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19 Best Sex Tips for Married Couples to Fire up Your Love

19 Best Sex Tips for Married Couples to Fire up Your Love

Remember that not all sex is great. When you marry your lover, you can experience a unique connection. However, when everything is again and again in the bedroom, it may cause some sexual problems. There is a fact that many couples reported that after getting married, their sex life has to compete with the in-laws and children, busy schedules, financial concerns, etc. Now, in this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the best sex tips for married couples to help you and your partner have a better sex life.

Top 19 Sex Tips For Married Couples That You Should Know

Now, in this article, I will show you some of the great sex tips for married couples that you should consider adding to your sex routines. To improve your sexual health and have a better sex life, read on this entire writing and then try to follow these sex tips for good.

1. Learn Something

Learning what your spouse really wants during sex intercourse is very important for a better sex life. However, this does not mean that you only spend time focusing on your partner’s sexual desire, yet remember that this sexual activity is two-sided. Firstly, you ask your partner about his own preferences in bed. At the same time, you also need to know what you love and hate. Secondly, according to a study about sex education [1], you need to study more about sex through Internet or sexual manuals. Although technique cannot take place of the emotional connection, couples may know how to be uninhibitedly sensual and playful. They also know different sex positions, and ways on how to build an exciting sexual intercourse.

2. Beer In Bed

sex tips for married couples

When it comes to great sex tips for married couples, drinking beer in bed may be a great trick for you. Simply, pop a few exotic microbrews and then drink them before starting your show. Firstly, beer can delay premature ejaculation because phytoestrogens found in alcohol are proven to slow down orgasm. Secondly, drinking darker beers can also boost the libido and give you more intense erections. Thirdly, drinking beer is also a great way to increase sexual stamina naturally.

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3. Exercises

There is a fact that it has a connection between greater sex and working up a sweat. When your blood flow is increased, you will have more intense orgasms. So, if you want to have better sex, you and your spouse should do exercises together to enhance your physical strength. Actually, this is one of the best sex tips for married couples that you should know and then consider following sex exercises for good.

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4. Surprise Your Partner By Welcoming Him Home Naked

Other great sex tips for married couples that you should know must include surprising your partner with your naked body. Just lie on the couch, read a book or watch television and welcome your partner’s return. Whatever problems your partner faced that day will melt away right after they see your naked body. Otherwise, you and your partner can cook and enjoy meals together naked. This action can satisfy all of your senses.

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5. Open Your Eyes

To get the best bonding in the bedroom, you and your spouse should focus on each other during sex intercourse. You should try staying in these great moments and look at each other’s climaxes. In summary, this trick also among the best sex tips for married couples that you should not look down, but try opening your eyes and then enjoy an orgasm. .

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6. Try Some PG13 Bondage

Try some PG13 bondage if you want your sex life to become more interesting. To get most of the bondage, you do not need to smack each other with spanking paddles. Simply, both of you begin with the silk scarf or the tie and then move on to small floggers and feather ticklers. Otherwise, you can try dressing-up like bras with buckles and straps, or leather corsets.

7. Accessorize Your Action

When you are a woman and you want to blow your partner’s mind, consider wearing nothing but jewelry in your bedroom like Vegas-showgirl fantasy. Try grazing your partner’s neck with your chandelier earrings and create inspiring sounds under the blanket. Otherwise, you can skim your earrings up and down the legs of your partner. Actually, it is one of the best sex tips for married couples that you should know and then give it a try, especially if you want to make positive changes in your sexual life.

8. Canoodle As If Celebrities

You do not need to be a celebrity to be caught sneaking with your man. So, if you want to have better sex life after getting married, then the next time when both of you enjoy a meal, just be next to your lover on the same side, as if you are at a romantic coffee house. Actually, this is one of the greatest sex tips for married couples that you should know and then follow for good.

9. Try Using Sex Toys

sex tips for married couples

According to a research about safer sex [2], using sex toys properly is a great way to keep sex exciting and simultaneously help both of you have more orgasms. For better sexual desire and pleasure, try using Tiani during your sex intercourse. Also, if you do not like using this sex toy, try performing a simple massage with a small bullet vibrator. Another option for married couples is Fifty Shades- inspired balls.

10. Use The Heat

Another one out of good sex tips for married couples is to use the heat. Try transforming your usual sexual style into something sizzling with position-switching movements. Some suggestions for a woman to heighten the heat:

  • Place a pillow under your butt to ensure that you have experienced the most intense manner
  • When your partner gets into you, keep your legs squeezing together for a more tantalizing lift
  • Next, pull your legs up to cover both sides of your partner’s thighs
  • Gently push your partner’s buttock with your soles
11. Make It All About Your Partner

If you want to get a perfect sex experience, you need to make some changes in your sex life. If you often have a common routine with the same foreplay and sex position, you should spend time focusing on his pleasure and then trying to satisfy him with new foreplay techniques. Also, contact with his sensitive spots and follow the sex positions that your spouse may feel the most exotic. The next time, ask your spouse to focus on you and seek what can turn you on.

12. Tickle Your Spouse With Your Hair

When you are learning great sex tips for married couples, this trick may work wonders. Simply, allow your hair to brush alongside the torso of your spouse. This will be able to activate the biggest sex organ of your partner’s body – the skin.

There are other great sex tips for married couples in this entire article. So, continue reading this entire article and then try tickling your partner with your own hair for good.

13. Experiment With Tantric Sex

According to a research about tantric sex [3], it is something related to focus, concentration, breathing and stamina and it may not automatically occur whenever you hit the sack. It is important for you not to focus too much on the orgasm. Instead, make the foreplay last longer before having sex. Although you may find difficult to hold off orgasm, you can do it by using different techniques, including taking deep breath, meditation and massage. A suggestion for you is to stay off the bed and relax with soft lighting and music. When you and your spouse reach orgasm, slow down your moves and take slow, deep breaths. That way, the orgasm will be more intense and even last longer.

14. Free-Ranging Fingertips

When you are looking for great sex tips for married couples, you should try making use of your free-ranging fingertips as soon as possible. Instead of using your hands to pamper the hair or the back of your partner, you should try using your fingertips to roam over his body. Your fingertips have very sensitive nerve endings and using fingers can give you extrasensory experience and supersize your pleasure.

15. Sexual Role Play

sex tips for married couples

Role playing is one of the greatest sex tips for married couples that you should know. It may be time-consuming when both of you have to dress up according to a chosen theme instead of just being naked. In case you tried role playing and still find difficult to turn on, you may choose the wrong costume. Firstly, you and your spouse need to be truthful to tell each other the kind of outfits that really turn both of you on and then, both of you seriously dress up for each other.

16. Have Morning Sex

This is another out of the best sex tips for married couples that you should know and then enjoy morning sex for good. According to a study about benefits of early morning sex [4], it has been proven by science that morning sex is a great way for you to start a new day. Many married people love starting their day with orgasms and watching their partners grin in the morning for the same reason. So, have morning sex at least once per week for more orgasms.

17. Watch Porn Together

When you are looking for great sex tips for married couples, watching porn together may be a solution for you. There is a fact that women watch porn as much as men, and they also love watching it. Although women can have different things that help turn them on than men do, at first, why do not we find something both of us enjoy. If you do not like watching visual porn, consider writing erotica.

18. Masturbate For Each Other

For plenty of people, masturbation may be a personal thing that is separate from the sex intercourse they enjoy with their spouse. Therefore, it is so special to let your partner get into your solo sex. Apart from the intimacy factor, it may be also a great experience for two of you. In fact, this is one of the best sex tips for married couples that you should not skip out.

19. Shower And Bathe Together

This is the last but very important one of the greatest sex tips married couples should know and we really want to mention in this article today and want all of my readers who are concerning about sex tips to apply for good. Bathroom sex is overrated; however, it still offers a nice and wet change. And it is especially useful as a follow-up to enjoying meal. Also, taking bath together may be another great option for married couples. Set the mood with candlelight, bubbles as well as scented oils. After that, relax yourselves in the tub until both of you turn on. Once you are ready to have sex, dry each other off and move to your bedroom as quickly as possible.

After discovering top 19 sex tips for married couples, I hope that all of my readers can follow one or more of these sex tips as soon as possible. Actually, all of the sex tips as I mentioned above are reported to be effective in helping you and your spouse achieve orgasms fast, so feel free to follow these sex tips for good.

In addition, if you find out that these sex tips are good and useful for you as well as many other people and couples out there, do not hesitate to share this interesting article with other people around you who are concerning about this topic. One more thing, if you know other great sex tips for married couples, share them with us right now by leaving your comments and feedbacks below.

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