. Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids that are useful for women who are trying to reduce their breast size. In fact, these fatty acids will help you reduce the level of estrogen, which is one of the main causes of enlarged breasts. Also, fish oil helps in reducing the body weight. You should consider eating cold-water fish including mackerel, salmon and tuna. Alternatively, you can take fish oil supplements after consulting a doctor for the correct usage and dosage.

8. Rubia Cordifolia

It is known for its effect in resolving the breast enlargement problem. This fruit extracts will help you keep a hormonal levels balanced and thus reducing breast size. Similarly, this herbal extract can help you balance the level of hormone and remove toxins from the body with large breast caused by high estrogen levels.

9. Hoelen


It is another tip on how to reduce breast size in 7 days at home that you should know and remember to make use of it for good. Hoelen is a type of mushroom, which has medicinal properties. One of which is the reduction in breast and it is often used in the production of breast-reducing pills.

10. Guarana

It is a main component of all of the breast-reducing pills. Also, it can be taken in its raw form. Also, you can also prepare this herb in the form of a paste to regain the normal breasts after lactation. The main properties of guarana are caffeine and tannins. While the caffeine aids to increase the metabolic rate, which causes a faster adipose tissue reduction

11. How To Reduce Breast Size Without Surgery – Fennel


It has been utilized for medicinal purposes and interestingly, fennel can be added to a plenty of breast-reduction products. This is because fennel is effective in easing inflammation of the breast. The reason behind that may be because it has a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium. However, you should still be careful in case you want to apply this home remedy.

12. Shatavari

This is a herb that is useful for the reproductive organs. It is good and natural home remedy for women of all ages for breast size reduction. Besides, the shatavari herb also keeps the level of breast milk healthy in the post pregnancy periods. This herb will strengthen the immune system and then increase the energy that you need throughout a day. Moreover, this herb is also useful to replete with antioxidants that may increase the metabolic rate, thus helping you reduce weight. This is actually a good tip on how to reduce breast size without surgery at home, so you should try to add this herb to your regular diet for good.

13. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

They are shown to reduce your breast size naturally and make them firmer. In case you use these seeds regularly, it can help you get your desired result.

How to use:

Ÿ Take fenugreek seeds and soak them in warm water. Let it sit overnight

Ÿ Grind these seeds until they becomes a fine paste.

Ÿ Apply this paste on your breasts and allow it to sit for 10 minutes

Ÿ Wash it off with warm water

Ÿ Repeat this home remedy twice a week for the best result.

14. Make Healthy Dietary Changes

Make Healthy Dietary Changes

Ÿ Getting a healthy diet will help you get proper weight management, so this will cause a reduction in breast size.

Ÿ Eat foods with fewer calories and less fat to lose weight and get a smaller breast size.

Ÿ Add many fresh fruits to your daily diet. Fruits are rich in water content and have antioxidants that help you keep healthy and reduce weight. Citrus fruits are a good food source of vitamin C that helps you get an increased metabolic rate. This causes a faster calorie burning and also the breast size reduction. Besides, fruit juice is also good for your skin and overall health. Some fruit juices you should drink are grape juice, lemonade, cranberry juice and orange juice. Remember not to add sugar or ice to these juices. Drink a cup of fresh fruit juice daily for a healthy body and skin.

Ÿ Eat more fresh vegetables including spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. to reduce your breast size. Green leafy veggies like spinach contain high water content. Besides, consuming fresh green leafy veggies can boost the oxygen delivery through your body system and your blood.

Ÿ Take the protein from seafood, chicken, eggs, nuts and beans that are low in calories and support you to lose weight.

Ÿ Eat more nuts that are great food sources of energy and boost weight management. They have antioxidants and nutrients to keep you full and energized. Note that you should eat them in raw form, not sugar or salt coated. Consume nuts such as almonds, walnut, Brazilian nuts are perfect food sources of protein.

Ÿ Drink an amount of water or fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Avoid juices and drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Ÿ Good dairy products that you should add to your daily diet are non-fat plai yogurt, cottage cheese and non-fat milk.

15. Reduce Oily Foods, Unhealthy Fats, Salt And Sugar


Do you know that sugar, oily foods and salt are the factors causing your body fat as well as your increased breast size? Therefore, you need to avoid these foods if you are trying to reduce your breast size.

Ÿ Oily fried foods can make you gain weight, thus making your breasts larger. Besides, they are also not good for your overall health. Consuming these foods for a long run can cause some health problems and simultaneously increase the certain cancer risk.

Ÿ Salt and salty foods restore water in your body and make it bloated. You can find salt in some foods including salami, bacon, hot dogs, canned soup broth, pizza, chips, etc. In fact, salt is necessary ingredient for keeping your body running properly. Thus, you do not need to stop consuming salt entirely. Consuming salty foods in moderation is an effective tip on how to reduce breast size naturally.

Ÿ Sugar contains inefficient calories. It is available in soda, candy, commercial coffees, soda and juice. Besides, consuming too much fruit also causes excess sugar consumption.

Ÿ Unhealthy fats including trans and saturated fat which are available in red meat, butter and fried foods may increase your risk of getting health problems. Besides, these fats can make your breasts larger. It is advised to use healthy fats to keep your body healthy.

16. How To Reduce Breast Size In 7 Days – Choose Smart Clothes

Choose Smart Clothes

You wear the right type of clothes will reduce your breast size as well as move away the attention of from the enlarged breasts.

Ÿ Necklines: You can consider wearing sweethearts, V-necks, cowl necks shirt and front wrap necks to reduce your big breasts’ effect. Scoop necks as well as squares with shrugs will help you look smaller at the top. Besides, you should avoid plunging necklines because it will make you look huger.

Ÿ Color: The color of your top, shirt or dress can also determine your big breast’s effect in order to get a reduced effect on the breasts. Avoid light-colored cloths because they can make you look wider. Instead of them, opt for darker-colored clothes, which can make you looks smaller.

Ÿ Dresses: Clothes with good wrap and fall can make your breasts look smaller. Wear fitted tops to show off your waistline. Avoid tops that are low cut; instead, wear tops that flare t the bottom.

Ÿ Patterns: Do not wear horizontal patterned clothing because it only makes your large breasts conspicuous. Also, do not wear big floral patterns that will emphasize the top areas. Do not wear tight clothing because it will make your breast size look greater.

Ÿ Bras: You also consider minimizing your bras that can help to give you a reduced breast size at home. Consider opting for a high-quality sports bra is possibly the easiest way to reduce your breasts comfortably.

17. Use Breast Reduction Creams And Pills

Use Breast Reduction Creams And Pills

This is actually one of the best tips on how to reduce breast size naturally. This is due to the fact that this method has gotten a great attention recently as the permanent way to get a small breast size. Although these creams and pills do not have any scientific backings, many women have already used them and then they claimed to have noticed better result. These breast-reduction creams and pills are comprised of ingredients that reduce the fat tissue in the breast, making them smaller and firmer at the same time. When looking for the best tips on how to reduce breast size without surgery, you must not forget breast reduction creams and pills.

18. Consider Chest Binding

In case other options do not work, you can consider chest binding. Do not use Ace Bandages to bind your chest as they will compress bones and sprains and this will disfigure your lungs and ribs. Instead, try to use a chest binder that is made for transgender people. No matter what you do, do not bind your chest for more than 8 hours. However, this trick will not work for people with extremely big breasts.

19. Stop Using Drugs Causing Big Breast Size

Stop Using Drugs Causing Big Breast Size

If you want to learn how to reduce breast size at home, it is very important to know which drugs you are using trigger your cup size gaining. Some hormonal medications like birth control will increase your breast size. So, in case you are using any of these drugs, let’s visit your doctors and ask for alternative solution for it.

20. How To Reduce Breast Size Without Surgery – Have A Good Posture

Having a good posture is also one of the best tips on how to reduce breast size in 7 days at home. Yin fact, your breasts will hang because of your bad posture. It will even make your breasts larger. Therefore, this is the main reason why you have to stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back. At the same time, your breasts will be lift and the chest tissue will be stretched. A good posture will physically reduce your breast shape. In case you have difficulty in standing straight, look for posture correctors or ask your doctor.

21. Cardio and Strength-Training Exercises

Training Exercises

One of the best tips on how to reduce breast size naturally must also include performing cardio and strength-training exercises.  Doing regular exercises will help you lose your fats, including your breasts. Some certain cardiovascular as well as strength-training exercises will reduce fat in your chest and your upper body. As most of the women with large breasts should do low-impact cardio workouts rather than high-impact cardio exercises like running or jogging. You perform low-impact exercises on a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer for about 45 minutes, more than 5 days a week.

Besides, you also perform strength-training exercises in order to lighten up your chest muscles and reduce your breast size. Some examples of these exercises are dumbbell bench press and classic pushup. Do them between 8-12 reps in 2 or 3 sets for a couple of times a week. More importantly, remember to wear a fitted sports bra when exercising to prevent your breasts from sagging.

Ÿ Push Ups: You simply lie down on the stomach on the floor. Hold your legs stretched straight. Put down your palms on the floor with your fingers apart from one another in order to provide you with a good support. Push your chest upwards, keeping this position for 2 seconds before you come down again. Do this process at least 10 times twice a day to get the best result.

Ÿ Swimming: The back and front strokes work on the chest and shoulder muscles. This will help you reduce the breast fat and give it a good breast shape.

Ÿ Jogging: You can opt for jogging every morning and evening. Its aim is to make the entire body work out, thus reducing the size of enlarged breasts. You should jog for about 20 minutes a day.

Ÿ Light Weight Lifting: You choose either stand straight or comfortably sit on a chair. You lift dumbbells in both of your hands and then lift them up. Next, put both of your hands down. You repeat this process several times. Do it about 10 times daily and notice your breast size to reduce.

22. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are the most popular way on how to reduce breast size at home. These exercises will speed up the metabolic rate, which reduces the fat in your body. When you start losing your weight, your breast size will reduce in size automatically. Some simple aerobic exercises that you are able to do daily are stair climbing, cycling and brisk walking. Ensure to perform these exercises for half an hour, more than 4-5 times a week.

23. How To Reduce Breast Size In 7 Days – Yoga

Yoga is also an effective way to help you reduce your breast size. You are advised to try different yoga poses as well as breathing exercises to get the best results. The best yoga poses that you can do easily to reduce your breast size are the standing backward bend.

Keep in mind that these home remedies do not simply target the fatty tissue of your breast. To reduce breast size naturally, you must lower the overall body fat, which may cause a reduction in breast size. If you have any allergy or irritation, you should visit your doctor immediately.

All above natural methods you can apply to reduce breast size at home. If you have anything to concern about the article today, then feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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    This article really blew out my mind! I really hate my breast size as it is too big! I know many women love having such big breasts like me but I want to reduce it, more than anything! Thanks to natural tips and techniques this article revealed, I saw some very first improvements on my breasts! The size is really reduced slightly and I believe that it will also keep going down!


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