26 Harmful Things You are Buying from Health Food Stores that Need a Stop Button

26 Harmful Things You are Buying from Health Food Stores that Need a Stop Button

You can shop for healthy and organic products at health food stores that you can find everywhere. From hair and skin care products to healthy foods to supplements, you can find the large number of products in such stores. However, shopping in healthy food stores does not mean that all products you buy there is safe and good for your health. Many products are labeled “natural” and “organic,” but the fact is that these products are hazardous to your health.

List Of 26 Harmful Things You Are Buying From Health Food Stores:

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you top harmful things you are buying at health food stores. And of course, if you want to stay healthy in both physically and mentally, you should stop shopping for these foods and products right now.

1. High-Sodium Herbs, Spices And Stock

This is the first one on the list of harmful things you are buying from health food stores that I want to mention in this article and want all of my readers to avoid buying.

Choosing vegan-friendly stocks at health food stores is easy; however, you also need to opt for low-sodium stocks, spices and herbs, as well as some unusual items such as Himalayan pink sea salt that offers many health benefits. Some specialist items like spirulina, cacao nibs, and wheatgrass may be also found here, and they should be added to green smoothies or baking goods for an antioxidant boost.

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2. White Or Brown Bread

harmful things you are buying

White and brown bread is really not good for our health at all as they are very high in carbs. Instead, you should buy crackers. Crackers are great alternatives to white or brown bread. You can dip them into your soups, crumble them over salads or enjoy them with your toppings as a sandwich. Actually, you can find very healthy crackers in health food stores; however, you should choose those which have whole grains because they can make you feel fuller for longer. You should eat crackers with pumpkin seeds and cheese to get more healthy vitamins and minerals. Also, you can top them with some salads if you want to eat more vegetables.

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3. Sugary Or Preservatives Containing Dried Fruits

When it comes to top harmful things you are buying, you should not ignore sugary or preservatives containing dried fruits. Consuming dried fruits is good for your overall health. Add these dried fruits to muesli or granola, sprinkle them on yogurt or consume it with some nuts as a great snack too. You should choose dried fruits that do not contain any extra preservatives or sugar. Most of the dried fruits found in a health food store should be okay. Even, you can opt for fruits and nut mixes, but remember to check the ingredients.

4. Packed Fruit Juices

There is a variety of fruit juices in health food stores, and people think that these juices are healthy choices. However, most of these packaged fruit juices are unhealthy. They often contain chemicals, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. As you know that consuming extra intake of sugar is associated with many diseases, including obesity, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, there is still little health benefit from drinking these packaged fruit juices, but it is better to avoid drinking packaged fruit juices and consume real fruits or fresh fruit juices instead.

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5. Sports Or Energy Drinks

Sports or energy drinks are marketed to contain electrolytes and sugar, which are beneficial for athletes. But for those who are not involved in rigorous activities, sports or energy drinks offer fewer health benefits. Extra salt as well as liquid sugar may do more harm than good because these drinks also contain other additives, which can also be harmful to our body.

Therefore, if you are not an athlete, you should avoid these drinks because they are not needed. Instead, you should opt for plain water, coconut water or flavored water to make up for the lost fluids and keep the body hydrated as well. This is actually one of the worst harmful things you are buying from the stores that need a stop button right from today if you want to live a better life with better health for you and people around!

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6. Raw Milk

If you buy raw milk from health food stores, stop it right away. Raw milk has rich, creamy texture, but according to a study about the dangers of raw milk [1], drinking it can be not good for your health because raw milk does not go through the process of pasteurization. Actually, pasteurization uses heat in order to kill off bacteria that can be found in milk; however, this process may also cause a decrease in its nutritional contents. Still, pregnant women, children, the elderly, and others with low immune systems are easier to develop food-borne illnesses. When it comes to contamination caused by bacteria, raw milk may be one of the riskiest foods. In case you still want to consume raw milk, you need to boil it for some time, and let it cool before drinking the milk.

7. Vegetable Oils

harmful things you are buying

Other harmful things you are buying from health food stores must include vegetable oils. Actually, vegetable oils like corn, soybean, and cottonseed oil are extracted from seeds. These oils have the large amount of omega-6s.We need a bit of these fatty acids in our diet; however, if we get too much of them, this can cause health problems such as chronic diseases. These oils will be incorporated into cellular membranes and body fats, where they are sensitive to damage and oxidation.

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8. Detox Teas

Tea cleanses can help to remove the toxins from the colon. Your liver, kidneys, and bowels need no extra help. Actually, detox teas can be harmful to your health, because they can result in dehydration, changes in the electrolyte levels, and cause bloating, nausea and cramping.

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9. Snack Bars

Be careful with snack bars because not all of the cereal bars are created equal. You should look for these snack bars with the most natural ingredients. Anything that just has nuts and fruits may be the best choice for you. They are still rich in sugar, which does not come naturally from fruits. Actually, having several snack bars around you is ideal for the time after workout or whenever you are craving for something sweet.

Do you want to know other harmful things you are buying from health food stores? Keep reading this interesting article and then try to keep away from these products on your next trips to a health food store.

10. Energy Bars

Energy bars are not needed for those who are not athletes. The fact is that energy bars are highly processed products. Although these energy bars may be richer in protein than chocolate bars, they also contain unhealthy ingredients such as white flour, sugar and artificial flavor. Of course, there are a few healthy brands available, then you should read labels before using them.

11. Margarine

Now, margarine tends to have processed vegetable oils and they are not healthy. Margarine is actually a processed food that contains harmful ingredients. In a study, replacing butter with margarine could lead to a higher risk of heart attacks. Actually, this is on the list of harmful things you are buying, and so you should stop buying it from today.

12. Savory Snacks

According to a study about foods to avoid [2], MSG hides in lots of processed savory snacks that you can find at local supermarkets. These snacks have high contents of salt and saturated fats. And if you have a savory tooth, you may find difficult to find healthy snacks. Actually, health food stores have many different kinds of nuts and natural vegetables that contain no artificial ingredients.

13. Cereal

If you have no time to make granola at home, you should consider buying cereal at health food stores. Choose wholegrain oats that you can combine with milk and fruits for winter, or granola or nutty muesli combined with dried fruits to have a healthy breakfast. Besides, remember that most of the processed breakfast cereals are unhealthy because they are packed with refined carbohydrates and sugar.

14. Dairy-Free Milk

When it comes to almond, soy or rice milk, you may have a favorite brand. But, brands stocked in health food stores often contain ‘bad’ ingredients such as additives and sugar. Actually, this is known as one of the harmful things you are buying from health food stores; therefore, you should try to keep away from dairy-free milk if you want to maintain a healthy body.

15. Gluten-Free Products

harmful things you are buying

According to a study about gluten-free diet [3], gluten-free products are ideal for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. However, keep in mind that there are also some disadvantages of these products. Actually, most of the gluten-free products contain a lower nutritional composition. Moreover, most of the gluten-free processed foods are also rich in toxins. These processed products often contain potato starch, rice flour, tapioca, and extra sugar to compensate the lack of gluten, thereby increasing the risk of increased blood sugar level. Also, almost all of these products are also high in lead, mercury and arsenic.

16. Agave Nectar

If you want to get a healthy body, you need to know about the consequences of sugar intake. And to reduce the intake of sugar, you should opt for some sugar alternatives that can be found in health food stores. A popular sugar alternative for you is agave nectar, which is labeled as a diabetic-friendly sweetener thanks to its low glycemic content. However, the fact is that agave nectar contains more fructose; and extra intake of fructose can affect your metabolism and cause some health problems, especially for those with diabetes. Therefore, the fact is that agave nectar is worse than regular sugar. Instead, you should opt for raw honey, which is a great sweetener and also has less fructose.

17. Herbal Supplements

You can find herbal supplements in health food stores, but the fact is that you should not buy them. This is because herbal supplements can be not good for your health if misused. They can cause unwanted side effects or interact with other prescription drugs or supplements, which can also cause worse health problems. There are many health benefits of taking herbal supplements, but you have to consult your physician before taking any of them.

18. Non- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains many essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and copper. However, purchasing non-organic apple cider vinegar is not a good decision. Instead, you should choose raw apple cider vinegar because it has its natural form where all of the minerals, vitamins and enzymes related to apple cider vinegar can be found. Meanwhile, non-organic apple cider vinegar often goes through the process of pasteurization that removes most of the nutrients. This is also among harmful things you are buying that need you to stop right away and you should never look down this for good!

19. Flavored Yogurt

harmful things you are buying

Yogurt is a healthy choice for you, but you should avoid buying flavored yogurt even at a health food store. The fact is that flavored yogurt is rich in added sugar and calories, thereby making it an unhealthy snack. Plus, flavored yogurt also contains artificial colors and flavors. Besides, you should also avoid heat-treated yogurts, because they do not have active cultures that are good for digestive health. Instead, when opting for yogurt, you should choose low-fat and plain yogurts with active cultures. Also, you need to read their ingredient labels and then opt for those with high contents of protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

20. Whole Wheat

When it comes to harmful things you are buying from health food stores, whole wheat is what you should avoid buying. Consuming whole wheat is better than consuming refined wheat, but this does not mean that consuming whole wheat is good for our health. Wheat is a main source of gluten and it can contribute to gluten sensitive. Susceptible individuals can experience pain, tiredness, stool inconsistency, bloating, and other symptoms. Besides, wheat fiber can make you deficient in vitamin D and increase LDL “bad” cholesterol by 60%.

21. Fat-Free Or Low- Fat Foods

The only problem is that fat-free or low-fat foods taste like crap. Then, the food manufacturers added chemicals, extra sugar and artificial sweeteners to their products. So, the fact is that food manufacturers just remove the fat and replace it with sugar and other chemicals.

There are some other harmful things you are buying from health food stores in this article. So, you should try to read the remaining of this article if you want to keep you healthy.

22. Salad Dressings

Salads are a healthy addition to your diet plan. Raw vegetables and fruits are packed with fiber, antioxidants as well as other nutrients. However, if you buy salad dressings from health food stores, you may make a big mistake. Generally, salad dressings contain unhealthy ingredients such as soybean oil, high-fat mayonnaise, high fructose corn syrup and even preservatives. To make a healthy salad at home, you should use organic vegetables and fruits and then add your own salad dressings such as lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and herbs.

23. Ear Candles

Most of the health stores have ear candles, but you should avoid them when curing some certain ear problems, including removing wax and other substances trapped inside the ear. This is because according to a study [4], using ear candles can cause ear canal blockages and perforated eardrums and even hearing loss. To treat any kind of ear problem, it is better to visit your doctor.

24. Essential Oils

harmful things you are buying

Essential oils are great for homemade cleaners and beauty products and they are also on the list of harmful things you are buying. However, just because they are natural does not mean that these oils are completely nontoxic and safe to use. Apart from being powerful skin irritants and toxics if used wrongly, these essential oils can be poisonous to pets and even kids if ingested as well. To be safe, you need to dilute oils before using according to directions and keep them out of the reach of your kids and pets.

25. Shampoo    

Apart from healthy food, health food stores also sell organic beauty as well as personal care products. Commercial shampoos may provide you with a creamy lather, but are they good for your health? Actually, many shampoos contain chemicals, which could cause an itchy, irritated scalp and even hair loss [5].

26. Skincare Products

This is the last ones on the list of harmful things you are buying from health food stores that I want to mention in this article and want all of my readers to remember keep away. Organic skincare products that you bought in health food stores could be packed with chemical preservatives. So, the great idea for you to enhance your skin beauty is to buy a natural skincare product that is infused with essential oils, herbs as well as other ingredients. Actually, there are natural brands out there, so you should see which ones are stocked by health food stores.

Walking into a health food store is a great way to get a healthier body. But, there are some products in these stores that you should avoid in your next shopping trips. After reading this interesting article, we hope that you and my other readers of Healthy Guide can know which foods and which products you should avoid when shopping in health food stores. All of these products are not good for your health, and they can even cause a few health problems. Therefore, if you are health-conscious, you should keep away from these products from today.

If you think that this list is helpful for anybody else around you who are making mistakes in purchasing in health food stores, feel free to share this list with them as soon as possible. One more thing, if you know other harmful things you are buying from health food stores, share them with other readers by leaving your comments in the comment box below. I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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