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18 Tips How to Make a Baby Stop Crying at Night when Babysitting

18 Tips How to Make a Baby Stop Crying at Night when Babysitting

New parents can find difficult to make their babies stop crying. They may be worried that there is something wrong with their kid’s health and that they will never connect with their babies. But, the fact is that you they handle it. Now, let’s learn some simple techniques that can help soothe an upset baby and know clearly how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting.

List Of 18 Simple Tricks On How To Make A Baby Stop Crying

To make your baby stop crying, there are some simple techniques. And, in this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the simple ways on how to make a baby stop crying at night. However, at first, you should have a general understanding about the reasons for the baby’s cries.

I. Why Does A Baby Cry?

Babies cry for a few reasons. Most babies use crying as the main way to capture the attention and simultaneously express their needs. At first, you can find difficult to understand the reason for your baby’s cries. However, when you spend time listening, you will be able to recognize your child’s specific needs. Some common reasons for baby’s cries:

  • Fatigue or sleepiness
  • Wet or dirty diaper
  • Acid reflux or food allergies
  • Hunger
  • Overstimulation from activity or noise
  • Pain or illness
  • Stranger anxiety or fear
  • Gas

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II. How To Make A Baby Stop Crying When Babysitting

When your baby does not stop crying and when you are feeling angry and tired, you may need to develop a few strategies to take care of yourself first. When you calm down, you will be able to find out the problems with your child and then make him or him stop crying.

1. Understand Your Baby’s Needs

When it comes to learning how to make a baby stop crying at night, you may need to know the reasons for your baby’s cries and then meet their needs. This is also the first thing you need to learn here.

  • Hunger: Before crying, your baby can show a few signs of hunger such as sucking thumb or hand, licking lips and being fussy.
  • Sleepiness: Before crying, your baby can show you some signs of sleepiness such as rubbing eyes and ears, yawns, not having interest in playing.
  • Tummy ache: Most babies have a stomach ache caused by gas or colic pain during their first few weeks. You can massage regularly the tummy of your baby in circular clockwise motions to reduce the tummy pain due to colic pain. For the tummy pain due to gas, you can lay your baby on his back and then move your baby’s legs in gentle cycling motions while lightly pushing his legs against his tummy.

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  • Unable to burp: You can use a few techniques to help your baby burp.
  • Too hot or cold: You should just cover your baby in one extra layer to keep him warm and comfortable. Also, try to keep the room warm and use toys to distract your baby during diaper changes.
  • Needs to be held: Your baby can demand lots of physical touch and you just need to give him these demands.
  • Teething: Check for your baby’s teething. If it is extremely hard, your baby’s first tooth may be popping out. You can give him a teething ring to chew on or little cold yogurt.
  • Needs something new: In some cases, your baby may need some quiet time. Take him to a quiet room with soft music and low lighting. In other cases, your baby may want to explore new things. Take him out for activities with other babies.
  • Feeling unwell: You may need to check his body temperature, his diaper area.
  • Dirty diaper: You need to check whether he or she needs to be changed diaper

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2. How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- Never Shake A Baby

how to make a baby stop crying

When a baby is shaken, it is the time for shaken baby syndrome to occur. The blood vessels in the head of a baby cannot tolerate the effect of shaking and they can break, resulting in the death, mental retardation, brain damage, seizures and blindness. Studies found that shaking often occurs when caregivers and parents become angry when they cannot stop their babies from crying.

3. Remove Irritating Foods From Your Diet

This sounds strange when it comes to learning how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting, but you should remember that your baby can digest irritating foods while nursing. When your baby cries for over 3 hours a day, colic may occur and it usually goes away on its own by 3 months. However, you can avoid excess crying caused by colic by eliminating caffeine, dairy products, onions, spicy and other irritating foods from your daily diet plan.

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4. Keep Calm And Patient

You need to pay attention to signs showing that you are feeling overwhelmed. According to a study [1], for most babies, their crying peaks at about 6 weeks, and then it will gradually ease off. Therefore, you should be very patient. If possible, you can ask the help with meals, housework or babysitting. Besides, keep in mind that it is impossible to be fully attentive to a baby, especially a crying baby the whole day. Meeting your baby’s needs one third of the time may be enough to support secure attachment and healthy bonding. Therefore, relax and enjoy the moments when your infant is not crying.

5. Give Your Baby Something To Suck On

If you want to know how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting, you can try this trick. Your finger and a pacifier are perfect options for you. Sucking actually helps reduce your baby’s heart rate, calms flailing limbs and relaxes his stomach.

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6. Attention And Regulation

Your baby has moments when they are calm and attentive. You can follow the lead of your baby. When he or she pays attention to you, you can respond with some gentle touch, playful facial expressions and soothing voice tone. When he or she looks away, you still keep doing the same.

7. How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- Swaddle

This is worth mentioning in the list of simple ways on how to make a baby stop crying at night. In some cases, a comfortable swaddle in a warm blanket can do wonders. According to a research about crying baby [2] your baby may need the warm feeling that he or she experienced in the womb. Therefore, you can try swaddling him while sleeping in order to make him or her feel this way. Place your baby on its side after you swaddle him.

8. Shush In Ears

To make your baby stop crying, you can try swaddling your baby and holding in your arms. Then, shush into your baby’s ears. The sound of shush will be able to calm him or her down by giving your baby the feeling of being in the womb. Actually, this trick is very effective in calming a baby down, making it one of the best ways on how to make a baby stop crying at night that you should try out!

9. Massage & Bath

To calm your baby down, you can try giving him a body and head massage. You should use long strokes when massaging your baby to make him relax. Generally, when your baby is learning how to crawl, sit and walk, their muscles will tend to hurt. Therefore, a massage mixed with a warm water bath afterwards will help your baby relax and ease his muscle aches. Besides, you can comb your baby’s hair after bathing to make him sleepy. 

10. Take A Car Ride

Another simple way on how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting is taking a car ride. The steady moving action can make your baby have the feeling of still being in the womb. And, a quick car ride can help make your baby stop crying. Just ensure that you place him or her in a car seat and strap in before driving out.

11. Use A Comforting Hold

This technique is a great way on how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting no matter the circumstances.


  • Firstly, tuck both of the arms of your baby across the baby’s chest.
  • Secure the arms to your baby’s chest with your palm.
  • Then, grab him around the diaper, securely holding them
  • Gently shake your baby with both hands at a 45-degree angle.
  • Remember to use one hand to support your baby’s head and chin while using the other hand to hold his legs.
12. How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- Sing To Soothe

how to make a baby stop crying

When it comes to learning how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting, singing is an amazing way to soothe your baby’s cries. Singing combined with gentle rocking can help stimulate the calming process. According to a study [4], infants prefer maternal singing; therefore, if you are looking for simple ways to make a baby stop crying, you can try singing to soothe your baby.

13. Play White Noise

Your baby might be disturbed by quietness. According to a study [3], in order to help a baby calm down or stay asleep for longer, you can consider using white noise. White noise comes from many different sources, from ocean waves to a vaccum cleaner. You may need to try a few sources before finding one that works well on both you and your baby.

14. Use Constant Lullaby Sound

If you want to make your baby sleep quickly, you can make use of a few ‘nature’ lullaby sounds. There are many mp3 files of lullaby sound for baby on the internet, so you can download them easily and then give your baby a try. Alternatively, you can put your baby next to these machines. Of course, remember to keep your baby safe.

15. Walk Around In Dark Areas

Slowly walking around in dark areas of your house can help your baby calm down. Babies love rhythmic motion, and the darkness can slowly make your baby sleepy. If possible, you can go outdoors. The fresh air may also help your baby calm down.

There are some other effective tricks on how to make a baby stop crying at night in this article. Therefore, you should keep reading this interesting article and then try some of these tricks to calm your baby down.

16. Try Distraction

Another simple way on how to make a baby stop crying is trying distraction, which is highly recommended by mothers. If the cause of your baby’s crying is hunger [5], sleepiness or stomach issues, you can try distracting your baby to make him stop crying. Some suggestions for you to distract your baby are:

  • Play an audio
  • Make funny noises
  • Use dolls or toys that can walk
  • Keep funny faces
  • Flick the lights on and off
  • Take your baby to the window so that he or she can watch the outside world
17. Bring Your Baby To A Mirror

In regard to learning how to make a baby stop crying when babysitting, you can try bringing the baby to a mirror. Babies love looking at themselves; therefore, you can try showing them their own reflections to make them forget the reason why they were crying.

18. How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- Check Your baby’s Clothes

This is the last but very important way on how to make a baby stop crying at night that we want to mention in this article. You need to ensure that your baby’s clothes are loose and they provide enough warmth. Their clothes need to be loose enough for their skin to breathe, and that they need to be comfortably warm. In case you are unsure, you can add another blanket and then see how your baby responds.

Hope that some of these 18 techniques are helpful for you. Do let us know if they can help you calm your baby down by leaving your comments in the comment box below. If you want to know more about simple yet effective health and beauty tips, remember to visit our How To Page regularly.

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