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17 Tips on How to Put Baby to Sleep in Crib Fast after Feeding at Night

17 Tips on How to Put Baby to Sleep in Crib Fast after Feeding at Night

But have you ever taken care of baby? Do you think how to put baby to sleep fast at night is simple and easy? Have you ever failed? Have you ever experienced the nightmare that nothing sounds to put your baby to sleep? Make sure that most of parents must experience the difficult periods during their growing baby up, especially during the first period of baby’s life. Normally, the newborns cannot distinguish between day and night. They often sleep on day and act at night. And baby even doesn’t follow everything that the parents want or create. That is why most of mothers feel so hard to take care of them. Some parents complained that they feel so exhausted when their baby does not follow any rule. Baby didn’t sleep on time. What should they do so that their baby can sleep fast and well? You don’t need to worry about that. After a few weeks old, it is easier for us to teach baby something. Taking care of them becomes simpler. In fact, taking care of baby just become easier than of newborn. And both are not easy task. So, what should we do so that this task becomes easy to do? Let’s check out how to put baby to sleep at night fast.

How To Put Baby To Sleep In Crib After Feeding At Night

As we know, sleep is very vital to the human health and especially to the baby. Every baby needs to sleep about 16 to 18 hours per day. And making a bedtime routine for your baby is very important during your taking care of baby. But the question is what we should do to make baby follow the expected bedtime? There are many tips on how to put baby to sleep fast that you can try. In this writing, Healthy Guide will show you some common ways that are useful for most babies. Depending on your family and baby, you can find the best way among the following tips.

1. Create A Routine

How to put baby to sleep

This is the first thing we want to show you. Creating a routine for baby is very important during your sleep training. Baby is easy to thrive on stability. So, you should make a bedtime schedule and try to do it as much as possible so that it can become your baby’s routine. If you are finding how to put baby to sleep fast after feeding at night, you need to determine what time is the best and put him or her to sleep around the same time. This should be to repeat every night so that your baby can be familiar with it. At first, it may be impossible for baby to follow for many times. However, it is necessary to limit those instances because a plenty of breaking rules will make the rules difficult to become a routine.

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2. Create A Soothing Environment For Baby

If you want to find the good way on how to put baby to sleep fast after feeding at night, a soothing environment is a significant factor that you should pay attention to. As we know, a soothing environment is always necessary to all people’s sleeps including baby’s sleep. And baby’s bedroom is always the best place for promoting baby’s sleep. During baby’s sleep, the toys or any distractions should be put out of the bedroom or crib so that the baby can focus on her or his sleep. During their bedtime, it is important to make sure that the room must be kept dark by dimming the lights. Anything can create artificial light like screens, monitors, nightlights, lamps, bedroom lights also interfere with baby’s sleep. And the noise should be minimized. In this case, any stimulus from noise can make baby wake up. Besides that, a firm mattress should be used for the baby’s good sleep.

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3. Practice Three Bs

Do you know three Bs? They are bath, books, and bed. Practicing three Bs is also one of the great ways on how to put baby to sleep at night overnight. You let your baby enjoy a bath before his or her bedtime will help baby relax and then, he will go to sleep more easily. When having a bath for baby, you need to use warm bath combined with a soft washcloth. During his or her nighttime bath, you should pay attention to putting the toys or any stimulants away. A little massage for baby may be useful or do some things to make bath-time become a soothing experience.

And to put your baby to sleep fast, reading to your child is not a bad way. According to many mothers, this is really a great bonding experience. The voice of reading should be quiet, low, and monotone so that baby will not be startled or stimulated. However, not all babies like this. So if your baby does not respond to this stimuli, other soothing methods may be useful. Some other mothers said that lullabies may be better. Or let baby listen to quiet music. Or you can try some other ways like bringing baby in a carrier or your arms to walk around or to rock her gently. Depending on your baby, you can find the most suitable way.

4. Dress Your Baby Properly

It seems to be unimportant for baby to get a good sleep. However, dressing your baby right before bedtime is necessary. The baby is very weak and sensitive, so they cannot sleep very well when they feel too cold or hot during their bedtime. Don’t underdress or overdress your baby. It is better to wear good, thick night-time diaper for baby so that he will feel comfortable and there will not be any necessary change at mid night. Or you can use soft pajamas to wear for baby to sleep better. The fabric of pajamas should be breathable. And the temperature of the room should be comfortable. If the weather is cold, you can use a blanket to swaddle him or a sleep sack is also not a bad choice. In case, your baby often wakes up through the night, swaddling baby with a blanket will be helpful. This action can prevent baby from jerking, an action that can stimulate him to wake up easily. If you use a blanket, it shouldn’t be used with the crib to avoid suffocation for the baby. And remember that, swaddling baby over 2 months during baby’s sleep time without supervising is not encouraged as these babies often start rolling over during sleeping.

5. Don’t Feed Baby Too Much

How to put baby to sleep

Feeding baby before bedtime can help baby’s sleep not to be disrupted because of hunger. However, feeding baby too much is also one of the reasons that can make your baby unable to fall asleep. You shouldn’t feed him overly full. He will feel uncomfortable. Before bedtime, you only should give him enough and he will not feel hungry so that baby’s sleep will not be interfered and falling asleep becomes easier. Notify that if you feed him or her several hours ago before bedtime, you should give baby a light meal before baby falls asleep to make sure that he or she will not wake up at midnight just because of hunger.

6. Try A Gentle Massage

A gentle massage before bedtime is a great way on how to put baby to sleep in crib fast at night. You can try it for about 10 to 15 minutes to massage his tummy, back, hands, feet, arms and legs. It will make your baby relax and then, baby can go to sleep more easily. In some cases, baby even falls asleep when you are massaging. During massaging, you can combine with a baby-friendly oil to get the best effect. Most of babies respond to this gentle stimulus.

7. Put Baby To Bed But Still Awake

When you see your baby have some signs like eye rubbing, making fists, whininess, heavy eyes, yawning or some things like these, it is better to put baby to bed and let baby to sleep on his own. By this way, your baby will learn how to ease herself to fall asleep. In this case, eye contact should be avoided because this stimulus can make baby wake up again. Baby may think that is the sign of playtime. Some experts said that if you create the more interaction between baby and you during the night, it just contributes to creating motivation for baby to get up. That is why they advised to limit eye contact or excited talk, especially at night. Your eye should be put on her belly. When you need to make baby back to sleep, use gentle touch with a quiet voice.

8. Let Baby Sleep On Baby’s Back

Experts always encourage to let baby sleep on his back. This is not only a good way on how to put baby to sleep after feeding but also help to release the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. When you transfer baby to bed, you can use some physical contact like laying your hand gently on her head, arms or stomach to soothe your baby and let baby know that you are staying with him and he is safe. Gradually, your baby will fall asleep easily.

9. Use Light Method

According to some experts, light will be useful for your baby’s biological time. Some researches showed that melatonin is a significant hormone that can be triggered to release by brain thanks to darkness. Production of this hormone that helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle can be limited by artificial lights. Based on this, you can make a bedtime routine for your baby by using light method. Or it is easier to understand that you need to keep your baby’s nights dark and days bright. If your baby wakes up at night or mid night, you shouldn’t turn on the lights. At that time, you should find the way to soothe him come back to his sleep, of course, in dark space. Your baby gradually realizes when he or she should sleep.

10. Use An Empty Crib For Baby’s Sleep

How to put baby to sleep

This is a basic thing of how to put baby to sleep in crib at night. An crib with full of different items will not create a good sleep for baby. These items are not only the distractions for baby who want to sleep because of tiredness but they also increase the high risk of SIDS and suffocation. So, it is necessary to throw away all items that can interfere with baby’s sleep like pillows, toys or some things like these.

11. Try Essential Oil

There are some essential oils can be helpful for sleeping. They are safe for human health. So, essential oil can be used for babies over six months. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are some types that can be used for babies. However, you only should use with small quantities so that help to promote baby sleep. Put some drops of essential oils in a diffuser to create a relaxing scent. If possible, you can put several drops on the facecloth near the bassinet to stimulate the baby’s sleep easily.

12. Remove Allergen Sources From Bedroom’s Baby

Allergen sources can affect the good baby’s sleep. So, removing them from bedroom’s baby is a necessary thing among the ways on how to put baby to sleep in crib before feeding. Especially, it becomes more important if baby have stuffy nose after waking up. There are a plenty of common irritants that can affect baby’s sleep. if your baby is sensitive, you can consider some following irritants such as plants, hairsprays, perfumes, baby powder, feathers from comforters or pillows, pet lint and dander, dust from drapes, canopies or stuffed animals, smoke, and paint fumes. If possible, they should be kept out of baby’s bedroom.

13. Avoid Changing Diaper

Among the ways on how to put baby to sleep after feeding, changing diaper should be limited. Of course, changing diaper when it becomes stinky and wet is so necessary to make sure comfort and hygiene for baby. But, any unnecessary diaper change during baby’s sleep can disrupt your baby’s sleep and then, it is difficult for you to make baby back to sleep. So, you don’t need to change baby’s diaper after every feeding. It is just required to change diaper when it becomes wet and stinky.

14. Try A Pacifier

Pacifier may be a good choice of how to put baby to sleep at night overnight that you can try. In fact, this way is used by many mothers who are taking care of little baby. It seems so effective. With a pacifier, baby can fall asleep more easily than other ways. Besides that, it is said to prevent your baby from SIDS. However, you need to remember that just a cord-free and clip-free pacifier in this case so as to avoid strangulation hazards and choking.

15. Pay Attention To Signs Of Teething Discomfort

How to put baby to sleep

Teething pain can come when baby is three months. So you need to make sure that your baby are not suffering this pain. If any, this may be one of the reasons that destroy baby’s sleep. In case you think that this pain affects your baby’s sleep, you can talk with your doctor to get painkiller that safe to baby. There are some common signs of teething pain that you should know including mild fever, swollen gums and tenders, wet bed sheet under baby’s head, and excessive drooling.

16. Co-Sleeping

Have you ever thought that co-sleeping is good? It is advised that parents should sleep with their baby or child. Some studies showed that parents who co-sleep with their baby or child can help to grow up with less anxiety and higher self-esteem. However, it is recommended that you should not share your bed with your baby. Instead, you can put crib next to your bed for safe co-sleep. By this way, you can deal with the unexpected troubles in time during baby’s sleep.

17. Sleep Training When Baby Is Ready

Last but not least, you should make a sleep training plan when your baby is ready. The above tips on how to put baby to sleep at night can help to create healthy sleep habits for baby. Normally, you can practice when your baby is first month, but it may not success. Don’t feel desperate. Baby is often ready for sleep training when baby is about four months old. This time, baby can understand what you teach.

The above are some common tips on how to put baby to sleep after feeding fast at night that you can try. Taking care of baby is not always an easy task for most parents. Each way can work for each baby. Depending on your family and baby, there will be the best and simplest ways for your baby. If you have not found the best yet, keep patient as your baby need the time to learn. And the last, you can leave your comment on the below if you have any question. We will try to give feedback as soon as possible.

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