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16 Tips How to Treat Gangrene Infection in the Toes Naturally

16 Tips How to Treat Gangrene Infection in the Toes Naturally

Gangrene is also one of the serious conditions and it is usually important for those people who are suffering from this disease to get a professional way on how to treat gangrene early. And the longer you wait to find how to treat gangrene, the fewer chances of the full discovery will be. As usual, the doctor often advises the patients to treat gangrene by eliminating the dead tissue which formed as the result of the condition, using the different therapies such as maggot therapy and oxygen therapy, along with administering antibiotics. However, sometimes, they advise their patients to try using some natural treatments when they discover this disease early. In addition, the patients are also advised to follow some tips when they are being treated.

At first, let take a look at what causes gangrene. Blood plays an extremely important role in our life. Not only does it transport oxygen and nutrients to whole body cells but also aids in carrying the antibodies which are able to fight diseases as well as keep infections at bay. Thus, if blood isn’t normally circulated in the body, your body cells will die day after day, which, in turn, causes infection and the tissue death caused by gangrene. Some factors impacting the flow of blood are obesity, trauma or serious injury, diabetes, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, and Raynaud’s phenomenon.

In order to know whether you suffer from gangrene or not, you can check these below common symptoms of gangrene. If you experience dry gangrene, your skin gets dry and shriveled, which will turn into blue and then black color before it sloughs off. Besides, it is also cold and numb and you might feel pain. In case you experience wet gangrene, your affected area will swell and thus making you painful. You will also see that your skin color turns brown and then black. Plus, you can suffer from unwell feeling and fever.

Now, do you want to know the solutions which the doctors advise the patients? If your answer is yes, keep reading this article on our page Healthy Guide and find out the most suitable way on how to treat gangrene infection naturally.

Top 16 Tips On How To Treat Gangrene Infection Naturally You Should Try

1. Olive Leaf Extract

The extract of olive leaf is the first way on how to treat gangrene infection naturally without leaving any side effect. Olive leaf extract is able to fight against infection as well as effectively stimulate the healing process. Many researchers have indicated that the extract of this leaf is very beneficial in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, virus, protozoa, and fungi. Apart from the ability to treat gas gangrene, the extract of olive leaf is also used for combating other health diseases such as flu, colds, bacterial and yeast infections, a range of viruses, and parasites.

Plus, olive leaf extract has a rich amount of antioxidants, which can aid you in strengthening your immune system in a safe, non-toxic, and natural way because it will promote the production of phagocyte which let your immune cells combat microbes.

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2. Butcher’s Broom

Another tip on how to treat gangrene naturally is to use butcher’s broom. This is a natural herb used for treating gangrene effectively. Butcher’s broom is capable of boosting your blood circulation, healing carpal tunnel syndrome and also providing you with a relief from obesity, inflammation, thrombophlebitis, and Meniere’s disease. Besides, it can help you in dealing with various diseases, such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, constipation, lymphedema, inflammation, circulatory problems, and leg cramps.

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3. Zell Oxygen

If you are wondering how to treat gangrene naturally, let try using Zell oxygen. Apart from being high B vitamins, in live enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids, Zell oxygen is also a very strong antioxidant. It is known as one of the most effective ways to deal with dry gangrene.

Thanks to the content of powerful components, Zell oxygen not only helps in treating gangrene but also has the ability to eliminate candida, repair damaged organs and cells, restore cellular respiration, improve nervous system, increase energy, accelerate hair growth, and improve bowel function.

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4. Marshmallow

Marshmallow is powerful in combating threatened mortification and obstinate inflammation or gangrene. Here are two natural ways on how to treat gangrene in the toes by using marshmallow:

Way 1:

  • At first, take some fresh marshmallow roots and then crush well.
  • Next, you rub the crushed roots directly on your infected areas.
  • Wait for a while and then remove the paste before it gets dry.
  • Repeat this for a few times per day until you see that your condition has an improvement.
  • You should mix it with slippery elm to get the best result.

Way 2:

  • Apart from applying crushed marshmallow roots, you can make the marshmallow root tea and apply it for treating gangrene.
  • You simply soak your affected area directly into the marshmallow tea for a few minutes till the tea gets cool.
  • At the same time, let consume this tea while soaking to accelerate the healing process.

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5. Cabbage Leaf Dressing

If you are finding a simple tip on how to treat gangrene in the toes, cabbage leaf dressing is an ideal choice. It is very effective for reducing symptoms of gangrene because it is able to normalize your affected skin area.

  • You firstly take some leaves of a fresh cabbage and then use clean water to clean them.
  • After that, you grind these cabbage leaves completely until you get a paste.
  • Now, you apply this cabbage leaf paste directly to your affected area and use a clean cloth to cover it.
  • Let dress for a few hours and then take it off.
  • You should apply this process every day to see an effective improvement.

Note: Some those who have tried this method with cabbage leaves reported that, because you apply this method regularly, your affected skin area will turn from black to brown, then into red and finally return to its normal color. Thus, don’t worry if you see your skin gets brown or red and just continue applying it until you get rid of this condition completely.

To find more ways on how to treat gangrene, stay with us for our next post!

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6. Top 16 Tips On How To Treat Gangrene – Stop Smoking

If you are suffering from gangrene, stopping smoking is the first way on how to treat gangrene in the toes which you ought to follow. Why is it said that? When this bad habit is stopped, it can help you to prevent gangrene as well as its escalation because smoking can cause the slow blockage of the blood to supply to your blood vessels. Furthermore, when your blood stops flowing, your tissues will die. That is when gangrene can start developing. And that is the main reason why anything that cuts the circulation off needs avoiding, including smoking. In addition, in cigarettes, there is an active ingredient which is called nicotine. This ingredient greatly affects your blood vessels. Also, it tightens your blood vessels; thus it results in less blood flow. In case one part of your body has less blood flow, it will have less oxygen. When your body tissue is the lack of oxygen, it will become necrotic tissue which means the dead tissue. As a result, it may lead to gangrene formation. One more thing which you should know is that smoking is related to a lot of vascular disorders which can also cause the hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. And so, it is advisable for you to stop smoking. If you have some difficulties in giving up smoking, just ask the doctor to help you.

7. Modify Your Diet

Another way on how to treat gangrene in the toes which you also need to follow is modifying your diet. One of the mains causes of gangrene is the poor blood circulation. That’s why every patient with gangrene is usually advised to consume more foods which contain the high amount of calories and protein in order to help your tissue and muscle to repair. As you can see, protein can help in re-building the damaged muscles whereas the rich nutrient can give the energy to your body in order to undertake the procedure which it needs to function. In addition, they are usually advised to consume more foods with high protein but low in fat in order to stay away from clogging the arteries up. These foods include cheese, tofu, peanuts, turkey, eggs, beans, fish, lean pork and lean beef. However, they are also advised to avoid the fatty foods such as butter, cakes, red meat, fried food, hard cheese, lard, as well as biscuits. And remember to try to add more dark and leafy green veggies to your daily diet.

8. Include More Foods High In Antioxidants Into Daily Meals

As you can see, germanium is a wonderful antioxidant and is often believed to raise the oxygen function in your body although there is a lot of evidence now which remains unreliable. Plus, it may enhance your immune system and contain anti-cancer properties. In addition, due to the lack of firm scientific evidence for germanium as the means of circulating oxygen to your tissues when someone suffers from dry gangrene, there aren’t any recommended amounts or dosages to take. So, you just need to meet a doctor and ask him or her for the suitable amounts of germanium which you ought to consume in order to help you in your particular situation. Furthermore, there are several foods which include a lot of germanium such as bran, aloe vera, whole wheat flour, garlic, ginseng, onions, shiitake mushrooms, as well as green leafy vegetables. For all the reason above, consuming foods with germanium, in particular, and antioxidants, in general, is a good way on how to treat gangrene in the toes.

9. Watching The Sugar Intake – An Effective Way On How To Treat Gangrene

Even though watching the amount of sugar which you consume is really important for not only you but also everybody, especially it is a key for the diabetics. And people who are suffering from diabetes ought to lessen the sugar consumption in order to keep the sugar level at the recommended level based on the schedule of their eating, time of the day as well as the exercise routine. Besides that, they ought to check their extremities for the signs of the redness, infection, swelling, and cuts on the regular basis. Additionally, those people with diabetic neuropathy ought to assess themselves every day for any numbness symptoms in your arms, fingers, legs and toes because these symptoms are the signs of the ineffective blood circulation. Moreover, when you consume the high amount of sugar, it may lead to high blood pressure. It can affect the normal blood flow in your blood vessels.

10. Limit Alcohol Intake

If you are finding a way on how to treat gangrene in the toes, limiting alcohol intake is what you ought to do in this case. As you have known, when you drink too much, which means that you drink more than the suggested daily limits, it may lead to a spike in the blood pressure and increase the amount of the cholesterol in the blood. As a result, it may cause blockages in the blood flow. In addition, women ought to limit themselves to only one drink a day daily meanwhile men ought to limit to two drinks a day daily. You should be aware of that one drink here means a beer (about 12 oz), a mixed drink which contains 1.5 oz of liquor as well as a glass of wine (about 5 oz).

11. Get Exercise

Getting exercise is one of the simple tips on how to treat gangrene naturally. Even though there isn’t anything that can claim that exercise has effects on developing, together with treating gangrene, especially dry gangrene, exercise is said to alleviate several underlying conditions which may cause gangrene. As an example, a study found that one exercise program of the supervised walking on the treadmill for about 30 or 40 minutes up to four times per week might improve the symptoms of claudication as well as painful cramping in your legs because the leg muscles don’t get enough blood flow. Therefore, taking exercise is very important and helpful. Nevertheless, before you start any exercise regimen, you ought to consult the professional physician first.

12. Do Limited Limb-Specific Exercise

In case you are not able to move independently, just do the passive range – of – motion exercises which are a wonderful way on how to treat gangrene infection. Generally, these exercises obligate somebody to help you to move your joints in the full range of motion on the regular basis so as to prevent the muscle contracture which means the permanent shortening of muscles and joints as well as to improve the blood supply in a particular part of your body. Now let’s find out what these exercises include. They are head exercises such as head tilts, turns and chin- to – chest movements; elbow and shoulder exercises like elbow side to side, bends, as well as up and down movements; wrist and forearm exercises like wrist up and down, bends and rotation movements; finger and hand exercises like finger spreads, finger rotations as well as finger bends; knee and hip exercises like hip and knee bends, leg rotations as well as side to side leg movements; along with ankle and foot exercises like ankle rotations, ankle side to side movements, ankle bends, toe spreads as well as toe bends.

  • Treat Any Wounds

Another way on how to treat gangrene which you ought to know is treating any wounds. In general, burns, as well as sores, must be given attention right now, particularly when they happen to people who are suffering from diabetes because these can cause a non-healing wound. Whether you have already had gangrene or worried about developing this disease, the most necessary thing is to keep your wound clean as well as protected whereas your body tries to build the capillary bed under your eschar or scab. What you need to do now is to follow these following steps below:

Step 1: Use peroxide or betadine to wash your wound

Step 2: Apply the prescribed antibiotic cream

Step 3: Use sterile gauze bandages as well as a clean cotton sock to cover your wound after you clean it thoroughly

The reason why you ought to use cotton to cover your wound is that cotton is able to remove the moisture away from your wound by absorbing it, together with promoting the air circulation which can help in healing.

13. Use Natural Ingredients

Everybody believes that some natural ingredients such as cayenne, honey, onions, or garlic are really useful for alleviating the pain, increasing the function of the circulation system, along with reducing the risk of developing the infection. Generally, people with gangrene are advised to use cayenne tincture which can be bought from any local drug store. They are also advised to apply it to their affected area twice or thrice per day or as the advice of the doctor.

Besides that, they are advised to apply the bandage of sliced onions to their affected areas. In order to do a naturally way on how to treat gangrene infection with onions, please follow these steps:

  • Firstly, cut an onion into slices
  • Then use a clean cloth as the bandage so as to cover your affected area
  • Finally, allow it to stay from 5 to 10 minutes
  • Repeat this process several times per day. This process will improve the circulation on your affected area.

Alternatively, in order to heal burns, ulcers or wounds, why not using honey? It is said to contain a lot of antibacterial properties. What you need to do is to spread honey on a bandage or a dressing and apply it on your wound directly.

14. Undergo The Surgery To Eliminate The Dead Tissues

If your gangrene situation is serious and your dead tissue needs removing, undergoing the surgery is a good way on how to treat gangrene infection which you have to do. In addition, how much dead tissue needs removing typically bases on how much blood reaches the area and where. Furthermore, it is considered as the standard cure for dry gangrene. And this surgical process which can help you is mentioned below.

One the first hand, what you are following is called skin debridement. This surgical process is done by eliminating the affected tissue which is rotated by the gangrene. Sometimes, the skin is taken the place of it with the different healthy skin tissue which is called a skin graft.

One the other hand, you can follow the surgery which is called amputation. In case total tissue is death and the different medical as well as surgical procedures no longer save your affected area, the limb, along with the different parts of the body, may be cut off so as to prevent gangrene from spreading to other body parts. Especially, it is implemented when the skin debridement can’t help you any longer. However, you ought to know that in a lot of situations, if your life isn’t at high risk, your decision to cut off will be made after you consult the doctor’s opinion carefully.

15. Consider Maggot Therapy

If you are looking for a useful way on how to treat gangrene infection, why don’t you think about the maggot therapy? Maggot therapy is also known as a surgery but in fact, it is the non-surgical cure and similarly works to eliminate the dead tissue. In the non-surgical cure, maggots from the fly larvae are put on the top of the gangrene affected area and then they are covered with gauze. Furthermore, the maggots can feed on your dead tissue and luckily, it ignores your healthy tissue. Plus, this method is useful in treating infection because it may release substances which kill bacteria. According to some research, it is said that maggots may be more useful than skin debridement. Nevertheless, a lot of people are hesitant or afraid of trying this non-surgical treatment due to its “icky” nature.

16. Undergo The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Undergoing the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also an alternative way on how to treat gangrene naturally wherein you are put in the special chamber which is filled with pressurized air. And then, a plastic hood is put on your head so that you can breathe in pure oxygen. Even though it may sound a little bit frightening, it is still an effective therapy which delivers the high levels of oxygen into the blood, gives oxygen to the affected areas as well as improves the blood supply and flow. Moreover, the blood can reach the gangrene affected areas among the patients who have poor blood supply. And when your affected areas are supplied enough oxygen, you may lower the risk of amputation. Some research has certainly confirmed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is useful in treating the foot gangrene related to diabetes. You must be sure to discuss whether this therapy would be good for you or not as well.

That’s all about “top 16 best natural and medical solutions on how to treat gangrene infection naturally”. We all hope that after you read this article on our main page How To, you can have more choices in order to treat gangrene. Besides that, if you want to know more information about the different conditions and diseases, you just need to spend a little time on visiting our page and finding out the information which you want. In case you have any questions or you know more solutions on how to treat gangrene naturally, please let us know by leaving us a comment or a message below. We will response your comment or your message as soon as we can. In addition, if you would like to share this list with anyone else as you think it can help them, then feel free to share the writing widely to make use with many more people out there and achieve good improvements together!

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