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7 Tips On How To Put On A Condom Without Breaking It, Without Going Soft And Without Being Awkward

7 Tips On How To Put On A Condom Without Breaking It, Without Going Soft And Without Being Awkward

Put on the condom when your penis is hard, yet before your penis touches the mouth or genital area of your partner including anus, vulva, vagina, upper thighs and buttocks. Also, you should wear it during the time when you are having sex. This method will help you maintain your sexual health, prevent against STDs transmitted through skin-to-skin touching. Besides, it also helps in preventing contact with pre-ejaculate, which can get STD germs and rarely have sperm causing pregnancy.

List Of Simple Tips On How To Put On A Condom Without Being Awkward

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the best tips that can help you put on a condom correctly. All of these tips are simple yet effective in preventing the risks of getting infected or pregnant, so you should not look down them, yet try to apply them for good.

I. Why Using Condoms Is Important?

Before knowing how to put on a condom without breaking it, you should be aware of the importance of using condoms whenever having sex. According to a study [1], using condoms is the only way to protect yourself. If you have sex with your partner, remember that using traditional condom is very important. This form of contraception can help protect against STIs, which can affect both of your physical and mental health. When you do not use a condom, unprotected sex can risk the spread of infection, hence having negative effects on physical, emotional and psychological health.

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II. How To Put On A Condom Correctly

If you want to know how to put on a condom without going soft, you should take the following steps:

1. Check The Expiration Date

how to put on a condom

This is the first one on how to put on a condom without awkward that we want to mention in this article. Although condoms last a long time, you should check the expiration date of the condom printed on the box or wrapper. Then, you open the condoms carefully so that you do not damage them. Keep in mind that you do not use scissors or your teeth.

2. Keep The Condoms Ready To Roll

Next, you need to ensure that the condoms are ready to roll correctly. The rim should be out so that it looks like a little hat. It will easily unroll. You can unroll the condom a bit before wearing it in order to ensure that it is right-side out. In case you accidently wear a condom inside out, you should stop flipping it around or reusing it. Instead, have a new one.

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3. Place The Tip Of The Condom On The Penis

Now, you place the tip of your condom on your penis’s head. Remember to leave a bit of space at its top in order to collect semen. According to a research [2], in case you are uncircumcised, you may find it easier to pull your foreskin back before you place the condom on your penis’s tip and then roll it down. Remember that this area is very sensitive, so you should be very gentle. Pulling back the foreskin can make you find it easier to put on the condom properly.

4. Unroll The Condom Down The Shaft Of The Penis To The Base

Before rolling the condom down your penis, pinching its reservoir tip can help remove air from the condom, and simultaneously prevent air from being trapped when rolling on the condom.

When you use one hand to pinch the tip of the condom, you use the other hand to pull the condom down to your penis’s base. You can place some silicone or water-based lubricant into the tip of the condom before rolling it on. Also, you can add more lube to the condom’s outside after you put on it. Using lubricant can increase the sensations you feel during sex. Besides, it also helps prevent the condoms from breaking.

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5. Have Sex

how to put on a condom

When it comes to learning how to put on a condom without going soft, enjoying sex is very important. You do not worry if your penis becomes soft while putting on a condom because this is so common. If this occurs, it is better to change condoms. You take off the condom, and when your penis is erectile again, you put on a new one.

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6. Pull The Penis Out Of The Partner’s Body

After you ejaculate, you need to hold onto the rim of your condom. Then, you get your penis out of your partner’s vagina. Remember to do this before your penis becomes soft. If not, the condom will become too loose, letting semen out. This is actually a great way on how to put on a condom without going soft that you should not look down, yet try to follow for good.

7. Take Off The Condom Away

When getting the condom out of your partner, you should be careful so that you do not spill semen on them. Then, according to a study about used condoms [3], you should throw the condom away in the garbage, not the toilet. Also, you should remember to not reuse condoms. Instead, use a new condom whenever you have oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

III. Some Tips For Using Condoms

Now, if you want to know how to put on a condom without breaking it, you should not skip the following natural remedies. Actually, there are some tips that you should apply when using condoms and storing them:

  • Store the condoms in a cool and dry place. You should not place them near any sharp objects or direct sunlight. Also, you do not place them in your pocket or bathroom for a long time because excessive moisture and heat can damage them over time.
  • Ensure that condoms have no hole in the packaging before opening. You should feel a little bit of air bubble when squeezing the wrapper. If the condom is dry, torn, or sticky, you should throw it away.
  • Have condoms nearby so that you can grab them easily without interrupting the action.
  • Do not use anything containing oil in it with latex condoms, like lotion, petroleum jelly, baby oil, cooking oils or butter. This is because these oils can damage latex condoms, causing them to break.
  • Practice makes perfect, so you should be used to putting on condoms before actually using one for your sex. You can practice on your own penis, or a cucumber, banana, or slim bottle.
  • According to a study [4], it is recommended to use other forms of birth control along with condoms. It can help prevent pregnancy when the condom breaks or you make a mistake, giving you extra protection. Actually, this is known as one of the great ways on how to put on a condom without being awkward that you should try out!
  • Wait until the penis is fully erectile and then put on a condom. If you put on a condom on your non-erect penis, it can cause the condom to slide up, down, or off your penis.
  • Wear the condoms the whole time.
  • Condoms come in all sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. All of them are great and super-effective, but if they do not suit you, try other options.
  • Make sure to wear the right size. You should try out different condoms in order to find the condom that is best for you.
  • Never use two condoms because this can make them easier to tear, hence putting you at higher risk of pregnancy and infections.
  • If you notice any irritation or itching after having protected sex, you may suffer from a latex allergy. To deal with this, you should try alternative condoms labelled “non-latex”.
  • To keep sexy stimulation while putting on condoms, you can touch your partner like kissing or stroking each other. Also, you can ask your partner to wear it for you.

After reading this interesting article, we hope that all of my readers can learn something about how to put on a condom without going soft. Actually, all of these tips are effective in helping you enjoy sex while putting on a condom. Also, if you know other ways that can help you put on a condom without awkward, you should share them with other male readers by leaving your comments in the comment box below. For further tips that can help you improve your sexual health, you should visit our Sexual Health Category regularly.

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