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33 Tips How to Get Rid of Flies in Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, Backyard, & Garage

33 Tips How to Get Rid of Flies in Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, Backyard, & Garage

You may look forward to summer with a plenty of great activities. You can enjoy your holidays, swimming, picnics…. Unfortunately, your great summer is often associated with flies. Summer is always wonderful with the beginning of fun time. But it also becomes worse in insect population. Especially, flies are always troublesome for all of us. They can appear anywhere in your house, from kitchen to bathroom, from backyard to garage. You must have ever found a variety of ways to drive away or even kill the hateful flies.

Simple Ways On How To Get Rid Of Flies In Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, Backyard And Garage Are Revealed

There are a plenty of flies. It is difficult for us to know how many flies there are in the world. We only know that most flies are attracted easily by some things like some moist organic materials that you forget to remove. They may have a sensitive nose because they can appear quickly anywhere there is something attract them. They seem to be not harm. Although they don’t bite people, they are, in fact, troublesome and still able to spread pathogens and many diseases to us. That is reason why we must find the way to kill or repel them out of our living space. There are a variety of simple ways on how to get rid of flies in home areas and outdoor areas. And now, Healthy Guide will show you what simple ways are:

I. Environmentally-friendly Ways On How To Get Rid Of Flies In Home

1. Soda Bottle Traps

This way is very simple with sugar. You know that sugary things can easily attract flies. Therefore, we can use sugar as bait to trap flies. In order to do it, you will need an empty and plastic two-liter soda bottle, sugar, and water. They are certainly available in your house. And here is how to make it:

  • Clean the soda bottle and cut the top of the soda bottle carefully. It should be cut around the top of the label
  • Mix sugar and water to get a sweet liquid and pour this in the bottom third of the soda bottle.
  • Make a cone shape by turning the top of bottle upside-down
  • Put it in the opening of the part of the bottle.

Thanks to sweet liquid, flies will fly into the bottle and cannot get out of this trap.

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2. Fly Trap With Vinegar And Dish Soap

Apple cider vinegar and soap are very useful for attracting flies. So the trap with vinegar and dish soap is considered as an effective way on how to get rid of flies in bathroom and kitchen. All you need are just an inch of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of sugar, a shallow dish bowl, and a little of fruited-scented dish soap.

How to make:

  • Place sugar and apple cider vinegar in the shallow dish bowl
  • Continue to add dish soap
  • Cover the dish tightly with plastic wrap.
  • Create some holes to attract the flies to find their ways to get in.

You can place this vinegar and dish soap trap in bathroom or kitchen where flies congregate to get the good effect. And you should remember that it should be kept out of children reach.

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3. Dish Soap Trap

If apple cider vinegar is not available, you can use this solution to prevent flies in your house.  This way on how to get rid of flies in bathroom is very simple with 1 inch of fruit flavored liquid dish soap and 1 inch of water

How to make:

  • Pour the liquid soap in to the jar
  • Add water and mix them well.

This liquid can help to lure the flies in the soap. Apple scented soap or lemon soap is often suggested in this solution. Place them around the area of flies to attract them to trap.

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4. How To Get Rid Of Flies With Plastic Bags Full Of Water

how to get rid of flies

This way is very simple. We can prevent flies thanks to property of reflecting light of the bags full of water. The reflection of light of the bags full of water like spider’s web can make flies to try to avoid. Therefore, you can hang a clear plastic bags with water near the windows and doors. The flies will not enter your house easily any more. With the same light effect, you can use old DVDs or CDs to prevent flies.

5. Wine Trap

White or red wine is really an excellent drink. Maybe a few people know that white or red wine can be used to make a fly’s trap. In this case, wine can be considered as bait for flies. You will need only an open red or white wine bottle that contain a little wine. The wine can help to easily lure the flies in.

6. Fly Tap

This is a simple way on how to get rid of flies in home. You simply hang one or more rolls of fly tape up in areas where there are a lot of flies like in kitchen. However, you should pay attention to that it shouldn’t be hung up around the areas near the food because the detached flies can be dropped off the tape and attendant on your food easily.

7. Light Traps

The light traps are used for catching houseflies and some other pest insects. You know that flies are lured easily by light. We can take advantage of this to lure them. They can be trapped on a blue board placed near the light. It is better to place the light traps above the floor that is higher than the floor about 4 to 6 feet. The traps should be placed out of vision from outside. It will help you to avoid the new flies outside. And the last, you have to take a note that your light trap should be designed only for indoor use to avoid creating a bad mess.

8. Electronic Paddle Swatter

This seems to be a simple way on how to get rid of flies in kitchen and home. This electronic swatter can replace for a lot of traditional fly swatters. Thanks to electronic power, they can kill any insect instantly including some types of flies. These swatters are often safe to us. However, it should be kept out of children and pets because it can create an uncomfortable shock.

9. Natural Insecticides And Insect Repellants With Essential Oils

Now there are many plants to produce insect repellants and natural insecticides to help to repel flies. They are safe to human so these insecticides and repellants are considered as the safe and effective ways on how to get rid of flies in bathroom and kitchen. Some types of essential oils can be useful for repelling flies including peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, basil, geranium, clove, and thyme oil. They can be used to spray on the areas where flies love to gather. Or you can pour several drops of one of these oils in a diffuser and place it in areas where you want to repel flies like bathroom and kitchen. For some types of essential oils, you must use with carrier oil to get the best effect.

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10. Camphor or Citronella Smoke

Camphor or Citronella is a natural way on how to get rid of flies in garage and home that you can apply. Like some plants helping to repelling flies, they help to deter insects like flies. Camphor is also known to contain antiviral and antibacterial properties. The ways to use it is very simple. You only need to put them on a heated surface around the areas like windows and let its aroma prevent flies.

Or you can light a citronella candle to spread its smoke over your space. When using this method, you can see the number of flies will reduce instantly.

11. Orange Peel

Do you think orange peel can work effectively? The answer is yes. In fact, thanks to its ability to repel flies, citrus extracts are often used in producing a variety of commercial bug repellents. If you don’t want to use commercial products, you can absolutely use orange peel with its fresh fragrance to prevent flies entering your home by placing them around the areas like doors and windowsills. If you want to get the best effect in a long time, you need to pay attention to using fresh orange peel and replacing them when they are dried. Using orange peel can help you to maintain your habit of eating orange, a good habit for your health.

12. Cloves In Citrus Fruit

Flies often hate the smell of citrus fruit and cloves. So the combination of cloves and citrus fruit becomes a great way on how to get rid of flies in home that you can try. This remedy is very simple. you only need to insert cloves into an orange or lemon or lime and place them in anywhere in your house, especially where flies congregate. You also cut the fruit in half so that the citrus fragrance can spread out the space.

13. Fly Strips

This way is very popular for most people. You can buy strips easily in many shops or supermarket. Or you can make it by yourself easily. Firstly, you need strips that are cut from brown card or paper with the holes punched on the top and thread them to get a loop. Besides that, you also make a mixture of ¼ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of golden syrup. And the next is to cover the strips with the sugary mixture and wait until they become dry. Finally, you can hang them anywhere you want

14. Honey Trap

how to get rid of flies

Thanks to its sticky consistency and sweet aroma, honey can be considered as one of the great ingredients to make a wonderful way on how to get rid of flies in home. In case honey is not available, jam can be replaced to get the same effect. Now, let’s see what you should do to make a great honey trap:

Firstly, you need a large plastic bottle and the mixture of honey and water. And then, you:

  • Cut a large plastic bottle in half and fill 1 or 2 inches of the mixture in the bottom half
  • Make a funnel by turning the top half upside down and put it in the bottom half.

This trap can be placed anywhere around your house to attract flies

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15. Create Fly Repellents With Vodka

It seems unreasonable but in fact, vodka can be used to create the fly repellents. However, this repellent needs more ingredients than any other ways. So, what does it need?

  • 1 cup of vodka
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus oil
  • 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice
  • ½ teaspoon of essential oil blend

Now everything is easy. You just need to mix all the above ingredients well and put them in a spray bottle. Now you get a natural fly repellent. With this repellent, you can spray it near where flies congregate.

However, if you want to apply this mixture on your skin, you should make sure that you are not allergic to any of the above ingredients.

16. Fly Repellent With Witch Hazel And Apple Cider Vinegar

This is also considered as one of the effective ways on how to get rid of flies in home. The way to do is very simple. Firstly, you need ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of witch hazel, and 30 to 60 drops of eucalyptus oil.

Now you mix hazel and apple cider vinegar together. And then, continue to add eucalyptus oil and shake until you see that the mixture is mixed well. Use it like the above natural repellents.

17. How To Get Rid Of Flies In Bathroom With Milk Sugar Pepper Trap

When you apply this solution, you will find it very effective. You may not know that this is really an ancient solution for trapping fruit flies. With this trap, you only need 3 teaspoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of ground black pepper and 250 ml milk.

Now you put all the above ingredients in a pan to simmer about 5 t0 10 minutes. And then, the mixture need removing from the heat and pour in a shallow bowls. You can place this bowl near anywhere the flies gather to trap them.

18. Fly Vacuum

This is a small type of portable vacuum cleaner with a simple way of operation. It runs on electricity and can help you catching flies by just some movements of your hand: turning on vacuum and pointing in the direction of flies and flies will be caught easily.

19. Fly Gun

Another quick way on how to get rid of flies in home is to use fly gun. It is known to be an improved fly-killing device. Its operating principle is very simple. The device looks like a toy can kill flies just by a plastic projectile loaded on a spring.

II. How To Get Rid Of Flies In Backyard And Garage

Some garden plants often have a lot of benefits. Have you ever thought that planting them can help you to repel the flies very effectively? Yes, they are really able to help you to do that. Some plants that have strong smell can work effectively. Let’s see which plants can help:

1. Basil

how to get rid of flies

You may hear that basil has a plenty of benefits for your health. But you may feel surprised to know it is very useful for how to get rid of flies in backyard and garage. It has strong smell that can prevent flies. Besides that, you don’t need to pay too much attention to take care of them because they can survive in any climate.

2. Bay Leaf

Among the plants that are effective in how to get rid of flies in backyard and garage, bay leaf seems to be used widely in protecting your space against the flies. This plant often grows during warmer months. Besides the flower of this plants is very attractive, this leaf can be brought indoors to help repel the flies in kitchen and bathroom.

3. Lavender

Lavender is always known to be a wonderful plant with a variety of benefits for the human health. Most parts of this plant are useful. This plant can help not only repel the flies but also protect you from the mosquitoes. You simply need to place lavender in bundles in your yard or around some where you want to repel the flies.

4. Nasturtiums

It is surprising when nasturtiums enter the list of useful plants for how to get rid of flies in backyard. In fact, this flower can repel not only flies but also squash bugs, most beetles, and aphids. Besides that, this flower is so popular thanks to its ability to help promote the growth of the other plants in your backyard.

5. Mint

how to get rid of flies

Among the benefits of mint in our life, getting rid of flies is applied popularly by many people. You can repel the flies by placing mint near the opening areas in your house like windows to prevent flies come into your house. This action also can help to avoid ants and mice.

6. Carnivorous Plants

This is not an herb with strong smell, but it can be considered as a type of plant killing flies most effectively. You can try some carnivorous plants such as Sundew or [1]. This plant can be an excellent choice for people who are seeking natural and effective trap that can work continuously. Because the main duty of these plants is attractive to look at, attack, trap and digest flies very steadily and effectively.

Although they are not the best compared with the other commercial ways in terms of quantity and efficiency, they are the best option if you want to find the cleanest way because they will not leave any mess after consuming flies.

Besides some natural ways on how to get rid of flies in backyard. You also can use some stronger ways on how to get rid of flies in garage. For example:

7. Pyrethrin Spray

This way can help you to kill the flies directly. You only can spray pyrethrin around the garage to eliminate the flies. You also can kill flies quickly by spraying pyrethrin directly on them. This way is not advised to use in home because of your safety. Inhaling or ingesting pyrethrin in the large quantities can be harmful to your family and pets.

8. Insecticide Fly Bait

This fly bait is available on the market and not also advised to use in house because of its danger to the children and pets. So it is often used in areas where are far from children like garage. This bait kills flies by its insecticidal ingredients. You can apply it to the area where the flies often gather and out of children reach like garage.

9. Diatomaceous Earth

Although diatomaceous earth, an insecticide dust is not toxic to human and pets, you should not use it in your kitchen. It is only an effective way on how to get rid of flies in garden and garage. It can help desiccate and damage the exoskeletons of insects like flies. Diatomaceous earth can be puffed onto the surface where flies gather like garbage cans, the houseplants with only a small pesticide duster.

III. How To Get Rid Of Flies In Home By Preventive Measures

how to get rid of flies

Among the ways on how to get rid of flies in home, preventive measures are always the most effective. Trapping or killing them can be not steady. But if you can prevent them enter your house, you will not worry daily about finding the effective ways to killing them. However, flies can develop easily in the natural environment. How can you prevent them?

1. Clean Your Food And Food Waste After Use

You know that flies are easily attracted by the moist organic material like food or food waste and tan lay their eggs on quickly. Ensuring that they have no chance to access any organic material like compost, garbage or food will help to limit the quantities of flies in your house. How can you do?

Firstly, you need to keep your food in the covered containers or fridge to avoid attracting flies.

You also need to wash dishes after using to avoid keeping the moist organic material out of flies.

In case there is any food spilled, you need to clean up immediately when you see it.

Food waste is always kept in a sink disposal or covered garbage can to avoid attracting flies

2. Ensure Garbage Disposal Areas Are Sanitary & Covered

This is a simple and easy way on how to get rid of flies in home that anyone can do. It is simple. You only need to notify that your compost and garbage should be covered in a well-sealed container and take them out frequently to avoid attracting flies due to the moist organic material like food waste. However, you need to check frequently garbage container liners and lids if there is any sign of maggots or pupae. Finally, you need to clean up your compost and garbage containers with soapy water to make sure your garbage disposal areas are sanitary.

3. Remember To Dispose Animal Waste And Used Diapers

Animal waste and used diapers are one of the main sources to attract flies coming into your home. Therefore, if you are having a pet in your home, you need to remember to change their litter frequently. So do diaper bins. Animal or human waste should be disposed as soon as possible. It not only helps you to prevent flies but also make sure your fresh air in your home.

4. Clean Your Appliances

All your appliances like fridge and kitchen appliances can be places where flies congregate if they are not cleaned frequently. Hence, cleaning under and around your appliances with warm and soapy water will help prevent flies lay their eggs and develop. And you need to remember that flies can lay eggs in wet and dirty rags and mops, that are used for cleaning your appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse and wring them thoroughly after use and then hang them up for drying up.

5. Clean Your Drains Frequently

Drains are an ideal accommodation for flies because it contains a plenty of organic material. Thus, cleaning your drains frequently is necessary for repel flies. Or when you see slow or clogged drains, it’s time for you to clear. You can clear them with a drain cleaning tool or a plunger. After clearing, you also clean them again with a stiff brush to make sure that your drains are absolutely clean.

If you see scrubbing is not enough clean and cannot clear organic material out of the drains absolutely, you should select a suitable bleach or insecticide to clear. Some insecticide can help to prevent fly larvae from maturing in drains.

In summary, the best way on how to get rid of flies in kitchen and home is to ensure your living environment is always clean, besides the ways to killing or trapping them. That is also a great way to protect your health against the diseases spread by flies. In case you have more idea or any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the below to share with us.

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