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29 Tips How to Treat Burns on Face, Skin, Fingers, & Hand at Home

29 Tips How to Treat Burns on Face, Skin, Fingers, & Hand at Home

Burns on hands are caused accidently and thus it is better to know some simple home remedies that you can follow immediately to prevent the burns from becoming worse and before seeking medical aid if the hand burn is severe. Now, you should keep your eyes on the following home remedies on How To treat burns on hand naturally on the Healthy Guide site.

Top Home Remedies For Burns On Hand

1. Assess The Hand Burns


Burns are classified into 3 degrees including first-, second-, and third-degree. First-degree burns are known as the mildest type of burns, while third-degree burns are known as the worst type of burns. Different home remedies are used to treat hand burns on their own degree.

Ÿ First-degree burns: They only affect the top skin layer and they are a bit red and swollen. They are also painful.

Ÿ Second-degree burns: They are more severe than the burns as I mentioned above. This is because they get into the lower skin layer. The burns will become dark red and produce blisters on the burnt skin. They are also more splotchy and swollen than first-degree burns. They also have more reddened skin, which can look shiny or wet. The burnt skin itself may look discolored or white.

Ÿ  Third-degree burns: They are bleeding or look a little black. These burns burn through all of the skin layers, so they may look white, yellow, brown or blackened. The skin around the burns may look leathery or dry. They may not as painful as first- or second-degree burns because the nerves have been destroyed or seriously damaged. With these burns, you need immediate medical help. 

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2. How to Treat Burns On Hand- Mint Toothpaste


When your hand get splattered by something hot or accidently touches something hot, you can consider using a tube of mint toothpaste in your kitchen to relieve your burns on hand. Firstly, you run your affected areas under running cold water, and then lightly pat them dry with a cloth or paper towel. Finally, cover them with a layer of mint toothpaste. Also, you can apply white toothpaste or non-mentholated shaving cream on the burnt skin on hand.

This is actually one of the best tips on how to treat burns on face, skin, fingers, and hand naturally that you should not look down, but try to follow this tip for good. 

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3. Tea Bags

Black tea bags are also known as a home remedy for burns on hand. This is because black tea comprises of tannic acid, which can draw the heat from your burns. This will help make you feel less painful. Black tea has same soothing properties, which makes it a wonderful home remedy for your toothache as well as many other conditions. You can use tea bags to treat the burns on hand by placing 2-3 cool, wet tea bags on your affected areas, using gauze in order to keep these bags in place.

Also, you can use 3 tea bags and then create a mixture by using 2 cups of mint leaves and 4 cups of hot water. Apply this liquid onto the burnt skin with a cotton pad after allowing it to cool.

This is among the best tips on how to treat burns at home, so you should not skip out this tip when you are trying to get rid of the pain and inflammation that is associated with burns. 

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4. Honey


Honey is a well-known sore throat remedy. Besides, as it is a natural antibiotic, it can help you prevent your burns on hand from becoming infected. Honey has a natural pH level, which is unfriendly to bacteria, so when you apply it topically on your affected areas, it can also kill off any of the existing infection or bacteria lingering on your hand. Honey will also help you cool your burns, relieve your pain and simultaneously help your affected skin to heal.

In fact, this is actually one of the most effective tips on how to treat burns at home that you should know and remember for good. 

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5. How To Treat Burns At Home – Oats

With its soothing properties, oats are particularly helpful to reduce inflammation when your burns on hand are healing and you are trying to scratch them. You should consider adding a cup of oats to your bath water. Then, you soak them for 20 minutes in order to soothe a larger burn. For smaller burns, you just need to add some of the oats to a bowl of water and then soak your affected areas. After that, you air-dry your skin while holding a thin layer of oats. This will help further reduce itching. For additional relief, you toss some of the baking soda into your bathwater. Bicarbonate found in soda can help you soothe the skin inflammation. 

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6. Lavender Oil


The best home remedies on how to treat burns on face, skin, fingers, and hand must include lavender oil. A French chemist found the healing effect of lavender oil in the 1900s. When he burned his hand and plunged it into lavender oil, he found that the oil relieved the pain and even his burn quickly healed. Even, lavender oil was used in some hospitals for minor burns. You just need to mix 1 tsp of pure lavender oil into a misting bottle of water. Then, you shake it and mist your affected areas lightly as often as necessary. Alternatively, you can pour lavender oil onto a clean cloth or gauze and then apply it. Note to replace the gauze every several hours. Similarly, witch hazel and tea tree oil are also useful to treat minor burns.

7. Milk

The protein and fat content found in milk can help you soothe burns and then promote the healing process. You soak your burns on hand in milk for about 15 minutes to get a quick relief. Full-fat yogurt can also help you cool and hydrate your affected skin.

Make sure that the kind of milk you are using is not processed or canned varieties, which may have preservatives and chemicals that can make your condition worse.

8. How To Treat Burns At Home – Vanilla


For minor burns on hand, you can consider opting for vanilla extract. You use a cotton pad to lightly dab vanilla extract onto your burns. The alcohol’s evaporation found in vanilla extract will help you cool your burns and alleviate the pain.

Actually, this is one of the best tips on how to treat burns on face, skin, fingers, and hand naturally that you should not skip out, but try to use vanilla if any burn occurs on your hand.

9. White Vinegar

White vinegar has acetic acid, which is a component of aspirin that will be able to help you relieve the itching, pain and inflammation of burns. Besides, white vinegar is also an astringent and antiseptic, so it will support you to keep your burns on hand from becoming infected. White vinegar also draws the heat from your burns, helping to relieve pain successfully. You soak a paper towel in diluted white vinegar in order to make a soothing compress or you can use a cotton pad to lightly dab your burns on hand with white vinegar.

10. Coconut Oil


The most effective tips on how to treat burns at home that you should know must include coconut oil. It is a good source of healing properties and it also has fatty acids that are known as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Due to these compounds, coconut oil can help keep your burns on hand from becoming infected. In case a burn on hand has left a mark on your skin, you can consider adding several drops of lemon juice to the coconut oil and then massage it into your mark. The lemon juice’s acidic properties will help you naturally lighten your burns while the coconut oil can help you heal them.

11. Vitamin C And E

You often associate vitamin C with your colds, but do you know that vitamin C can also play a role in soothing the skin? It promotes the healing process and the forming of collagen, which is the base material for your new skin cells.

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant that will help you repair and protect the skin from damages. In order to speed up the healing process of a burn, a good remedy for you is to consume foods that are rich in vitamins E and C. Otherwise, you can also take 2,000mg of vitamin C and 1,000 international units of vitamin E for about 7 days or after your burns on hand. You can even cut open a capsule of vitamin E and then apply it on your burns directly to help them heal quickly and prevent them from becoming scarring.

12. How To Treat Burns On Face, Hand, Skin, And Fingers – Cold Water


In order to stop your burns on hand from spreading, you can allow running cold water to go over your affected areas for a couple of minutes within some seconds when the burns occur. Alternatively, you can also take a cold compress and place it over your affected areas. Also, you can take a bowl of cool water and put your burnt hand in it for a couple of minutes. This will help pull the heat away from the skin, prevent scarring and reduce inflammation. You repeat this home remedy every a couple of hours in order to relieve the discomfort.

This is known as the best tip on how to treat burns on face, skin, fingers, and hand naturally that you have to do immediately when a burn occurs on your hand.

13. Aloe Vera

It has tissue-healing and astringent properties that can help you heal burns on hand. You cut a piece of aloe vera leaf and then lightly apply the fresh aloe vera gel on your burns on hand. Another option for you is to mix 1 tsp each of turmeric and aloe vera gel and then apply this mixture on your burns. In case you do not have any aloe vera in your house, you can consider applying a cream that contains aloe vera as a main ingredient. Note that do not apply aloe vera on open wounds.

14. Raw Potato


Using raw potato can be an effective home remedy for minor skin burns. This is because potato has soothing and anti-irritating properties, which will help you ease the pain and lower the risk of getting blisters. Simply, you get a raw potato slice and then rub it on your burns on hand. Remember to make sure that the potato juice is releasing over your affected areas. Alternatively, you can grate a raw potato and then apply it on your burns for about 15-20 minutes. To get the best results, you should use either of home remedies with raw potato soon after being burned.

In fact, using raw potato is one of the best tips on how to treat burns on skin, face, fingers, and hand at home that you should know and remember to follow for good.

15. How To Treat Burns On Skin – Plantain Leaves

Plantain leaves is a well-known home remedy for treating minor burns. This is because plantain leaves are high in anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. You crush some of the fresh plantain leaves to create a good paste. Then, you apply it on your affected areas and remember to cover them with a clean cotton cloth. Repeat this home remedy when the paste dries out.

16. Onion Juice


Using onion juice is one of the best tips on how to treat burns on skin, face, fingers, and hand naturally. This is because it has some components such as sulfur compounds and quercetin, which can help you ease the pain, help you heal the burns and simultaneously lower the risk of blistering. In order to use onion juice to treat minor burns, you cut an onion and then apply the onion juice onto your burns. Remember to only use freshly-cut onion because after a couple of minutes, onions will be able to lose their medicinal properties. You repeat this home remedy several times daily until you can notice a better result.

17. Egg Whites

Maybe you have never used this remedy before, but in fact, it is a popular home remedy. The egg whites are rich in nutrients and are also cooling to human skin. More importantly, egg whites have a variety of collagen, which is the base of human skin and regenerates the burnt areas without a trace of skin pigmentation and scar formation.

When a burn occurs, you immediately run running water over the burnt hand to cool it. Simply, you take the yolk from some eggs, and then soak your burns on hand in the egg whites. Keep giving them every one hour until you go to bed. Let it sit overnight and ash it off in the next morning. Repeat this home remedy if the burn is entirely not healed in a day.  This simple treatment could work effectively and instantly. And this could make you feel pain-free forever after a couple hours of application.

18. How To Treat Burns On Skin – Baking Soda


Also among the popular home remedies for minor burns, baking soda is another option that can help you relieve the pain. Simply, you mix some of the baking soda with water to create a paste. Then, you apply this paste to your burns on hand. After this paste dries out, you rinse it and then repeat this home remedy.

Actually, baking soda is a good choice to treat minor burns. So, consider using it if you are trying to know how to treat burns on skin, face, fingers, and hand at home.

19. Aluminum Oil

Although it is a less natural home remedy, you can use aluminum foil to treat your burns. After your burns occur, you allow the affected areas to place under running cold water. After that, you apply aluminum foil onto your burns. As many reports, pain can intensify after applying this foil, but after about 30-60 minutes, your pain should subside at least significantly.

20. Castor Oil


The healing and cooling properties of castor oil are helpful to help you treat minor burns. Applying castor oil on the burnt skin on your hand and then cover it with a gauze can help you heal the burns in a couple of hours. For severe burns, you need constantly to apply castor oil for severe hours. Soak this oil in a gauze and then tie it around the burns on hand. This way can help you ensure that the oil remain in place throughout a day. Repeat this home remedy until you can see the burn heal and the scar marks begin fading away.

Consider using castor oil if the skin on your hand is burned as castor oil is one of the best tips on how to treat burns on fingers, skin, face, and hand at home.

21. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour will instantly absorb the moisture in your burns on hand and put the injury in the healing process as soon as possible. Also, wheat flour is a band-aid, which may prevent dust, air and germs from getting into the wound and causing blisters and infections.

You simply take ground wheat flour and then apply it on the burnt skin. The wheat flour will instantly absorb the moisture from the wound and create a paste, which may stick to the burns to prevent external irritants.

22. How To Treat Burns On Fingers, Face, Skin, And Hand – Salt


With antibacterial properties, salt is a good choice for you to treat mild to moderate burns on hand as well as other parts of your body. When you have a burn on hand, wash it with cool water immediately and then apply salt on it. Salt will destroy any of the bacterial action and simultaneously prevent infections.

Salt can heal open wound that can occur during the burn. However, you have to check what degree burn you get to prevent complications.

23. Painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers can help you reduce pain that is associated with burns on hand. The anti-inflammatory properties found in painkillers can also help you reduce the inflammation as well as swelling. Make sure to take them with foods to reduce the risk of getting an upset stomach.

24. Moisturizer

The most effective tips on how to treat burns on fingers, skin, face, and hand that you should not look down must include moisturizer. After you cool the burnt skin on hand, you can consider using a burn ointment in case the skin around the burns is not broken. Remember to consult your doctor before applying any of the moisturizer to your open wound.

25. How To Treat Burns On Hand – Protective Gel Or Cream


Silvadene is a burn medication that can help you promote the healing process and then offer some protection. Your doctor will have to check your burn and prescribe this medication. Consider using protective gel or cream if you are trying to treat burns on hand at home. However, note that it is a sulfa product, so you do not use it in case you are allergic to any of the sulfa drugs.

26. Never Use Ice

It is thought that applying ice can give you an instant relief; however, it is not recommended to follow because it may slow the healing process. This is because it can restrict blood flow to your skin and thus preventing tissue. Instead, you should immediately place your burnt skin on hand under running cool water. This will help you prevent the injury from spreading. Try to keep it there for more than 20 minutes if needed.

This is among the most effective tips on how to treat burns on fingers, skin, face, and hand naturally that you should know and remember for good.

27. Avoid Using Some Other Things


There are some traditional remedies that you should avoid using for treating burns on hand. They include butter, oil, petroleum jelly and adhesive dressings. This is because they may trap the head in lieu of drawing it out.

When it comes to knowing how to treat burns on fingers, skin, face, and hand naturally, you should try to follow this tip for good.

28. Know When To Find Medical Treatment

Most of the minor burns can heal with first aid treatment. However, it is also important to know when to find medical help if any of the following cases occurs:

Ÿ The burns are not healing within 7 days

Ÿ The skin around your fingers is charred, blistered and if the pain becomes very intense.

Ÿ The burns are extensive

Ÿ You have burns on your neck or face in addition to your hand

Ÿ You have swelling or symptoms of infection.

29. How To Treat Burns On Hand – Prevent Future Burns

As you know the most effective treatment for burns on hand is prevention. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you are using electricity or heat source. Also, note that hot bath water can also cause burns, especially in the elderly and children. To be safer, you should set the hot water heater in order to prevent scalding. Besides, you should also know some popular chemicals that can cause burns, so remember to wear rubber gloves when you use industrial or household chemicals.

These home remedies are only for first-degree burns. Remember that minor burns on hand can develop blisters if you do not treat them timely. Many natural remedies will be able to promote the healing process and relieve the pain. Minor burns are likely to heal within a couple of days or up to 3 weeks. For severe burns, you have to see your doctor for medical help.

The article today reveals some of the most effective home remedies for burn that can help you a lot in life. If you want ask anything, just leave them in your comments and put below!

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