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31 Tips How to Get Rid of Hickies on Face and Body Naturally

31 Tips How to Get Rid of Hickies on Face and Body Naturally

A hickey is also known as a love bite or kiss mark, which is actually a type of bruise. Sucking or kissing the skin too hard is the main cause of hickies. This causes broken capillaries and blood clots that in turn will make the skin purple or red. A hickey may take more than a week to heal itself. Once it is healed, it will disappear completely and there is rarely any type of mark or scar left behind. However, the presence of a hickey that other people may see it is embarrassing. Hence, you can hide hickies with some makeup or clothing. You also can want to try the effective and safe ways on how to get rid of hickies on body and face which are easy to follow. It is time for Healthy Guide page to introduce to you top 31 tips on how to get rid of hickies quickly. With this new article, hope you will find out the most suitable way to help in getting rid of hickies naturally at home. Keep following to discover more.

Top 31 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hickies Fast You Can Try Applying

1. Almond Oil

The first of top 31 ways on how to get rid of hickies on body and face is to use almond oil. It contains an abundance of monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, and many other vitamins and minerals. This oil has an anti-inflammatory property, which helps dilute the blood clot and improve blood circulation to cure the affected area.


  • First of all, you take a little almond oil in a small bowl and place it in the microwave to heat.
  • Then you apply warm compress on your affected area.
  • Next, by using your fingertips, you gently rub a small amount of warm almond oil on your hickey in a circular motion. You move the fingers from the central point to the periphery of your affected area to assist in diluting the blood clot.
  • Finally, you allow it to sit on for about 10 minutes before washing off with warm water.

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2. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is known as one of the effective ways on how to get rid of hickies on body and face naturally. This oil brings a soothing sensation and helps soothe the skin. It has a stimulant effect which is able to improve blood circulation and heal the capillary vessels.


  • In the first procedure, you add the essential oils including peppermint and lavender oil in a small bowl.
  • Then you mix it well and directly apply this solution on your hickies.
  • Next, you wrap the affected areas with a bandage. This will help circulate your blood, which results in reducing the swelling and curing these hickies. In addition, lavender oil is beneficial for calming the pain triggered due to hickies.
  • You should do this process for a few times a daily basis until your hickies disappear.

Note: Make sure that you do not apply peppermint oil on the broken skin.

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3. Tuna

Tuna oil is a great source of vitamin E  and omega-3 fatty acids which are useful for recovery of skin. When it comes to ways on how to get rid of hickies on body and face, using tuna oil is a perfect option.


  • You dip your fingertips in tuna oil and gently apply it on your affected areas.
  • You leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
  • You should follow this method at least 2 times a day.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is best known for a natural moisturizer which has the ability to soothe the sensitivity of hickies. Besides, it has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in healing the burst capillaries under the skin faster.


  • You firstly extract gel aloe vera from the leaf.
  • Then you directly rub this gel on your affected area and gently massage it 2 to 3 times every day. This will reduce the surface swelling and inflammation of the hickey. It also maintains the moisture of the skin while it heals.
  • You can also use an aloe vera-based lotions or creams as an alternative to fresh aloe vera. They will deeply penetrate into the skin. These can promote the collagen release in your skin to speed up the process of healing. Simply by slathering a good amount on your affected area 2 times a day for a couple of days to cure it thoroughly.

Note: You can store the unused part of gel aloe vera in a jar or cover the leaf with plastic foil and place it in your refrigerator. This will allow you to use it for about 20 days.

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5. Vitamin K And C

Vitamin K is capable of preventing coagulation (the clotting of blood) and hence is used to treat bruises, particularly hickies. This vitamin has anticoagulant qualities that help reabsorb pooled blood in the body and promote the process of healing. You apply a cream or lotion high in vitamin K on your hickies at least 2 times a day until these bruises have vanished. You can consume more foods rich in vitamin K such as brown rice,  broccoli, spinach, fish oil, and soybean oil for a few days. Also, to speed up the healing process, you can take vitamin K supplements.

Vitamin C is essential for healing hickies as well as skin tissues because it helps the body increase the collagen production. Moreover, vitamin C is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Hence, eating fruits or vegetables such as orange, berries, kiwi, chili, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, papaya, guava, tomatoes, etc., which have a great source of vitamin C. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of hickies on body and face in the short period of time.

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6. Lemon Juice

Lemons are a good amount of vitamin C, which is able to heal hickies thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature. Along with excellent flavor and health benefits, lemon juice is also used to remove bruises due to skin discoloration.


  • Firstly, you take a bowl and add a lemon juice tablespoon in it.
  • Then you dip a cotton swab into this juice and gently dab it on your affected area.
  • You leave it on for 5 minutes to heal your hickey.

Note: If you suffer from irritation or pain after using the lemon juice, you should apply olive or coconut oil first and then use the lemon juice.

Keep reading to discover more tips on how to get rid of hickies on face and body naturally!

7. Strawberries

Strawberries contain a plenty of salicylic acids and vitamin C which aid in dissolving the blood clot causing bruises. In addition, its anti-inflammatory agent is helpful for curing hickies. You can directly apply the strawberry on your affected area or consume a cup of strawberries a daily basis to remove hickies. Follow the following remedy right at the comfort of your own home and you will see how amazingly it can work for you and your current skin issue naturally!


  • You take three washed strawberries and then mash them well.
  • Now, you rub the mashed strawberries on your hickey and allow it to sit on for 10 minutes.
  • Finally, you wash off with cool water and pat dry completely.

8. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter plays a role as an impressive healing agent for hickies and many other bruises. It is an amazing moisturizer and can promote the production of new skin tissues. Hence, using cocoa butter is a great way on how to get rid of hickies fast at home.


  • You firstly apply a warm compress to have the better effectiveness. Once this area is warm, you rub a small amount of cocoa butter on it.
  • Next, you gently massage the area for a couple of minutes. This will remove the blood clot and promote circulation.
  • For the best results, you should do this a few times regularly.

Note: If you do not have cocoa butter, you can use almond oil or olive oil.

9. Rubbing Alcohol

If a hickey has only appeared around for a couple of hours, rubbing alcohol is an appropriate option for you. It has soothing, cooling, and disinfectant properties which help you get rid of the hickey quickly. It is known as the fastest way on how to get rid of hickies fast and naturally at home.


  • Firstly, you take a ball of cotton and pour a little rubbing alcohol into it.
  • Then you apply this ball cotton on your hickey and gently massage for a few minutes to minimize any discomfort.
  • After you are done, be sure that you use a moisturizing lotion as rubbing alcohol can make your skin dry. Using rubbing alcohol to heal a hickey should be followed several times a day for one to two days.

10. Baking Soda

The application of baking soda is an effective way on how to get rid of hickies fast and naturally if your bruises are still new. Baking soda has the ability to decrease skin discoloration and facilitate blood circulation.


  • You create a thick paste by mixing five to six tablespoons of baking soda with a little bit of pure water.
  • You apply this paste on your affected area and allow it to sit on for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then you rinse it off with cool water.
  • You should do this for 2 times a day until you get the satisfied results.

Note: Make sure that you only mix baking soda with pure water because soda can react with multiple other substances, which leads to poisonous reactions.

11. Fresh Potatoes

As you know, potatoes are an excellent vegetable thanks to their health benefits. Furthermore, they contain a famous curing property that is capable of removing many different problems, including bruises. This is an impressive way on how to get rid of hickies naturally at home.


  • At first, you cut a potato into many thin slices and apply a piece of potato on your hickey.
  • You keep it for about 20 minutes and then replace the potato slice with a new one.
  • You can gently massage your hickey as needed.
  • You repeat the whole method for an hour a daily basis.

Note: You apply fresh and ripe potatoes only. Green potatoes have the poison which can harm to your health and rot ones may contain a lot of dangerous germs.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also used as another way on how to get rid of hickies. This vinegar has the high level of natural minerals, acids, enzymes, and vitamins. It is beneficial for almost everything including healing bruises, glowing skin, long hair, etc. Whether it is raw, unpasteurized or organic, apple cider vinegar is called as the “mother” of many health benefits.


  • You mix apple cider vinegar and clean water in a ratio of 1: 8.
  • Then you dip a clean towel in this solution and apply to your hickey. You should spread the mixture over the area to decrease the sign of the discoloration.
  • Now, you leave it on for a couple of minutes. The acids in apple cider vinegar will assist in balancing the proper pH levels of your skin. Besides, its anti-inflammatory qualities are able to soothe your bruise and its acetic acid is useful for increasing circulation and promoting healing.
  • You repeat the solution at least 2 times a day until your hickey disappears.
  • You can also use a cotton ball and soak it in pure apple cider vinegar for several seconds. You dab the cotton pad softly on your hickey and cover it with a clean bandage. Keep it on for at least an hour to notice the improvement.

13. Pineapple

Pineapple grows often in sunny weather and tropical locations. Including this fruit in your daily diet can heal your hickies quickly and completely. Pineapple contains bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting agent that has the ability to get rid of the love bite marks. When you directly apply the fruit to your skin, this will help reduce the pain and effectively remove the clot of the blood proteins which form love bites.


Method 1:

  • In the first procedure, you take a fresh pineapple and cut it into several slices of pineapple.
  • Then you rub them gently on the hickies as well as your affected skin.
  • You repeat this process to get instant relief from these hickies and decrease the skin discoloration which is formed.

Method 2:

  • You can also use pineapple juice as an alternative to fresh pineapple.
  • You take a small bowl of pineapple juice.
  • Then you dip a cotton ball in this liquid for a few seconds.
  • Now, you take the ball off the bowl and wring it to get rid of the excess juice.
  • Next, you dab this ball on your affected area a couple of times and allow it to dry.
  • Finally, you continue this solution until you get complete relief from your hickies.

14. Cabbage Leaves

Another way on how to get rid of hickies naturally at home is cabbage. It is one of the popular vegetables among alternative medicine ingredients. It is rich in both vitamins C and K, which aid in healing the broken capillaries and reducing swelling quickly. You can directly apply cabbage leaves or include them in your daily to get an instant relief from hickies.


  • You firstly wash a cabbage leaf completely.
  • You make a paste by using a grinder to crush the leaf. You can add pure water to this solution.
  • Now, you apply the cabbage paste on your hickey and keep it on for 8 to 10 minutes before wash it off with cool water.
  • You do this 2 times a day to see the improvement.

15. Parsley Leaves

Parsley contains a good amount of vitamin C that is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, using parsley leaves can get rid of the bruising, inflammation, swelling, and skin discoloration. This is one of the effective tips on how to get rid of hickies naturally.


  • At first, you take a handful of washed parsley leaves.
  • To create a paste, you crush the parsley leaves by using a mortar and pestle.
  • Now, you gently apply this paste on your affected area.
  • You allow it to sit on for five minutes before washing it off with cool water.
  • You should repeat this 2 times a daily basis to get the satisfied results.

16. Banana Peels

Banana peels contain a lot of nutrients such as tryptophan and potassium. Besides, they have more fiber than their flesh. They have many effective uses for both your body and the environment. For healing hickies, banana peels have cooling and soothing properties which will minimize your bruises quickly. You need to follow the simple technique to remove hickies by using a banana.


  • You take the banana peel and cut this peel into the same size of your hickey.
  • Then you place this peel on your love bite mark and cover it with a clean bandage for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now, you take off the peel from your affected area and gently wipe it.
  • You do this process at least 2 times throughout a This will assist in decreasing the presence of the hickey marks.

17. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains a plenty of vitamin E and many other fats that have the ability to reduce the formation of the blood clot and recover the broken capillaries. Hence, the application of peanut butter is an excellent way on how to get rid of hickies fast at home.


  • You directly dab a little bit of peanut butter on your hickey.
  • Then you gently apply it in a circular motion around the hickey for two minutes.
  • You wait for five minutes so that peanut butter deeply penetrates into your skin.
  • Now, you again rub it for about two minutes.
  • You do this process 3 times a day to remove the love bite.

18. Oranges

As you may know, orange juice and orange peels are used in a few skin care recipes. In addition, orange is capable of healing love bites quickly. This is because orange has a great amount of vitamin C that is an essential nutrient and has many healing properties. Hence, it can strengthen the capillaries. It also aids in balancing collagen and recovering your skin.

You should drink fresh orange juice regularly as soon as you get a hickey. Doing this 2 to 3 times a day can help heal your skin fast. If fresh oranges are unavailable, you may take many other fruits rich in vitamin C such as papaya, guava, and other citrus fruits. For another option, you can take vitamin C supplements 3 times a daily basis for a week. This will heal the hickies and rebuild your collagen.

19. Onion And Garlic Mixture

Onion and garlic are best known in alternative medicine thanks to their healing properties. They are used to decrease redness, swelling, and other topical trauma. A mixture including onion and garlic is a very helpful way on how to get rid of hickies fast and naturally.


  • At the first, you take two garlic cloves and a quarter of an onion and then place them into a blender.
  • You crush this mixture to create a thick paste. You can add a bit of water.
  • Now, you take a thin cloth and then put a teaspoon of this paste on it. You close the cloth’s open ends by twisting it.
  • Next, you apply this compress on your affected area for no more than 5 minutes to prevent burns.
  • You take a break for a couple of minutes and then again apply the compress.
  • You should not repeat this method more than 3 times a day.

20. Warm Compress

If you got a hickey two to three ago, heat is highly recommended for healing this bruise. Heat is able to dilate the capillaries, create ways circulation for fresh new blood and help remove the mess.

To apply hot compress, you firstly dip a soft washcloth in hot water and then wring it to get rid of the excess water. Now, you keep it on your injured skin for about five minutes, do this three times a day. Besides, you can use a hair dryer as an alternative option to make your affected skin area warm. Then you gently massage with your fingertips to promote circulation. In addition, you apply a reusable heat patch which is available in the market to heal your hickey.

21. Cold Compress

The application of cold compressing is capable of constricting the ruptured blood capillaries and reducing bleeding. To do this hickey removal method, you wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean towel and press it on your affected area. You keep this cold compress in place for 10 minutes. Using ice will relieve pain triggered by hickies and prevent swelling of the skin. Make sure that you should avoid placing the ice cubes onto the skin directly to prevent frostbite as well as ice burn, which in turn will damage your skin.

Also, you can use a metallic spoon instead of ice cubes. You place the spoon in your refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Then you remove the spoon out and cover it with a clean cloth. Now, you press it into your hickey or gently rub your affected area with this spoon.

You should use these cold compress methods as a lot of times as possible throughout the day. Because you do this, your hickies will gradually disappear.

22. Finger Massage

Using your fingers is an impressive and simple way on how to get rid of hickies naturally at home. Massaging the love bites has the ability to scatter the blood clot and reduce the intensity of the discoloration. You can associate with any essential oil to get the better results. Massage your hickey by placing two fingertips over your affected area and gently rubbing it in a circular motion from the center to the outer edges of the bruise. After a couple of minutes, you do the opposite direction of motion and then continue rubbing. Be sure that you should rub the hickey firmly.

23. A Wooden Comb

When it comes to tips on how to get rid of hickies naturally at home, using a wooden comb can be also a wonderful hickey removal method. It helps enhance blood circulation and dilute the clotted blood. Make sure that you should not rub your hickey with the comb for more than 2 minutes at a time and apply too much pressure.


  • You firstly take a wooden comb and gently rub the comb on your hickey for about 15 seconds. You do carefully to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Then you wipe the hickey with a wet cotton and again rub the comb gently on it for 15 seconds.
  • You follow this two more times.

24. A Toothbrush

Another way on how to get rid hickies is to use a new toothbrush. Brushing the hickey as well as the area around it by the toothbrush can assist in stimulating blood circulation. Make sure that you should avoid pressing the comb too hard while brushing as it may make your hickey more serious. You will see the results after waiting for about 15 minutes. Even though the redness and swelling will spread, it will become better after 15 minutes. You use a cold compress to cool the area. Repeat the method as needed. Depending on the condition of your hickey, this procedure can be the first attempt to heal the hickey or just spread a little discoloration. If you are fortunate, it will help you remove the hickey quickly.

25. Toothpaste

Many people have believed that the application of toothpaste is an ideal tip on how to get rid of hickies. It is able to fade and minimize the bruise. You should apply a mint-based or peppermint toothpaste because it contains menthol which has soothing and cooling properties and almost all of toothpaste brands have baking soda that can dry up problem spots.


  • You simply dab a small amount of toothpaste on your affected area and gently rub it for several minutes. You wait for the itching to stop.
  • Once this sensation has stopped, you wipe the area with a towel soaked in warm water.
  • Then you wait for a couple of hours and repeat the procedure until you remove the bruise.
  • You can also dab a thin layer of toothpaste on your hickey before going to bed and let it dry overnight.

26. A Coin

A coin works as a scraper whereby your hickey is stretched by using two fingers. The coin is used to scrape from the center to the outer edges of the hickey. This will break down the clotting of the blood on the affected area and then spread it to other tissues around it. The result of the method is to avoid reabsorbing the clot into the blood flow. You should do carefully when applying this procedure. Proper pressure should be done when scraping away to prevent the hickey from developing into a wound. Naturally, the place scraped will become red for a short while.


  • You use two fingers to stretch your affected area of the skin tight and flat.
  • Then you use the coin’s edge to scrape your love bite in an outward direction.
  • You can apply ice on the area before doing because this process may be painful. This will be able to break the blood clot, reduce its intensity, and make it easier to remove the hickey completely.

27. An Eraser

An amazing way on how to get rid of hickies is to use a pink pencil eraser. It works like magic and is helpful for diluting the clotting of the blood and reducing the skin discoloration in the short period of time.


  • You apply a pink eraser by placing it on your hickey.
  • Then you twist this eraser to both of the right and left. In the same time, move it around your affected area.
  • You do this for a couple of minutes.

28. A Pen Cap Or A Lipstick

Similar to the toothbrush, using a pen cap or a lipstick is an effective way on how to get rid of hickies. This method is to massage the injured area to soothe pain and promote blood flow. This will break down the blood clots and increase blood circulation.


  • You firstly place a pen cap directly on your hickey.
  • Now, you press down strongly on your skin. In the same time, you twist the cap. Do a half of a turn of this cap.
  • Then you hold in this place for 15 to 20 seconds before releasing the cap.
  • You should repeat this a few times for 10 to 15 minutes.

Note: Even though this method requires much pressure, your hickey will not become serious.

29. A Tea Bag

As you know, tea has a lot of health benefits. It is capable of repairing cellular damage and reducing the chance of stroke as well as other diseases. However, many people do not know that the old and used tea bags are a useful way on how to get rid of hickies. The tea bags which are still warm are able to speed up the process of the recovery of dead skin and heal wounds.


  • You place a warm used tea bag on your hickey to provide complete relief and help promote the healing process.
  • You continue this for a couple of minutes until the bag becomes cool completely.
  • You do this procedure for 4 to 5 times. After a few applications, you will feel its soothing and cooling effects which will aid in removing the hickey along with its dark spots on your skin.
  • Then you can clean the affected areas with a towel soaked in water, as needed.

Note: You can also apply a cold tea bag as an alternative to a warm tea bag. This is beneficial for healing bruises.

30. Witch Hazel Tea

Witch hazel tea is believed that it is one of the best ways on how to get rid of hickies thanks to its tannins. They can get rid of blood clots, recover the broken capillaries as well as skin tissues, and reduce inflammation.


  • At the first, you dip a soft cloth in warm witch hazel tea.
  • Then you gently press the cloth on your love bite and keep for a minute.
  • You do this 2 times a day to get the improvement.
  • You can also add arnica salve to witch hazel tea and apply this liquid on your hickey by using your fingertips.

31. Medications

Medication can be an ideal option, and you might not even need to consult your doctor. Just like regular bruises, ointment and creams may be not useful for healing a hickey. However, they have the ability to alter the blood composition and reduce the pain that boosts healing.

You can apply or take different medications such as Aspirin, Excedrin, Acetaminophen (paracetamol), Naproxen (Aleve) or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) that are available in the market to get instant relief from the hickies and speed the healing process.

  • Aspirin

Aspirin plays a role as an anti-inflammatory property. It is helpful for treating bruises, particularly a hickey because it is capable of reducing the pain and keeping blood platelets from adhering. Hence, It will reduce the blood clots and ease the flow of hypodermic blood.

  • Excedrin

Excedrin also aids in diluting the blood, preventing further blood clots, and improving blood circulation.

  • Vitamin E Supplements

Taking vitamin E supplements can repair the broken capillaries as well as skin tissues in your affected area. Do see your doctor before you take vitamin E supplements.

  • Eye Drops

Even though eye drops are usually used to decrease the redness in eyes, they can help to treat an injured area of the skin such as a bruise, a hickey or a wound. Eye drops contain an abundance of the active ingredients that work to lower swelling and redness of the hickey.

  • You squeeze several drops of eye drops on your hickey in order to spread it totally.
  • You allow them to sit on for one to two minutes before wiping with a clean towel.
  • You repeat this at least 2 times in a day.
  • Vitamin K Cream

The similar to vitamin K, vitamin K creams are also a wonderful way on how to get rid of hickies. They are beneficial in absorbing the blood clots and help to soothe the redness.

You take a little vitamin K cream on your finger and apply it gently on your affected area. Make sure that you do not massage or apply pressure. Do this process at least two times in a day.

  • Preparation H

Preparation H has the anti-inflammatory nature which is useful in curing puffy eyes, undereye dark circles, bruises, and other internal wounds. This is the reason why Preparation H is effective in healing a hickey. It helps to decrease the discoloration and the pain in a short period of time.

Simply by applying Preparation H gel or cream on your affected area and allow it to sit on for about 15 minutes. Do this two times a day.

  • Arnica Salve

Arnica salve is best known as a healing ointment. It is able to reduce swelling and soreness when it is applied to a hickey. In addition, it also aids in repairing the broken blood capillaries of the skin. If you want to remove hickies fast, Arnica salve is good for you.

All are 31 natural tips to help you deal with hickies fast. If you have any feedback, freely leave your comment in the comment box and we will reply you. Plus, there are many articles about how to get rid of other conditions which are revealed in our main How to page, thus, you can access to this page to discover. Also, if you have any other information related to this article, let share it with us. You are welcome!

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