Top 42 Tricks How to Look Sexy in Bed for Your Boyfriend

Top 42 Tricks How to Look Sexy in Bed for Your Boyfriend

Do you want to seduce your boyfriend or look sexier in bed? Are you and your boyfriend ready to spend the night together? If yes, then you may be worried about how to look sexy for your boyfriend in bed without spending too many efforts? Looking sexy is not as hard as you might think. So, do not worry any longer because here are ways that can help you look sexier in bed.

List Of Simple Yet Effective Tricks On How To Look Sexy:

If you want to look sexy for your boyfriend, you can consider applying some of the following tricks. Here is our article about useful tricks that can help you know how to look sexy naturally and seduce your boyfriend in bed. Now, take a look at Healthy Guide!

I. How To Look Sexy Naturally At Home And At Work

You may feel passionate about the relationship between you and your boyfriend, but you may feel that looking sexy does not come naturally. To look sexy for your boyfriend, you need to learn how to think sexy and act sexy. And here are some useful tricks that can help you fan the flames of love

1. Know What Kind Of Sexy You Want

This should be the first way on how to sexy for your boyfriend that we want to mention in this article. Traditional sexy is great, especially when you want to attract your temporary partner. This is because traditional sexy hides your natural looks and personality. Meanwhile, the more natural sexy will play up your looks and personality. This is ideal for those who are looking for more long-term relationship.

2. How To Look Sexy- Know Your Limits

Being sexy can add spice to the relationship, but there are some moments that you should cut back your “sexy time”. Firstly, when you feel sad or depressed, it is okay to put your sexy time on hold. Secondly, when you do not want to do anything, you should spend time on yourself instead of sexy time. Thirdly, when your boyfriend’s actions make you feel uncomfortable a lot, you should end the relationship.

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3. Have A Gorgeous Body

how to look sexy

If you are unsure about how to look sexy for your boyfriend, then you should try to have a gorgeous body. It is certain that a well-built body can draw attention from the opposite sex. Having a well-shaped body can help you look sexier or make you feel sexier at least. Therefore, you should perform physical exercises regularly.

4. Keep It Natural

Nowadays, sexy is looking as close to your natural state as possible. The same goes for your clothes, which show off the natural beauty. Play up your best features if possible. For instance, if your eyes are your best feature, you should not hide them behind glasses.

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5. Exercising

Exercising not only helps you get abs and make your butt firm, but it also helps you keep fit and stay healthy. Exercising regularly helps you lose extra pounds and maintain a sexy body that will turn on your boyfriend. Therefore, if you want to know how to look sexy for your boyfriend, spend time sweating it out. You can try working out with your boyfriend. This will help keep everything interesting after sweating.

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6. Smell Amazing

Smell plays a vital part in sex appeal, and your best solution is a natural smell, not the body spray. Simply, bathe regularly and use a pleasant deodorant. Go for subtle cologne or perfume if required, but you should let your natural pheromones work. Besides, you should also practice good dental hygiene, including brushing, flossing and mouth wash. Besides, in order to look sexier, you can try using a few perfumes. Just remember that you should stay away from heavy cheap scents on the market. Invest in something that smells natural.

7. Go For A Mature Look

If you want to have an adult look to look sexier, it is time to update your wardrobe. For women, you should wear clothes that can show your curves. Get a proper push-up bra and wear skinny jeans to show off your long legs. Also, you can wear heels to lift your bottom and correct your posture.

To choose your suitable style, read new fashion magazines and then imagine how could work well on you. It is recommended that you should choose clothes that are suitable to you. Do not feel afraid when trying something new. Just make sure that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

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8. Take Care Of Yourself

If you are looking for a great way on how to look sexy for your boyfriend, then you should try to take care of yourself. You should practice good hygiene regularly by bathing regularly, wearing clean clothes and brushing your teeth. Besides, you should also exercise and follow a healthy diet for a stronger body. Taking care of yourself not only makes you more appealing to others, but it also indicates that you are worth taking care of.

9. How To Look Sexy- Act Confident

According to a research about the attractiveness of confidence [1], confidence is an attractive quality. Even people who do not have much can still look sexy if they can balance confidence with other qualities such as charm, personality and humor. You can act confident by standing up straight, starting conversations with somebody strange, speaking up for yourself, etc.

10. Flirt With Your Boyfriend

Flirting is known as a fun way to let your boyfriend know that you fall in love with him. Flirting can be through verbal communication or body language. Here are some simple ways on how to flirt while being sexually appealing.

  • Send him a flirty message
  • Whisper in your boyfriend’s ear so that your lips touch his ears by chance.
  • Slowly flick the hair to one side while having conversation with him
  • Touch his arm or shoulder while having conversation with him.
  • Slowly flick your hair to one side in order to expose your neck while talking to him.
  • Place one of your hands on his thigh while talking to him.
  • Kiss him close to his lips and then walk away after saying goodbye
11. Get A Haircut

If you want to know how to look sexy for your boyfriend, you should try getting a new haircut. A haircut can make a difference in how everybody sees you. You may want a sleeker look, but “natural” curls and waves are also a great solution for you right now. Consult with a professional hairstylist to find the hairstyle that plays up all of your best features.

12. Wear Red Color

According to a study about red color meaning [2], the color red is associated with love, motivation, positive energy and warmth. And, wearing red makes you look sexier than other colors. It is like a sexual signal for women to attract men. If you are going on a date, you can wear scarlet shoes to match your little black dress. If you are staying at home with your boyfriend, you can wear red undies while donning his oversized shirt.

13. Develop A Talent

This sounds strange when it comes to learning how to look sexy, but it actually does work. Talent is an easy way to make you look sexy, even when you are not good-looking. You can develop a talent you already have, or you can start with a new talent. Some talents you could try include drawing, singing, playing piano or guitar, fixing mechanical devices, etc.

14. Be Yourself

To look sexier, stop trying to be somebody else. The fact is that being them is not sexy and it just shows that you lack your own merits. Always be yourself and do not apologize to anyone. That makes you look more confident and sexier.

15. Have Some Ambition

There is nothing as sexy as having some ambition on your face. When you are very interested in something and you are trying to work hard to make it come true, that is really impressive. Find your goal and work hard to get it. If you are too young to know what your goal is, just wanting more from life can be enough.

Do you want to discover other effective tricks on how to look sexy that you can apply with ease? Continue reading this entire article and then try to apply any of these tricks for good.

16. Make Your Partner Laugh

how to look sexy

Humor is worth mentioning in the list of great ways on how to look sexy for your boyfriend. If you do not have a great sense of humor, you should develop it by watching comedy and paying greater attention to your life. Everyone likes to laugh, it helps them become more relaxed and closer.

17. How To Look Sexy- Use Your Eyes

According to a study about eyes body language [3], we can communicate with others without using any words and you can use the language of the eyes to look sexy. You can try looking at your boyfriend through your lashes along with a playful smile and then sometimes look away when you talk to him. A common sexy look is a lip licking or biting. It is very important to practice it in the mirror. You need to be used to using these motions. To highlight your eyes as well as make them more seductive, you need to ensure that your brows are well-groomed.

18. Learn How To Use Your Voice

It is difficult to have a sexy voice because it depends on your natural voice. Nonetheless, it is worth trying to work on, because in the right situations, a sexy voice will be your incredibly powerful tool. A trick for you is to pitch your voice a bit lower and speak a bit slower than normal. You can practice at home by recording your voice, listening to and then adjusting until you think your voice sounds good.

19. Respect Yourself

Remember that nobody can be attracted to you if you even do not respect yourself. So, it is time to learn how to respect yourself. When there is somebody who respects you around, your self- confidence will be higher and then you will feel more confident. However, you should also know that respecting yourself does not mean that you are egoistic. It just indicates that you understand your own merit.

20. Love Your Life

A simple way on how to look sexy is to love your life. Always be happy and satisfied with what you possess. If you always feel pessimistic, you will not be able to attract any attention from others, even if you are so pretty. Meanwhile, an optimistic woman always looks sexy in all situations. She makes everything around her alive and colorful.

21. Use Your Brain

Another natural tip on how to look sexy for your boyfriend is using your brain. Your knowledge is also a factor to attract other people and a healthy mind can help you look sexier. Let’s challenge yourself by showing your interest in something new, reading new books, watching a documentary about a new destination or having an ambitious conversation.

22. Wear High Heels

This may be the quickest way on how to look sexy for your boyfriend. Wearing high heels can give you an empowering increase, and also correct your posture. According to a study, the appearance can increases the women’s attractiveness by men.

23. How To Look Sexy- Slow Down

When it comes to learning how to look sexy, slowing down is a really amazing way to sexual appeal. Slowing down your speech and movements by 10% can make you look sexier. For instance, you should slow down and pay attention to your movements instead of rushing down. Another example is that you should not get every word out of the mouth as fast as possible.

24. Use Touch

A sexy way to get your boyfriend’s attention is to touch him. Touch him very gently on the back or the arm when you agree with something he has said, or if he has said something funny. Actually, using touch is very effective in drawing the attention from your boyfriend and making you sexier.

25. Invest In Yourself

This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on luxurious items, but rather investing in something that can make you look sexy. It can be something small like underwear and bras, something brainy like joining in a class or something transformative like spa coupons.

26. Put Your Phone Away

how to look sexy

The act of checking your mobile phone every two minutes is not good when it comes to sex attraction. It is so rude when you constantly stare at your screens while talking with others.

27. Smile A Lot

Smiling is a great way to show a joy for life, and there is nothing better than a beautiful smile when it comes to seducing a man. To get a beautiful smile, get your teeth bleached. However, you do not force you to smile because a natural smile is better.

There are other effective ways on how to look sexy in bed in this article. So, you should keep both of your eyes on the second part of this interesting article and then try to apply some of these tricks as soon as possible.

II. How To Look Sexy In Bed- Top 15 Best Tricks

If you want to seduce your boyfriend in bed and improve your sexual health, you can consider applying any of the following tricks.

1. How To Look Sexy- Fix Your Hair

A large number of women think that they have to be a supermodel in order to look good naked. However, the fact is that guys do not pay that much attention. You are naked and you want to be with him and automatically, you are the sexiest woman on the planet. However, he will still look at your face, your eyes and play with your hair. Therefore, you need to make your hair natural, soft and flowing.

2. Give A Sleepy Look

When you are about to sleep with your boyfriend, you need to look sultry. Try giving him a sleepy gaze and he will be crazy about you. Instead of keeping your eyes alert and wide, you should lower your eye lids and then look at your boyfriend as if you are teasing him. Softly flirt with your eyes.

3. Soften The Lighting

Soft lighting gives your night a romantic feel, hence making you look sexier. It does not aim at preventing him from seeing you, it just puts an ambiance into the atmosphere. No one wants to have sexual intercourse under harsh florescent lights. Therefore, try lighting a few candles or dimming the lights instead.

4. Take A Shower

Another natural way on how to look sexy in bed is taking a shower, which is highly recommended for those who are preparing for a big night. Before having sex, remember to take a shower and shave. Then, you will feel rejuvenated and smell amazing. It is quite important because if you smell bad, he will think twice about being with you.

5. Show Off Your Sexy Body

In regard to learning how to look sexy in bed, showing off your sexy body is very effective. Here are some great ways to look sexy without having sex:

  • Do any physical activity that you can show off your body
  • Walk in a sexy way that can emphasize your cleavage.
  • Dancing can be a great way for you to show off your sexy and increase your body confidence. You can sign up for belly dance or strip tease.
6. How To Look Sexy- Pinch Your Cheeks

If you would like to have a fresh flush, you can pinch your cheeks a bit. Rosy cheeks make you look flushed and it can excite your boyfriend. Besides, pinching the cheeks also helps cut down on unnecessary makeup.

7. Apply Baby Oil/Lotion

Before even thinking about sleeping with your boyfriend, you should soften up your skin. You can include baby oil in your skincare routine because it can give you a bit glow. But, many men do not like the smell of baby oil and consider it as a mood killer, so be careful! Actually, lathering yourself up by using a moisturizing lotion or cream before having sex makes sure that his fingers will caress your skin at its best.

8. Have Sexy Food

The right meal can help you look sexy for your boyfriend. For example, you can try making your boyfriend something sweet like a muffin, a cake, or cookies, and then feed him while naked. Your nudity will surely lead to further activities. You can also kiss him while putting chocolate into his mouth. After that, you walk away while saying nothing. It is sure that he will follow you.

9. Easy On The Makeup

Before and during sex, movie stars often have perfect makeup and even they also have perfect makeup when they wake up the next morning. But, it is all a lie. You may not want your mascara running down the cheeks and your red lipstick smudging all over your boyfriend’s shoulders, leave the make-up off or just be easy on makeup.

10. Wear Flattering Lingerie

To look sexy in bed, you should accentuate your assets and lift the sagging body’s parts, and of course, make it easy for your boyfriend to take it off. Some people think that wearing sexy laces or silk underwear is the best way to make them look sexy. But, the fact is that you just need to wear something beautiful inside that can make you satisfied with your body.

11. Wear Nothing But A Sheet

how to look sexy

You can try leaving the lingerie aside and use the sheet instead. Lie on the bed naked and use a sheet to cover yourself. Let your hair flaring across the pillow, push your breasts up by crossing your arms under the breasts, just exposing the top of your cleavage. Leave one leg out to show off your foot and calf. This is going to drive your boyfriend wild!

12. How To Look Sexy- Feel Sexy

One of the most necessary things you can do to look sexy in bed is that you should feel sexy in bed. An easy trick for you is to get yourself aroused in advance. In case you have to tease yourself or masturbate, then do it. When you are aroused, you will want to have sex, and this will make you feel sexier. Besides, it also gives off some “good” pheromones.

13. Time For Toys

One of the best ways on how to look sexy in bed that has been revealed by men is using toys. If you are more experimental and confident to try something new, tell your boyfriend that you want to use a sex toy with him.

14. Turn On The Music

According to a study about music and mood [4], music makes everything better and it also gives you extra confidence. Turn on the music with some sexy song lyrics and then you can whisper into his ears, making him feel extra hot.

15. Look Provocative, Not Trashy

This is the last but very important way on how to look sexy in bed that we want to mention in this article and want all of my female readers to apply for good. If your clothes reveal more than they hide, your boyfriend will feel embarrassed a bit instead of turned on. Therefore, you should ensure that your dresses and skirts are long enough to cover things, but short enough to keep everything interesting. It is good for you to show a bit of your cleavage [5]. Showing a bit of your bra strap may be sexy, but it is not sexy to expose your entire bra.

There are many ways on how to look sexy for your boyfriend that you can try out. Remember these all of the techniques as we mentioned above can help jumpstart your sexual attraction and make your relationship more meaningful.

Our article of “Top 42 Tricks on How to Look Sexy” suggests some of the best tips that can help women look sexy to seduce their men sexually in bed. We wonder whether or not you can find the suitable ways for yourselves after reading this list. If you have any concerns about this article introduced in Beauty Category, remember to raise your questions and drop your words under this article. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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