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20 Best Tips How to Increase Breast Size without Surgery & Gaining Weight

20 Best Tips How to Increase Breast Size without Surgery & Gaining Weight

Some women with small breasts often have difficulty in dressing up or going around in social circles. The causes of small breasts may be various, and most of the women want to increase the breast size often choose surgery. However, this enhancement procedure is expensive and it does not surely provide your desired results as it can leave permanent unwanted effects. Your genes decide on the size of your breasts. However, there are some certain exercises that can help you a lot on how to increase breast size without surgery to make them well-toned and firmer naturally.

How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight & Surgery – The Best Tips To Apply

There are more natural ways to increase your breast size. Thus, in case you are looking for home remedies for increasing breast size, here are some of the best ideas that you can follow easily at home without causing any unwanted side effects. These following remedies may take some time to give you desired results. Let’s keep your eyes on the following on the best tips on How To increase breast size at home on Healthy Guide site.

1. How To Increase Breast Size – Regular Breast Massages


A breast massage for about half an hour daily can increase your breasts effectively by one-cup size after just one month. This is because massaging the breasts would increase the flow of phytoestrogns hormones and blood flow to the breast. Besides, massaging the breasts would also encourage the increase in production of prolactin, which is a breast- enlarging hormone.

How to do:

Ÿ You rub your hand’s palms together as fast as possible for about 6-10 seconds to create some energy and heat.

Ÿ Place your hands on the breasts and then rub them inwards (anti-clockwise direction n your left breast and clockwise direction on your right breast)

Ÿ Next, you go on rubbing your breasts for 2 seconds (considered as 1 count)

Ÿ Follow this movement with more than 300 counts every morning and every night for a month to naturally increase your breast size.

Ÿ This exercise may last about 15 minutes. You also need to rub your hands together to keep the energy and heat flowing into your breasts. You can also use oil or breast cream while doing the breast massage. 

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2. Eat Estrogenic Foods


You can increase your breast size by adding some hormones that stimulate the breast growth into your daily diet. While the occurring of male hormones ; for example, testosterone can impede your breast growth, occurring of estrogen hormone can increase breast growth and help you get bigger breasts. The best way for you is to eat foods that are rich in estrogen. Excess estrogen levels in the body will regulate the levels of hormones. Some of the natural food sources of estrogen are anise seeds, chicken head soup, soy foods, legumes, vegetables, eggs, fruits, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds, etc.

Ÿ Soymilk: A cup of soymilk contains about 30mg of phyto-estrogen. It is made from soybeans and can be brought in grocery stores.

Ÿ Flaxseeds: They contain a high level of phyto-estrogen. In one ounce of these foods, there is approximately 85mg of phyto-estrogen.

Ÿ Soybeans: They are packed with iso-flavones, a kind of phyto-estrogen.

Ÿ Sesame seeds: They are packed with phyto-estrogen. They are very popular food source used to garnish some certain dishes. A single ounce of these foods has approximately 11mg of estrogen.

To enjoy its numerous health benefits, you should consider adding these estrogenic foods to your regular diet. 

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3. How To Increase Breast Size – Eat Radish


In some studies, radish has been associated with breast enhancement and is known to have stringent properties that will help you improve the blood stream to the tissues. Increased blood circulation to your breasts will support you to increase your breast size naturally. Hence, you should add radishes into your daily diet in order to help you get bigger breasts. 

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4. How To Increase Breast Size – Eat Healthy Fats

Consuming healthy fats can help you achieve bigger breast size without putting you on weight. Also, avoid unhealthy fats that may cause health problems in the long run.

Opt for healthy fats that are found in foods including nuts, fatty oily fish, eggs, avocados, olive oil, peanut butter, etc. Besides, do regular exercises to ensure that the fats you take in does not cause any unwanted side effects. 

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5. Take Some Natural Supplements

Take Some Natural Supplements

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause hormonal imbalances that lead to small breasts. In these instances, taking natural supplements will be able to help you prevent the deficiencies and boost breast growth. Some of the supplements that you should take for natural breast enhancement include:

Ÿ Amino acids are known to support you to burn excess fats in your body as well as prolong your aging process. Besides, amino acids also contain properties that will emulate the hormone growth needed for breast increasing. You should take amino acid supplements regularly will help you achieve your breast size effectively.

Ÿ Vitamin A helps you boost skin cell rejuvenation and regeneration.

Ÿ Vitamin B6 helps you form new blood cells.

Ÿ Vitamin C helps you restore collagen, thus increasing the fullness as well as support of cellular skin and tissues.

Ÿ Vitamin E helps you regulate the level of cholesterol in the body, thus preventing the forming of excess fats in other body’s parts

Each vitamin has its own roles in increasing breast size, combine them together will help to boost breast growth to a great extent without leading to any side effects.

6. Wear Breast – Enhancing Clothing


The clothes that you are wearing can either make your breasts look downright flat even in case you get a normal breast size or highlight them. Always remember that you need to choose clothes that will not flatten out the chest. In case you underdeveloped breasts, choose padded bras as well as clothes that will make the breasts look fuller and bigger.

Ÿ Wear clothing that embellishes your curves. For example, shirts with ruffled or puffy material in their chest area can make your breasts look bigger than they actually are.

Ÿ Wearing correct bra size can support and lift your breasts, not allow them to loosely hang. In case you think you are wearing a wrong bra size, look for a fitting when you go shopping next time.

Ÿ Using a push-up or padded bra can add noticeable volume or lift to your breasts while making them look larger and fuller.                                                                                                               

7. Take Herbal Supplements


One of the most effective tips on how to increase breast size without gaining weight is to take herbal supplements. Herbal breast enhancement pills will balance the levels of hormones in the body. Some of them are ginseng, damiana, ginkgo biloba, dong quai root and blessed thistle. Apart from boosting your breast growth, herbal pills can also improve your overall health. Remember that these pills are effective in increasing your cup size.

Take one or two pills a day, depending on what is on the label. As each breast enhance pills will work differently, so it is advised for you to follow the instruction to achieve optimum results. 

Ÿ Dona Quai: It is important to control the estrogen production and help you increase breast size. The roots and extracts of this herb help you achieve your bigger breasts.

Ÿ Dandelion Root: It is an effective herb that plays a vital role in the new breast cell growth. You can drink a cup of dandelion root tea twice a day or take capsules once a day. These home remedies will give you our desired result in a couple of months.

Ÿ Marshmallow Root: It can help you increase breast size for someone who wants to get a bigger breast size. You can prepare the marshmallow root extract and then dip a towel in this extract. Then, you use the wet towel in order to massage the breasts. Alternatively, you also take marshmallow extract within a couple of months to gain the best results.

Ÿ Wild Yam: This herb has phyto-estrogens, which will help you boost the breast tissue growth. You can use a cream containing wild yam to massage your breasts. Repeat this tip twice a day for a couple of months to get your desired breast size. You can also take it in form of capsule or tea to get a bigger breast size.

ŸSaw Palmetto: It is found in forms of oral capsules, tablets and tea. The effects on breast-boosting of this natural herb may come from its phyto-nutrients and fatty acids content, which can aid in boosting the growth of breast tissues, thus boosting the appearance and the size of your breasts. You can drink 2-3 cups of this tea daily for a couple of months.

8. Use Natural Oils Or Creams


Apart from the herbal supplements that support you to enlarge your breasts, many topical oils, lotions and creams also give you a similar effect. Like herbal pills, there is little evidence that these oils or creams have an effect on breast enhancement, although some of the women claim to have applied them successfully. Before you trying any method, consult with your doctor to find the best solution to gain your breast enlargement goals.

Remember that some hormonal medications come in a topical form. If you use at proper dosages, they are actually known to lead to breast growth. Be cautious not to confuse these hormonal oils or creams, which can give you other unwanted side effects.

9. Get A Good Posture


Some of the women find their breast smaller than they are when they get a slouched or slumped posture. Therefore, for an instant enhance to your breast, you simply straighten up. You should stand up straight, keep your head high and your shoulders back. Hold your neck straight and push your chest out when you walk and stand. Thus, getting  good posture is one of the best tips on how to increase breast size at home.

10. How To Increase Breast Size Without Surgery – Gain Weight

Gaining weight is one of the best tips on how to increase breast size without surgery that you should know and remember for good! Breasts are primarily comprised of fatty connective tissue and it is also lost when a woman loses weight. In case you are thin and you get under-developed breasts, you should try to put on a few more pounds of fat to fill out your breasts effectively. However, avoid a rapid weight gain and obesity as their negative effects are numerous. You should try increasing your calorie intake for one or two weeks, then judge the results. It is important to get a balanced diet. Increase your consumption of healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates rather than food sources that are rich in unhealthy sugars and fats.

11. Take Birth Control


For women, birth control pills may be a solution for preventing an unplanned pregnancy and increasing breast size when breast growth is a side effect of a plenty of hormone-based birth control pills. In fact, most of them contain estrogen hormone, which can lead to slight breast enhancement. However, you do not take birth control just to increase your breast size as it is a solution that can cause serious side effects. So, it is important to consult with your doctor before starting to take any birth control.

12. Apply Onion Juice

You can apply onion juice to increase your breast size at home. Simply you mix onion juice with honey and turmeric powder. After that, you use this solution to lightly massage your breasts. Apply it before going to bed at night and then wash it off in the next morning. Try to do this home remedy twice weekly within more than 2 months to get your desired breast enlargement results.

13. How To Increase Breast Size – Eat More Bananas

Actually, bigger breasts have more fat. So if your body is thin , it also means that your body comprises of less fat, thus causing smaller breasts. You can boost your breast growth easily by consuming more bananas daily. In fact, bananas are known as one of the best foods for increasing breast size. You can try consuming 2-3 bananas daily if you have a thin body.

14. Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are good food sources for bigger breast size. Similarly, some fruits you should try to add to your daily diet are cherries, raisins, peaches, oranges, melons and strawberries. Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet to get a bigger breast size naturally.

15. Fenugreek

The best tips on how to increase breast size without gaining weight at home must also include consuming fenugreek. Fenugreek can help you increase breast size and make them bigger. It stimulates the breast-boosting hormones. Additionally, it can aid in increasing milk production in nursing mothers.

You simply mix 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder with water to create a paste. Next, you apply this paste on your breasts and massage them gently. Let it sit for 10 minutes and wash it off with water. Repeat this home remedy twice daily to get the best result. To create fenugreek powder, you dry roast and grind them. Alternatively, you daily massage your breasts with a little fenugreek oil or a mixture of fenugreek extract and body lotion in 1:2 ratio. Also, you can include fenugreek sprouts into your daily diet or take fenugreek pills 3 times a day after asking your doctor.

16. Red Clover

It is believed to help you increase your breast size. This herb can make your breasts large and firm. At first, you add 1-2 tsp of dried red clover flowers to a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for half an hour. Next, you strain and drink this solution 2-3 times a day. Repeat this home remedy for several months to achieve a bigger breast size. Thus, add red clover to your regular diet to boost your breast enlargement.

17. How To Increase Breast Size – Fennel Seeds


They can also encourage breast growth as they contain a large number of flavonoids that can increase the level of estrogen in the body and boost the breast tissue growth. Besides, nursing mothers can also make use of these seeds to increase the production of breast milk.

You heat 1 tbsp of cod liver oil with 2 tsp of fennel seeds. Wait until the seeds to turn red. Then, you strain the oil and let it cool. You use this solution to massage your breasts for 5-10 minutes. Let it sit for half an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this home remedy twice daily for about 2 months. Alternatively, you can drink a glass of fennel tea every day. To create fennel tea, you steep 1 tsp of fennel seeds in a glass of boiling water for 10 minutes.

18. Red Lentils


When looking for the best tips on how to increase breast size without surgery, you must not ignore red lentils. Red lentils are actually cheap, which makes it become one of the best home remedies for bigger breast size. They are known to contain the ability to boost the breast size and make them firmer than normal. To use red lentils, you soak them in warm water for at least 2 hours. Next, you grind the soaked red lentils to make a paste. You apply this paste on your breast area and wait for  27-30 minutes until this paste gets dry entirely and wash it off with water.

19. How To Increase Breast Size – Yoga

Yoga is also one of the best tips on how to increase breast size without gaining weight. Yoga can help the increase in your breast size because the yoga poses that you perform will be able to help you store the glandular fat and tissue in your breasts. Moreover, the muscles supporting your breasts will get stronger when performing some yoga poses that are useful to your breasts.

20. Do Breast – Increasing Exercises


Another way on how to increase breast size without gaining weight is to do some certain exercises. Some exercises can aim at increasing breast muscles and helping them grow, thus increasing your breast size naturally. You can do the following exercises at home and do not lead to much strain on your body.

Ÿ Wall Press: You stand straight and face a wall at the length of your arm. You place the palms on the wall and then push agaist it while you do not bend your elbows. Keep pushing for 10 seconds and then take a rest. Continue to repeat this exercise for 20 times in the morning and evening to gain your desirable results.

Ÿ Chest Presses: You lay down on the back, bend the knees and then keep the feet flat on the floor. Now, you keep a pair of dumbbells in both of your hands. Ensure that the dumbbells that you are using can be easily managed. You bend the elbows at a 90 degree angle. Next, you use the chest muscles to raise these weights up Perform this exercise 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps more than 3 times weekly.

Ÿ Swinging Arms: You stand straight with the arms. Then, swing both of your arms in the clockwise direction for 10-15 counts. You take a break (about 5 seconds) and then swing he arms in the anti-clockwise direction for 10-15 counts. You should repeat this exercise for 10 minutes regularly to effectively increase the breast size.

Ÿ Side Swerves: You sit down and then keep the back up straight. Next, you place he arms on the hips and turn towards the left side as much times as possible. Keep this position for a short time and then turn to the right side.

Ÿ Arm Circles: You keep a light weight in each of your hand. Then, you extend the arms to your shoulder level. You make 10 circles in a clockwise direction. Repeat this exercise to get your desired result.

Ÿ Modified Push Ups: You lie on the stomach with the ankles crossed, knees bent and palms facing down on the ground. Next, you push the body up until the arms are straight before you go back to the original position.

To increase breast size, there are a plenty of home remedies that you can follow easily without causing serious side effects. However, whatever you choose, ensure to use caution and check out ingredients before taking any supplements. If you have any conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, talk to your doctor soon. After reading this article, if you have any question to ask, remember to leave your comments below!

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