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24 Best Tips on How to Grow Taller Fast in a Week without Surgery

24 Best Tips on How to Grow Taller Fast in a Week without Surgery

Your height is mainly determined by your environment, diet and genetics. Although some height-determining factors are out of your control, you can use following exercises and techniques in order to reach your full potential. Now, we keep your eyes on simple tips on how to grow taller without surgery on Healthy Guide site.

Top 24 Best Tips On How To Grow Taller Fast

1. Get Plenty Of Sleep


Research shows that pre-teens and teenagers need 8.5-11 hours of night sleep every day. This is because their bodies grow and regenerate tissue while they are sleeping. Try to keep your sleeping environment as quiet as possible, and try to reduce unnecessary light and loud noises. In case you often have trouble in falling asleep, try drinking a hot glass of chamomile tea or taking a warm bath before bed. 

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2. Stay Hydrated

When it comes to increasing height, drinking water is often skipped out. However, water can improve your digestion and metabolism and flush out toxins, so it will have a substantial effect on your height. Even slight dehydration can lead to many problems including irritability and lack of energy. Drink plenty of water and milk to boost a stronger set of bones and help your bones reach its full growth. You need to rink at least 8 cups of water a day for the best result. Another way to keep the body hydrated is to consume water-based greens and fruits such as cucumbers and watermelons. 

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3. Get Enough Vitamin D And Calcium


Both vitamin D and calcium are vital nutrients for healthy bone growth, especially in children. Vitamin D-rich foods are fish, eggs, mushrooms, pork, dairy products, tofu and alfalfa or by getting enough sunlight exposure. Calcium-rich foods are sardines, soybeans, cheese, dairy products, green vegetables and fortified cereals. 

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4. Get Enough Zinc And Other Essential Nutrients

You should increase your zinc intake by eating foods such as eggs, chocolate, peas, asparagus and oysters to boost healthy bone development. Zinc is really important in childen as lack of zinc can cause stunted growth.

Other nutrients should not be missed out too as they also contribute to height growth. You need sufficient amounts of protein in order to provide the body with essential things it needs to grow as well as carbohydrates in order to energize cells. In case you lack any nutrients in your diet, you can add them by taking their supplements. 

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5. Swimming


Swimming is one of the most effective full-body workouts that can help you get a taller height. Swimming is likely to elongate the muscles and in case you start swimming at an early age, swimming will support you to reach adequate height. Nonetheless, you need to swim more than 2 hours daily for about 4 days a week to see the benefits. 

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6. Rope Jumping Or Skipping Rope

It is not just a simple game for kids but it is also a good exercise for growing height. When you jump rope, the body remains erect while you stretch the spine and back. Constant bending at your knees will cause calves to expand vertically. To conclude, these physical movements get together in order to add bone mass in your lower legs, which support to gain a few inches.

7. Get A Good Posture

Get A Good Posture

A lot of people have a bad posture and over time, his posture makes the spinal cord bend. In your upper body, a slouched form will suppress your height and make you look shorter. On the other hand, a good posture will add several inches to your real height. To gain height that you desire, you should practice to get a good posture.

8. Keep Away From Factors Hampering Growth

Some certain growth inhibitors can prevent you from getting your height potential and you should avoid letting these external factors affect your height.

— Drugs and alcohol are common growth-stunning factors that can interfere with your normal height.

— Steroids have also been proven to stunt your growth when they were used at a young age.

— Caffeine also interferes with your height, especially when you consume it when you are still a teenager. It does not inhibit your growth in a direct way, but it can keep you from getting good sleep.

9. Use “Grow Taller” Supplements

Use “Grow Taller” Supplements

When looking for tips on how to grow taller on the Internet, you can easily find supplements that promise to help you get full growth potential. In most cases, they are just a combination of essential vitamins, minerals as well as other nutrients that boost growth. So, do not use them without first making a research on something they actually have. Some of them can cause serious side effect and some others fail to work.

To be safe, choose “Grow taller” supplements that have 100% natural ingredients. And one of them is Ashwagandha, a herbal product that broadens bone density and skeleton. For the best result, you can mix 2 tbsp of Ashwagandha with warm milk, add sugar and then enjoy this mixture before going to sleep every night more than 1.5 month.

10. How To Grow Taller- Play Sports


Playing sports can help you stimulate the release of growth hormones. For the best results, you need to do exercises and do sports activities on a regular basis.

— Skipping is a simple exercise for growing taller naturally. You should do skipping for more than 30 minutes daily

— Swinging the bar to stretch out your spine and hold on it for about 10 seconds is another effective exercise that you can do to increase your height. Do this exercise 6 times daily.

— Playing games such as tennis, basketball require you to jump and run a lot. This can help you increase your height.

— Doing yoga is the most important way for increasing height and it is also one of the best tips on how to grow taller at home that you should spend time performing it.

— Doing outdoor activities such as cycling and swimming is a good way to get a better height.

— Leg kick: You stand on the floor and then kick your lower legs without moving your thighs. This exercise can help you grow in mass and support your height to grow.

11. Keep An Ideal Body Weight

Keep An Ideal Body Weight

Obesity can have a negative effect on your height and it can cause a lot of health problems as well. Also, excessive body weight will exert pressure on your bones and joints, making your look shorter. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep an ideal body weight by getting a balanced diet and proper exercise regime.

12. Build Your Confidence

It is necessary for anyone who wants to know how to get taller naturally to develop their confidence at their young age and then cultivate it when they are older. It is advised for you to join a volunteer club or spend time on enjoying your own interests. All of them will help you develop your mood, thus leaving some positive effects on the levels of your confidence. Thus, building your confidence is one of the best tips you need to know when are trying to learn how to grow taller without surgery.

13. Drink Milk

Drink Milk

When it comes to growing taller naturally, we cannot skip out milk. Milk is a source of food which has essential minerals to provide you with a basic bone structure including magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Each day, you are advised to drink 1 cup of warm milk before going to sleep as this habit is perfect for the maximum height.

14. Consume Fresh Fruits

Consuming fresh fruits is actually one of the best tips on how to grow naturally that you should know for good! Most of the fruits have a plenty of minerals and vitamins, which are good for our bone health. The fruits containing high amounts of vitamin A including mango and peach are great for the growth of our whole body. Additionally, citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit have a large amount of vitamin C, which is able to help your body easily absorb calcium. Consuming fruits every day will support you to gain strong bones and increase height naturally.

15. Eat On Time

Eat On Time

Apart from genetic factors that mostly affect your height levels, your daily diet is also another factor for your height growth. Thus, you should make sure that you take in enough minerals and vitamins the body needs to gain a full height. You should add nutritious foods that are required for your height growth into your daily diet. However, many people eat whatever and whenever they desire to eat and it is not good for your height growth. Instead, you should have a proper and regular eating schedule. Try to eat on time to take in all of your foods ‘benefits.

16. Wear High Heels

Wearing high heels is the easiest technique to add 5-12 cm. Of course, this is a temporary way. In case you do not have time to do some long-term methods, wearing high heels is the single option to help you look taller without using any intervention. However, it is just about your look, so what you have to do for real height growth is still ahead. Thus, wear high heels to help you look taller and feel more confident.

17. Improve Your Immune System

Improve Your Immune System

You need to know that there are some disease can prevent you from growing taller. Do not be worried as most of these diseases can be avoided when you get a high immune system. For safety, you should make an increase in vitamin C absorption from fruits and take a rest when getting ill.

18. How To Grow Taller- Avoid Caffeine

Avoiding caffeine is an effective way on how to grow taller naturally that you should know even this is actually a difficult thing to apply for those who love eating chocolate or drinking coffee. According to the studies, caffeine does not directly prevent your height growth, but it will increase your chances of getting insomnia. Also, you should know that healthy and proper sleeping plays a vital role in the height growth that you are looking for.

19. How To Grow Taller- Avoid Smoking


When you are trying to learn how to grow taller in a week, you should not skip out this tip. Many studies have suggested that children who smoke or passive smoking can look shorter than other children who do not directly smoke or live with non-smoking parents. So, we can see that smoking is also a factor that creates height restriction. Smoking is actually not good for everybody in all cases of conditions and diseases, so even if you do not want to know how to grow taller at home, you should also stay away from cigarette or limit using it.

20. Avoid Using Steroids

One of the best tips on how to grow taller fast is to avoid using steroids. Steroid is an organic soluble fat that is derived synthetically or naturally. Actually, anabolic containing in steroids can prevent the bone growth in children, along with increasing the levels of blood pressure, lowering the sperm counts and causing the increased odd of heart attack. Children who use small amounts of steroids will be shorter than steroids non-users.

21. How To Grow Taller- Do Breathing Exercises

Do Breathing Exercises

When looking for the tips on how to grow taller in a week, breathing is also an exercise that you can apply in the morning. Not only is it good for your overall health, but it also is good for your height. You need to take some breaths by deeply inhaling by the nose, then keep the breath and exhale it with your mouth. You should repeat this exercise to fill up your lungs with needed oxygen.

22. Expose Yourself Into The Sunlight

Your body needs sunlight, so you should go outside and take the early morning sunlight that contains a plenty of vitamin D required by your body to increase your height. When you do not consume enough vitamin D, you may have shorter height and weak bones. Therefore, to ensure that you get the vitamin D needed for height increase, expose yourself in the early morning sunlight for 20-30 minutes daily.

23. Massage


Massaging is also one of the most effective tips on How To grow taller naturally. After a hard-working day, you should do some massages at several specific points of your body, which can boost the growth hormones. Massaging is also a kind of exercises and a kind of relaxation as well.

24. How To Grow Taller – Take Proper Rest

You need to take a proper rest. The body will repair and rejuvenate itself while you are sleeping. When you do not take a proper rest, your body cannot get the full exercises’ benefits, nutrition and water you take.

Remember that your height will be determined by your genetics, diet and environment. To grow taller, you need to follow these tips as I mentioned above as soon as possible. This is a long process, requiring patient to extend your full height. If after reading this article, you have anything unclear and want to ask, feel free to leave them below!

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