How to Treat Rhabdomyolysis Naturally at Home – 9 Tips

How to Treat Rhabdomyolysis Naturally at Home – 9 Tips

Rhabdomyolysis is considered as a serious syndrome. It is hard to pinpoint its signs and symptoms. However, we can find out the syndrome through some expressions such as:

  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Dark red or brown
  • High heart rate and fever
  • Muscle difficulty and weakness in moving legs or arms
  • Lack of consciousness, confusion, and dehydration
  • Muscle pains, especially in the thighs, lower back and shoulders
  • Reduce or even disappear urine output

These symptoms and signs show that the harmful level we would have to suffer from rhabdomyolysis. Thus, finding out the solution on how to treat rhabdomyolysis is very necessary.

The indirect and direct muscle injuries are also the causes of rhabdomyolysis. The cause of these injuries is when contents of muscle fibers discharge into the bloodstream if they die. In general, these syndrome’s causes are:

  • The high doses of statins medication or antipsychotics
  • The exceed use of illegal drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine , heroin or alcohol
  • Extreme muscle strain
  • An injury resulted from an accident, a building collapse or a fall especially its long-lasting muscle pressure.

At present, you can find out 9 ways and tips on how to treat rhabdomyolysis on All of the treatments mentioned in this article are suitable and effective for rhabdomyolysis syndrome in many cases. People who are in this condition, it is necessary to spend a few time reading this article to find out more useful ways to treat and prevent it well.

1. Medications

If it is difficult for you to apply fluid therapy like a home treatment on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, it is good to use medications. In fact, in order to control rhabdomyolysis, you can use some kinds of drugs which regulate the making of urine.  If watching carefully when a doctor prescribes medications, it can include bicarbonate and some kinds of diuretics which maintain your kidneys function effectively. He may also suggest suitable IV fluids for hypocalcemia and cure high potassium levels or hyperkalemia in the bloodstream or the low blood calcium amounts.

For example, rhabdomyolysis syndrome can be controlled by furosemide and mannitol. In addition, we can know the number of other electrolytes and certain effects such as potassium, sodium, and calcium in the body which is involved the treatment as well as the correcting them.

2. Reduce Exercise

In some situations, when physical exertion is intense, particularly the daily workouts like a high-intensity practice before a bout or marathon, it will cause your rhabdomyolysis symptoms. Many people think that a way to cut back the intensity effectively is doing more exercises but in fact, your skeletal muscle will be more damaged. And you should ask a personal trainer or sports doctor if you see your body have some serious syndromes and desire to look for a method on how to treat rhabdomyolysis exactly.

3. Discontinue Unnecessary Medications

how to treat rhabdomyolysis

The other side, it is necessary to eliminate powerful medications combinations or certain drug use when using therapy on how to treat rhabdomyolysis. It is because using illegal drug may lead to rhabdomyolysis syndrome or remarkably exacerbate its symptoms when you have already experienced this syndrome. For example, eliminating cocaine use immediately is necessary because this substance is considered to cause damages of the kidney, particularly make rhabdomyolysis symptoms are worse. On the whole, before you decide to apply any drugs for rhabdomyolysis syndrome, ask your doctors thoroughly. If you have issues urinating or experience any foretokens of this condition, inform your doctor to look for possible interactions or reduce unnecessary medications.

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4. Fluid Therapy

In fact, we only apply the way on how to treat rhabdomyolysis during the first steps of the syndrome. In that stages, it is not affected to the vital organs of the body like the kidneys. Fluid therapy is the initial method on how to treat rhabdomyolysis. Curing shock which has a serious effect on the kidneys regularly applies this therapy. When an individual suffers from rhabdomyolysis, they need to infusion the common 0.9% NaCl solution saline and intravenous fluid with a small amount.

When a patient does not suffer from the serious period, he or she can apply a home remedy to the rhabdomyolysis syndrome and flood fluids over the body. It seems to be the best method. In this therapy, you just need to drink much water and other fluid to get enough fluid for the body. The urination will be run quickly and the function of kidneys will be good. It also will remove quickly the toxic from muscle components out of the body.  Besides, you should apply the fluid with bicarbonate which is a substance helping the kidneys to eliminate the myoglobin.

In fact, patients in rhabdomyolysis which suffer from serious muscle injuries are usually applied this fluid therapy because the swelling muscles will be relieved. In addition, the treatment on how to treat rhabdomyolysis is able to keep the blood provide to the muscles and help them to repair. The kidneys will be restricted deposition of myoglobin when using the therapy and prevent this organ from being damaged. If patients cannot apply the home treatment, fluid remedy, they need to get intravenous fluids to eliminate toxins in blood out of the body. Thus, if you can apply home remedy on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, apply it in the best way with the best effective and you will never need a hospital.

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5. Dialysis

The final method on how to treat rhabdomyolysis may be dialysis which is often applied for dangerous cases. When it occurs the kidney damage and acute renal failure appears, dialysis is an urgent solution. In the dialysis process, they take out the blood and clean it by a special machine to eliminate waste products. In this time, your circulation and blood will be remarkably improved to reduce this syndrome risks.

6. Increase Circulation

One of the methods on how to treat rhabdomyolysis is increasing the circulation. In fact, if certain muscles and tissues are cut out of the supply of blood even permanently damaged status or their death, it is this syndrome is the most serious complication. Therefore, boost and maintain a good circulation is necessary to supply oxygenated and fresh blood and eliminate the toxins in the body through the kidneys. Besides, an advice for you is increasing the consumption of healthy foods like watermelon, oranges, garlic, goji berries, ginger, cayenne pepper and dark chocolate during increasing the circulation process.

7. Improve Kidney Function 

how to treat rhabdomyolysis

As mentioned above, a direct connection with rhabdomyolysis syndrome is the kidney health, thus a good kidney is extremely helpful during the method on how to treat rhabdomyolysis. The reason is the effectively- working kidney will eliminate detoxify and toxins out of the body quickly. By this way, rhabdomyolysis risks will be significantly decreased. There are some essential herbs and foods supporting the health of kidney and enhance its function like raspberries, apples, garlic, red peppers, olive oil, egg whites, and cabbage

8. Some Of Warning

In some slight cases, you can apply the home treatment on how to treat rhabdomyolysis. It is also considered as a recovery method. In fact, this treatment aims to make the body take rest and recover the muscles while preventing further kidney damages from the rehydration. However, the home treatment is just practical to minimize or prevent the signals of rhabdomyolysis. In cases, you get a very potently and serious threatening condition, the first precaution need to mention is the medical attention. And home method will be just applied after the situation is considered less serious.

9. Some Tips For Rhabdomyolysis Prevention

A treatment that is always considered to be to be more effective and necessary than the later method is prevention. You need to use something to hinder this syndrome as quick as possible.

Firstly, you should consume the number of fluids whenever doing strenuous exercise. It is because it will support to dilute the urine as well as help kidneys eliminate any myoglobin which the muscles released during exercises.

Secondly, if you are experiencing any sustained damages or degenerative muscle condition because of a recent injury before, you should always keep well-hydrated to hinder rhabdomyolysis risks. An advice for you is bringing a plenty of water bottle all the time for any activities. Besides, you need to remember to consume water immediately when you feel thirsty, especially, not wait until your throat is thirsty then supply water. If you feel tired, take yourself rest at a pleasant place, relax and consume water or other clear liquids such as sports drinks, light broth…

Thirdly, if there are any signals relating to sick or infection, you should look for the advice of doctors because a soon symptom may help avoid muscle damages which are the main reason for rhabdomyolysis syndrome. If you can discover the syndrome early, the treatment can be successful and it cannot be damaged the kidneys for a long term.

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After entering our page and swallowing our writing on 9 Tips And Ways On How To Treat Rhabdomyolysis At Home, hope that all of the readers will find out the exact methods to prevent this syndrome. If you have any wonders or questions on this topics, please let me know by write comments in the below box we will answer as soon as possible. Besides that, if you know any other method on How To Treat Rhabdomyolysis, we are very glad if you share with us so please let us know!

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