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15 Tips How To Use Essential Oils For Headaches with 15 Great Oils

15 Tips How To Use Essential Oils For Headaches with 15 Great Oils

Headaches are common diseases of our time. Simply, a headache occurs when you feel painful in the areas around your head, which often extends to your neck. People can suffer from a headache at any time in their lives and headaches have various types and intensities such as tension headaches, migraine headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, and hormonal headaches. While headache problems may need getting medical attention (particularly if the symptoms you experience are extremely serious), you may possibly treat them by applying some homemade treatments. And one of the natural homemade treatments is to use essential oils for headaches.

Typically, people often use painkillers to get a quick relief from their headaches. Nevertheless, painkillers can go with numerous side effects and you’d better avoid using them for the long-term health benefits. Using essential oils is a natural treatment which can not only prevent you from nasty side effects but also aid in treating your headache as well as soothe and relax the overall body. If you have an overall healthy body, you will easily fight against factors causing stress and also various psychological and social factors, thus keeping future headaches at bay altogether. Today, Healthy Guide site, will provide you with a valuable source of information about top 15 best essential oils for headaches without any side effect. This writing shows you top 15 essential oils that can help to treat headaches and the best ways to apply them to get rid of headaches effectively from reliable sources. However, this is only for the informational purpose. You’d better not apply without the doctor’s instruction. Keep reading this writing to find the one which is right for you!

Top 15 Best Essential Oils For Headaches And How To Apply Them

I. The List Of Essential Oils For Headaches

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

The first of 15 essential oils for headaches is peppermint essential oil. This is a refreshing aromatic oil smelling like a crisp breeze in the summer which reminds you of cool beach waves, popsicles, and fresh lemonade. A whiff of this essential oil may aid in invigorating your senses as well as calming your nerves.

When you topically apply it, it can cause a cool and tingling sensation on your skin, followed by helping your nerves and muscles get relaxed. This essential oil will stimulate blood circulation and then relieve pain caused due to nerve contraction by heat. When you dab it on the forehead and temples, it will be beneficial in reducing pain sensitivity and relaxing your muscles. This essential oil also similarly effects on your neck when applied and helps you to decrease muscle tension that is caused due to a headache extending downward.

2. Feverfew Essential Oil

Despite lesser well-known than others essential oils, feverfew essential oil also becomes one of the famous essential oils for headaches. Feverfew is a shrub that has yellow and white flowers resembling daisies. Experts have currently studied about its effects on curing migraines.

Feverfew has been propagated widely as an effective treatment for migraine headaches. However, it also has a positive effect on hormonal headaches, cluster headaches, and various headache types. A study in 2006 indicated that feverfew, combined with white willow (S. Alba), had the ability to ease the migraines’ frequency and the pain’s intensity in patients taking it 2 times a day within 12 months. This study also states that feverfew probably becomes stronger when mixed with white willow.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has terrific analgesic, stress relieving, and therapeutic properties. People suffering from migraines as well as various headache types usually own a poor level of serotonin while it is also beneficial in managing the serotonin level to maintain a healthy serotonin level.

Lavender essential oil is particularly helpful for curing headaches related to neurological disorders such as stress or anxiety disorders and depression. Lavender is proven to work as a sedative agent and potent relaxing in such disorders. Using the lavender essential oil can also effectively treat migraines.

Researchers carried out a survey of 47 patients suffering from migraines. These patients were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 inhaled the smell of lavender essential oil and group 2 was required to sniff paraffin (a kind of liquid waxes) for the same period of time. After that, patients participated in this survey wrote down the impact of this method every half an hour for 2 hours. As the result, 74 percentages of patients in group 1 reported that they had the pain improved and suffered from fewer headache incidences, compared to the patients in group 2.

Note: Lavender may have no effects on some people. Plus, you had better use lavender immediately after your migraine occurs, instead of letting it become worse. It is proven that using lavender essential oil in the early stages of the condition is much better than the later stages.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Another of top 15 essential oils for headaches is eucalyptus essential oil. This essential oil is commonly famous for the antibacterial properties contained in it as well as the ability to relieve the symptoms of respiratory problems, especially chest, nasal, and lung congestion. Hence, it is a common treatment for bronchitis and colds. It may particularly reduce sinus headaches caused due to the sinus inflammation.

Nevertheless, it also has a pain-relieving or analgesic agent. It particularly assists in reducing muscle stress as well as causing mental relaxation.

Although several recent studies supposed that the pain-relieving properties contained in eucalyptus essential oil are not enough to help in treating headaches, they still show the pain-relieving properties in eucalyptus oil are very much.

According to a study in 2013, inhaling eucalyptus oil can provide you with an anti-inflammatory effect and pain-relieving. In addition, the eucalyptus leaves are found to have powerful anti-inflammatory activity. This, in turn, helps us clearly known the potential effects of this essential oil on headaches that are caused due to an inflammatory response.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is known as a great essential oil that has relaxing and analgesic properties. This essential oil is commonly used to relieve muscle pain and stress. It is also famous for the ability to boost blood circulation. While the effects of this essential oil on reducing migraines and headaches pain have not been widely researched, or even individually, it is also showed an effective result when using rosemary essential oil to get rid of headaches.

Rosemary is traditionally used to cure headaches thanks to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It will be more effective when you combine rosemary essential oil with basil and lavender essential oil to significantly get rid of anxiety and headaches.

6. Helichrysum Essential Oil – Top 15 Great Essential Oils For Headaches

There are various essential oils for headaches and helichrysum essential oil is one among them. Perhaps this essential oil is best famous for its effective benefits on the skin as well as wound healing applications. Moreover, it is also loaded with analgesic qualities and great anti-inflammatory, which, in turn, makes it become a helpful treatment for headaches. In addition, helichrysum essential oil is able to help in soothing your nerves and also combine with other carrier oil or use on its own as a topical application for relieving tension based headaches.

7. German Chamomile Essential Oil

To create German chamomile essential oil, they distil steam from the German chamomile flower petals. This essential oil owns a deep, smooth, woodsy, balsamic, warm scent. It is known as a tonic, relaxant, antispasmodic, and decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-infectious. German chamomile essential oil is commonly beneficial in getting rid of emotional problems, as the massage oil, in an aroma diffuser, and as a kind of bath oil.

This oil has the ability to aid people in dealing with headaches, tension, stomachache, and menstrual problems. In aromatherapy, chamomile essential oil is used for calming feelings of anger and irritation because it stimulates patience, clarity, and peace. However, you should avoid all kinds of chamomile essential oil if you are during pregnancy as it can irritate your skin.

In order to know more essential oils for headaches, stay with us for our next post!

8. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Being the steam that is distilled from the leaves and flower tops of the clary sage plant, clary sage essential oil is also another of effective essential oils for headaches. It predominantly aims to help calm and relax your mind. The ability to calm your mind makes this essential oil become a useful addition to various essential oil mixtures for treating headaches. You can inhale it directly and apply topically. However, do not forget to dilute this with another carrier oil firstly.

9. Rose Essential Oil

The list of essential oils for headaches is not complete unless having rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is capable of comforting and soothing your nervous system, thereby keeping your stress response healthy as well as inhibiting nervous tension. Additionally, it is packed with excellent therapeutic qualities which help to soothe the emotional upset, fight depression, insomnia and restore confidence.

10. Spearmint Essential Oil

Being a close neighbor of peppermint, the essential oil of spearmint is also beneficial in combating headaches, especially migraine. In fact, spearmint is actually recommended for those who are not able to put up with the peppermint overpowering blend.

Similar to peppermint essential oil, spearmint oil also has a rich source of anti-migraine properties. Spearmint is known to effectively reduce the severity and intensity of pain of those suffering from migraine headaches. Besides, it has the ability to ease muscle tension and muscle spasms to provide you with a needed relief from migraine symptoms. Moreover, researchers showed that spearmint essential oil also could aid in soothing your brain overstimulation which is caused due to psychological and emotional stress. Thanks to the calming and relaxing effect on your nervous system, this natural oil works well to alleviate the signs and symptoms of headaches.

11. Melissa Essential Oil

Like clary sage essential oil, Melissa essential oil is also created from the steam which is distilled from the tops and leaves of the Melissa plant. This natural oil is colorless, dry, floral, sweet, and has the herbaceous odor. Melissa oil is effective for curing: migraines, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, chronic cough, depression, tension, and hysterics, cold gone with a headache, stress, and anger.

Melissa essential oil is antibacterial, sedative, febrifuge, spasmolytic, carminative, and diaphoretic, which, in turn, makes this oil become one of the best essential oils for headaches, nervousness, gastrointestinal disorders, and rheumatism.

You can apply Melissa essential oil topically to help relax your mind by inhaling directly or using in a diffuser. In case you suffer from digestive disorders, minor spasms, restlessness, tenseness, and irritability, apply it internally.

12. Marjoram Essential Oil – One Of Natural Essential Oils For Headaches

In order to make sweet marjoram essential oil, people have to distil the steam from the dried marjoram flowers. This natural oil has a spicy, warm, herbal fragrance and is very beneficial in treating headaches, migraines, emotional exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety attacks, and nervous tension. You can use marjoram essential oil best by adding it to your bath water or blend with lavender and bergamot.

There are many ways to use this oil. The first way is to add some marjoram oil drops to the massage oil. This is useful for healing migraine headaches associated with tense neck muscles.

The second way is to use it as an inhalant. By inhaling it, you can effectively treat sinus and nasal congestion gone with headaches. Besides, inhaling marjoram essential oil also help to promote the prevention of flatulence and intestinal cramps.

Note: Be careful when applying marjoram essential oil for sensitive skin.

13. Myrrh Essential Oil

Coming to the list of natural essential oils for headaches, you cannot give myrrh essential oil a miss. Made from the resin of the myrrh plant, myrrh essential oil has an earthy, woody, warm fragrance. It owns a rich source of effective properties such as vulnerary, tonic, antiseptic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, astringent, antifungal, and antispasmodic. Myrrh essential oil is highly beneficial in alleviating headaches, cold symptoms, and cough.

To ease headaches, cold symptoms, and cough, you inhale deeply this natural oil by adding 3 myrrh essential oil drops in a diffuser. Plus, to help in uplifting, balancing and calming your mind as well as get relaxing effects, add some drops of this essential oil into your hot bath water and relax.

14. Grapefruit Essential Oil

By applying the cold compression of the grapefruit plant bark, people can make the grapefruit essential oil which is one of the popularly natural essential oils for headaches. This natural oil scent is crisp, fresh, citrusy, bright and is known to be a detoxifying, antidepressant, stimulant, and cleansing. Apart from the ability to reduce depression and stress, grapefruit essential oil is also an effective treatment for headaches, including a migraine.

You may apply various ways to use grapefruit essential oil, such as topical application, diffusion, internal consumption, and direct inhalation. It is recommended mixing grapefruit essential oil with rosewood, lavender, jasmine, and rosemary oil to get a more effective treatment for headaches.

15. Orange Essential Oil

The last of top 15 natural essential oils for headaches is orange essential oil. Like grapefruit, this oil is also made from the cold compression of the orange plant bark and owns a cheeringly citrusy scent. Orange oil is resourceful in uplifting to reduce depression and relieve stress. The content of antidepressant properties makes it one of the best essential oils for headaches. Researchers recommend applying orange essential oil when you suffer from the feeling of nervous, stress, and anxiety because it can restore your normal mood.

To apply this, you can mix orange oil with coconut oil at an equal ratio (1 teaspoon) and a cinnamon oil drop. Massage your scalp with this oil mixture to get a quick relief from headaches.

II. 3 Tips On How To Use Essential Oils For Headaches

There are many ways to use natural essential oils for treating headaches. However, this this writing, we will introduce to you top 2 common methods, including 3 simple tips that help you know how to use essential oils for headaches in order to deal with and beat off this stubborn and hateful condition effectively right at the comfort of your own home within a short time:

1. Inhalation

Way 1: Direct inhalation

  • You simply take an empty bottle and then put your favorite essential oil in this.
  • Then you place this bottle under the nose and inhale its smell for about 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Or you can apply the essential oil mixed with carrier oil above the upper lip and inhale that.

Way 2: Essential oil steam

  • At first, you pour water to fill a medium saucepan and let it boil.
  • After that, you remove it from the heat and put 12 drops of your favorite essential oil in this boiled water and mix well.
  • Next, cover your head with a soft towel and place the face over it at a safe distance.
  • Try to inhale the steam escaping from the saucepan for 10 to 18 minutes or till the water becomes cool.

2. Topical Application

Note: You should strictly mix the essential oil with the carrier oil when applying it directly on the skin because a direct application may be harmful to your skin.

  • You simply mix your favorite essential oil (8 to 10 drops) in cold water (1 cup).
  • Next, you dip a clean cotton cloth or muslin in this mixture and get rid of the excess water.
  • Now, you apply this cloth directly on your aching areas.
  • Let it on there until the cloth becomes warm.
  • Keep repeating this way if you need.

Here are some additional tips that you should follow while applying natural essential oils for headaches to get the desired result:

  • You should lie down in a quiet and dark room for about 30 to 40 minutes after you use any application method above till the pain reduces. This is the most effective and fastest way to remove headaches.
  • Use a dropper to put some drops of the essential oil directly on the pillow and then go to sleep after you apply one of the above methods for curing headaches. This will assist you in having a better sleep and reducing your pain in future.
  • Avoid the loudness and brightness of technology devices if you are painful.
  • Tie a dark-colored or black cloth over the eyes to increase the relaxation as well as darkness.
  • Remember to sleep for a while after using any application method.

III. Other Ways To Aid You In Managing Your Migraine

Apart from applying essential oils for headaches, you may keep headaches at bay by following the below important notes:

  • Note all of the possible causes of headache attacks like specific circumstances before you suffer from a headache attack. They can include your eating habits, the different activities you do during your day, your sleep patterns or even anything that you think might cause headaches.
  • You have to get enough sleep time as soon as possible.
  • Besides, you should regularly do exercises in order to feel better about yourself.
  • Try to learn some techniques to manage stress, such as imagery, tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, among others
  • Always take care of what you consume because some certain foods may trigger headaches such as processed food, red wine, meats with sodium nitrates, smoked fish, MSG-containing foods, chicken liver, and chocolates.

In case you cannot prevent headaches, then ensure that you follow these steps when you experience the symptoms of headaches:

  • Apply a cold compression on the head
  • Always drink enough water

To get more information about how to deal with other health conditions, go to visit our main How to page. After reading the writing of 15 best essential oils for headaches, hope that you can get more essential oils to help in relieving headaches and how to apply them effectively. All these ways are effective and safe for treating this condition. But you should apply these essential oils only after checking your reaction firstly. If you have any question, please freely ask them below, I will answer you soon. Also, if you know other essential oils for headaches, please share them with us.

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