33 Tips How to Treat Osteoporosis Pain of The Hip, Knee, & Spine Naturally

Osteoporosis is a health condition that affects the strength of bones. Initially, bone forms fast as we grow; however, as you are older, this may reverse. Therefore, from the age of 35, your body starts to lose the certain amount of bone materials. As a result, your bones are less strong and less dense. In case you have much of bone loss, then you will have the “bone thinning” or called osteoporosis. And, in this case, your bones will be able to break more easily than usual, especially after having an accident.

List Of 33 Ways On How To Treat Osteoporosis

Now, in this article, I will show you some of the best ways that can help you reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis and also improve your bone health. So, if you want to know how to treat this bone disease, you should spend time reading this interesting article right now.

I. Who Are At Risk Of Osteoporosis?

Women lose bone material faster than men, especially after their menopause when their estrogen levels fall. But, osteoporosis can also occur in men. All women and men can suffer from osteoporosis when they become older. And some situations can also cause excessive bone loss and hence, increasing your risk of getting osteoporosis.

Patients with osteoporosis may experience the following symptoms:

  • A bone fracture after an accident
  • Height loss
  • A bent forward posture
  • Persistent back pain

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People who are at higher risks of developing osteoporosis include:

  • Women who have menopause before the age of 45
  • People who have had bone fracture after an accident.
  • People with a family history of osteoporosis
  • People with a body mass index of 18.5 or even less
  • People with low estrogen levels combined with a poor diet plan
  • People who take a steroid medicine for three months or longer
  • Smokers
  • People who have an intake of alcohol of more than 4 units daily
  • People who lack vitamin D and calcium
  • People who have certain medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, chronic liver disease, Celiac disease, type-1 diabetes, etc.

II. How To Treat Osteoporosis Naturally At Home

There are a few natural treatments for osteoporosis. All of these treatments can help you improve the bone health and reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis. Some of them are:

1. Do Regular Exercise

how to treat osteoporosis

This is the first way on how to treat osteoporosis of the knee, spine, and hip that I want to mention in this article and want all of my readers should know for good. Generally, doing regular exercise can help improve your overall health, improve bone health and provide you with more energy. Therefore, if you want to have healthier and stronger bones and also prevent osteoporosis, doing exercise daily is very important. Some exercises you can choose are playing tennis, free weights, aerobics, walking, balance exercise, flexibility exercise, stretch bands, etc. Patients should exercise 30 minutes of both strengthening exercises and aerobic, for 5- 6 days a week.

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2. Cut Back On Salt

There may be a relationship between bone loss and high sodium intake, especially for those with high blood pressure. Generally, salt can increase the calcium amounts excreted in sweat and urine, which can affect bone loss in case you are deficient in calcium. And research finds that people who have high blood pressure may lose more calcium content in their urine.

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3. Limit The Soda Intake

When it comes to effective ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the hip, knee, and spine, you should remember to limit the soda intake. A high intake of cola was associated with a higher risk of osteoporosis. Many sodas contain phosphorus, which is an essential mineral we need. However, the intake of phosphorus has to be balanced with calcium in order to reduce your risk of bone thinning. Moreover, the ingredients found in sodas could have a negative effect on our bone health.

4. Limit The Intake Of Caffeine

Caffeine can interfere with the absorption of calcium, so caffeine that can be found in coffee, soda or chocolate should be limited. You should have a moderate intake of caffeine, about 300mg per day. Actually, this is known as one of the best ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the hip, knee, and spine that you should remember and then consider limiting the intake of caffeine as soon as possible.

5. Limit Alcohol

how to treat osteoporosis

Drinking 2 glasses of alcohol a day can help prevent fractures. However, drinking more than that can reduce the calcium absorption, deplete calcium reserves, and also reduce the hormone levels involved in bone production. Moreover, drinking too much alcohol can also increase the risks of falls and breaks.

6. Avoid Losing Too Much Weight

Obesity can be associated with the higher risks of osteoporosis and other diseases. Extremely thin people, especially those who had eating disorders in the past may have the higher risk of developing premature bone degradation. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight and having a proper weight loss plan is very important for keeping your bones healthy.

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7. Sun Bath

In order to keep your bones stronger, you can consider taking sun baths. Keep in mind that sunlight is one of the best vitamin D sources for you to choose from. You should take sun baths for about 10-15 minutes every morning if you want to stimulate your production of vitamin D. Nonetheless, you should keep away from sunlight if you do not want to suffer from some skin problems.

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8. Stop Smoking

When you are looking for ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the hip, knee, and spine, this tip is what you should not look down. Chemicals from tobacco can affect your bone strength and even make your bone loss worse. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to stop smoking immediately. By quitting smoking, you will be able to delay menopause and reduce the onset of osteoporosis symptoms.

9. Get Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for bone health and it is mostly made by your body after sun exposure. However, the ultraviolet rays can trigger your vitamin D production, so your body may not provide this vitamin as much as you need. So, you should consider taking more of the vitamin D from foods and from supplements.

There are other great tips on how to treat osteoporosis of the hip, knee, and spine in this article. So, you should keep reading this article and then try to apply one or more of these tips for good to achieve the best results as soon as possible as you want!

10. Get Calcium

According to a study about calcium and strong bones [1], our body also needs enough calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy. The recommended daily calcium intake in adults who are over the age of 50 is about 1000mg per day. You can get 1000mg of calcium by:

  • Drinking skimmed or semi-skimmed milk a day
  • Eating 50g of hard cheese or a pot of yoghurt or 50g of sardines.
  • Eating calcium-fortified soya milk, bread and some certain veggies such as okra, spinach, curly kale and watercress and some certain fruits such as dried figs, dried apricots.
  • Taking calcium supplements after discussing this with your doctor or a prestigious expert!
11. Avoid Smoking

how to treat osteoporosis

This is another great way on how to treat osteoporosis that you should remember to apply as soon as possible. Smoking can restrict the healing of fractures and also reduce the ability of the body to make bones. And once you stop smoking, you can improve your bone strength immediately.

12. Watch Your Medications

Actually, some medications can increase the risks of developing osteoporosis due to its anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, which can cause bone thinning. Some of the medications that you should be careful when taking are:

  • Proton pump inhibitors such as Prevacid and Prilosec
  • Antidepressants

III. Foods That Patients With Osteoporosis Should Consume

Now, I will show you some of the best foods that you should consume more if you want to reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis and also strengthen your bones.

1. Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is one of the simplest ways on how to treat osteoporosis pain because it can really help reverse lack of estrogen and bone density. According to a research about health benefits of coconut oil [2], the compounds found in coconut oil may help prevent bone density loss and also improve your bone structure. Moreover, coconut oil can help your body absorb essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium to improve bone strength.  There are some different methods to use coconut oil for treating osteoporosis.

Method 1:

  • Consume about 5 tbsp. of coconut oil daily.

Method 2:

  • Apply some coconut oil on the body, gently massage and then take a bath.
  • Repeat this method regularly for the best results.

Method 3:

  • Add coconut oil to your daily cooking.
2. Prunes

Consuming prunes is an effective way on how to treat osteoporosis of the knee, hip, and spine. Actually, this fruit is good for bone health thanks to its antioxidants. Addition to this, prunes contains copper and boron, which can be important for strengthening the bones. Simply, you consume 2-3 dried plums on a daily basis for about 10 days if you want to prevent osteoporosis and relieve the osteoporosis pain.

3. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a healthy food for osteoporosis thanks to its high contents of calcium and other essential nutrients such as vitamins D, K, phosphorus, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese. To treat osteoporosis with the help of sesame seeds, you can apply any of the following methods:

Method 1:

  • Roast some white sesame seeds and then chew them every morning.

Method 2:

  • Mix 1 tsp. of roasted sesame seeds in a glass of lukewarm milk
  • Then, drink this milk twice a day.

Method 3:

  • Add roasted sesame seeds in your baking goods and other cooking dishes.
4. Pineapple

how to treat osteoporosis

According to a study about diet tips for osteoporosis [3], pineapple contains manganese that can help to prevent and treat osteoporosis effectively. Keep in mind that the lack of manganese can cause malformation of bone as well as bone loss, which can result in osteoporosis. To use pineapple for improving bone strength, follow the instructions as below:

Method 1:

  • Eat fresh pineapple before your meals on a daily basis

Method 2:

  • Drink pineapple juice daily to prevent and treat osteoporosis.
5. Apples

Apples contain flavonoids, polyphenols, as well as other antioxidants that can help to treat osteoporosis naturally. According to a research, apple contains phloridzin, which is a flavonoid to help reduce inflammation and simultaneously increase the bone density. Moreover, apples are rich in boron, which can help you maintain the calcium levels to strengthen muscles and bones. In order to reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis, you should consider eating apples on a daily basis.

6. Fish Oil

Other great ways on how to treat osteoporosis that you should make use must include fish oil. Actually, fish oil contains high contents of vitamin D and fatty acids that are important for improving bone growth. You just need to take fish oil supplements daily or eat some cold-water fish to get more of these essential nutrients through diet.  By consuming fish oil daily, you can reduce the risks of bone breakdown and also prevent osteoporosis effectively.

7. Almond Milk

Almond milk is also a great food that you should include in your daily diet for treating osteoporosis. Actually, almond oil contains flavonoids, which can help to reduce free radicals in the body. Moreover, almond milk contains magnesium, potassium, and manganese to help improve bone health. Here are some different methods to use almond milk for treating osteoporosis:

Method 1:

  • Add some almonds to a cup of water and leave it overnight
  • Remove the peels and then blend these unpeeled almonds with some water the next morning
  • Add cinnamon powder and honey to the almonds and then blend it again.
  • Strain the milk and drink it every day.

Method 2:

  • Soak some almonds in water and leave them overnight
  • The next morning, blend these almonds with some warm milk.
  • Next, add some saffron, ginger powder, and cardamom to the milk.
  • Drink it twice a day before you have breakfast and before you go to bed.
8. Coriander

how to treat osteoporosis

Coriander is rich in minerals that are important for healthy bones, making it one of the best ways on how to treat osteoporosis naturally. You can make use both the leaves and seeds of coriander because they contain potassium, manganese, iron, calcium and magnesium, all of which can prevent bone breakdown. The only thing you need to do is to add a few teaspoons of coriander seeds to a glass of boiling water. Let it steep for about 10 minutes, and then strain it. After that, add some honey and enjoy it twice a day. Also, you should add coriander seeds and leaves to your daily cooking for better results.

9. Peanut Butter

Another great way on how to treat osteoporosis of the knee, hip, and spine that you should know is peanut butter. A recent study found that magnesium is very important for strengthening and rebuilding bones. By eating 2 tbsp. of peanut butter, you can get about 50mg of magnesium.

10. Vinegar

Adding a splash of vinegar to your soups and salad greens can help in pulling calcium out of bones. Therefore, you should not look down it when you are looking for a way on how to treat osteoporosis naturally.

Do you want to know other great ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the knee, hip, and spine? In this article, I will show you some of the other ways below. So, continue to read this interesting article right now.

11. Banana

Eating a banana daily can help to build your bones, making it one of the best ways on how to treat osteoporosis and also improve your bone health as well. Studies have found that women who follow diets that are high in potassium have stronger bones in their hips and spines. This is because potassium can keep blood healthy, so the body will not suck calcium from the skeleton.

12. Broccoli And Figs

Consuming 1/2 cup of broccoli can offer you your daily intake of vitamin K. Postmenopausal women who have low levels of vitamin K are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Besides, you should also consume more of the figs thanks to its high content of calcium. Actually, consuming these foods is a great way on how to treat osteoporosis of the knee, hip, and spine that lots of patients with osteoporosis have been consuming more to improve their bone health through diet.

13. Margarine

Slathering 1 tsp. of margarine on your toast can give you a dose of vitamin D, making it a great way on how to treat osteoporosis of the spine, knee, and hip. We all know that vitamin D can help with the absorption of calcium, which is an important mineral for healthy bones.

14. Milk

When it comes to ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the spine, knee, and hip and improve strong bones, taking enough calcium is very important. According to a study about nutrients for toddlers [4], a cup of milk can offer about 300mg of calcium. Experts recommend that you need to get 1,000- 1,200mg of calcium every day.

15. Salmon And Sardines

Both of these healthy fishes are rich in calcium, which is an essential mineral for healthy bones. Also, salmon is a great source of vitamin D. Therefore, if you are looking for ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the spine, knee, and hip, you should try consuming salmon and sardines.

16. Orange Juice

how to treat osteoporosis

Drinking a glass of orange juice can provide you with your dose of vitamin C. Getting enough vitamin C is important for rebuilding bones and preventing osteoporosis. Drink calcium-fortified orange juice to get a dose of nutrients good for building bones.

17. Tofu

Soy is known as a potential bone strengthener because it contains proteins that work as a weak estrogen to help women improve bone strength. It is needed for women to keep hormonal balance normal, and also increase bone density. Actually, if you are suffering from the symptoms of osteoporosis and want to reduce these symptoms with the help of natural ingredients, you should consider consuming more of the tofu.

18. Red Clover

Like soy products, red clover also has estrogen-like effects, so this can prevent osteoporosis. However, these compounds are not fully understood, so you should consult your doctor before combining prescribed medicines with this herb.

In fact, this is another great food on how to treat osteoporosis pain that you should know and then consume for good, if you want to reduce the symptoms of this bone disease through diet.

19. Yogurt

Consume yogurt and get the high content of calcium and then you will be able to improve your bone health naturally at home. Eat yogurt with some fresh fruits or substitute it for some sour cream in recipes.

20. Spinach

One of the best sources of calcium that you should add to your daily diet is spinach. Add a fresh spinach salad to your diet plan at least once a week to ensure that you have bone-strengthening minerals in your diets. Actually, this is another great way on how to treat osteoporosis that you should not look down, yet try to include in your diet for good.

21. Black Cohosh

This is the last but very important way on how to treat osteoporosis pain that I want to mention in this article and want all of my readers to apply for good, especially if you already have osteoporosis. This herb has certain compounds called phytoestrogen [5], making it a great solution for women who want to lower the risks of getting osteoporosis when they are older and experience menopause.

The treatment for osteoporosis is lifelong. It will never be too early to start taking care of your bone health. The tips as I mentioned above in this page of Healthy Guide may help to prevent and treat bone loss, especially if you are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis. After reading this article, we hope that you can find the best ways that can help you reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis and also improve your bone health. Actually, all of these tips as I mentioned above are good for your bone strength and they are also easy to apply. Therefore, you should not look down them, yet consider applying any of these tips as soon as possible. One more thing, if you know other effective ways on how to treat osteoporosis of the spine, knee, and hip, share these ways with others by leaving your comments below.

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