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24 Tips How To Boost Female Sex Drive Fast Naturally after 50 & Menopause

24 Tips How To Boost Female Sex Drive Fast Naturally after 50 & Menopause

Female sex desire naturally fluctuates over years. High and low sex drive coincides with life changes, such as menopause, pregnancy, or illness. Besides, some drugs used for mood disorders can lead to low female sex drive, too. However, you should not feel worried too much if you have low sex drive because there are sexual techniques and lifestyle changes that can help you improve the condition.

List Of Simple Ways On How To Boost Female Sex Drive Fast

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the simple ways that can help women with low sex drive to improve the condition. However, before discover these effective home remedies, we should understand the causes of symptoms of low female sex drive.

I. Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Female

Sexual desire is based on a complex interaction of many factors, including physical and emotional health, beliefs, experiences, lifestyle, as well as current relationship.

Physical causes:

  • Sexual problems such as pain during sex or inability to orgasm
  • Medical diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological diseases and coronary artery disease.
  • Some medications such as antidepressants.
  • Lifestyle habits such as high intake of alcohol and smoking.
  • Surgery related to the genital tract or breasts.
  • Fatigue from caring for aging parents or young children.
  • Hormone changes during menopause or pregnancy and breast-feeding

Psychological causes:

  • Mental health problems such as stress, depression or anxiety
  • Poor body image
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Previous negative sexual experiences
  • Relationship issues

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II. Symptoms Of Low Sex Drive In Female

Everyone’s sex drive is different and it changes due to circumstances of their life. And, according to a recent study, most of the women over 50 have low sex drive. Some common symptoms of low female sex drive include:

  • Having no interest in all sexual activities, including masturbation
  • Never or seldom having sexual thoughts
  • Being concerned with the lack of sexual activity

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III. How To Boost Female Sex Drive Naturally

There are a few home remedies that can help boost low sex drive in female. Actually, all of these remedies have been reported to be effective in improving sexual health without causing any unwanted side effects, so you can feel secure when applying any of these remedies at home.

1. Eat Clean

how to boost female sex drive

This is the first way on how to boost female sex drive after 50 that we want to mention in this article. A study found a relation between high cholesterol and women who have difficulty in arousal and orgasm. Once the hormone cholesterol builds up in the arteries, it may restrict blood circulation to the pelvic area, hence causing decreased vaginal sensation. And then, women will find more difficult to achieve an orgasm. In order to keep your levels of cholesterol balanced, you should consume more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and simultaneously cut down on whole-milk products and animal fats.

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2. Try A New Sex Position

When you are looking for simple ways on how to boost female sex drive naturally, you should not miss this solution. To increase low sex drive, you can consider making some changes in the bedroom. For example, you can try a new sex position. There are lots of sex positions out there, and the act of trying different things can make your sex more exciting.

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3. Vitamins And Minerals

There are some essential vitamins and minerals that can help boost sex drive in women. They include:

  • B vitamins: They prevent the breakdown of dopamine and serotonin, hence helping you remain energized.
  • Zinc: It helps increase the production of testosterone and prevents testosterone from turning into estrogen.
  • Magnesium: It helps prevent your testosterone from binding onto proteins. Besides, it also combats anxiety and simultaneously prevents depressive feelings.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: They help balance the estrogen and progesterone levels, which helps produce more nitric oxide and leads to better orgasms.
  • Probiotics: They have positive effects on your mental health and sex drive.
4. Do Kegels

According to a study [1], Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises can improve the strength of your muscles involving in orgasm. Simply, you just need to tighten your pelvic muscles like the way you are stopping the urine flow, then hold for a few seconds, relax for a few seconds and repeat this process. For the best results, you should do these exercises several times a day. You can do it while walking, watching TV or working. A tip for you is that you should start with 4-5 reps of two-second holds and about three times a day. Gradually, you increase up to 10-second holds.

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5. Have Good Sleep

When it comes to learning how to boost female sex drive fast, having good sleep is very important. Having good sleep helps improve your insulin response, controls your cortisol levels and boosts the production of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The higher your levels of these sexual hormones, the higher you will experience your libido.

6. Yoga

Apart from helping you become more flexible, yoga is also a libido booster. It makes you feel more familiar with the body and then get in touch with your orgasms. Besides, yoga poses can also help increase your orgasms by boosting blood circulation to your sexual organs. You can try the Kneeling Core Plank because it is very good for increasing female sex drive.

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7. Lose Weight

If extra weight is preventing you from enjoying orgasms, you should consider losing extra weight to jump start your libido. By cutting down on sugars and refined flours from your daily diet, drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily and eating a lighter dinner, you will be able to shed the weight.

8. De-stress Before Sex

Daily stress can negatively affect your sex life. Studies found that when you have stress, your body will produce more the hormone called cortisol, which can reduce sexual desire. Therefore, before bedtime and before sex, you should find a way to relax yourself and release the daily stress, whether it’s watching a funny video, listening to calming music or taking a warm bath. Besides, thinking about sex can help increase your sexual desire.

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9. Maca Root

According to a research [2], the high iodine content found in maca root supports the hormone balance in women. Besides, it also has high levels of zinc, which has been known as a great mineral for sex hormones. According to a study, women who took maca root reported to have better sexual experiences and satisfaction.

Do you want to discover other great ways on how to boost female sex drive after menopause? Keep both of your eyes on the rest of this article and then try to apply one or more of these natural remedies for good.

10. Muira Puama

how to boost female sex drive

Women who took muira puama reported to have improvements in desire and sexual enjoyment. Its positive effect on sexual experience may help with female sexual as well as reproductive health.

11. Avena Sativa

This is another great way on how to boost female sex drive after menopause that you should give it a try. Avena sativa contains aphrodisiac and libido-stimulating powers. It has been used to increase vaginal stimulation and sexual desires for years. It helps increase the levels of testosterone, providing the women’s body with the hormones required for sexual stimulation.

12. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa can help increase the levels of dopamine in the women’s brain. An increase in the brain’s “pleasure chemical” hormone helps improve the mood, and increases the body’s response to sexual stimulation.

13. Suma Root

This herb is well-known for its ability to help with female hormonal balance and improve libido. Besides, suma root also helps increase levels of estrogen hormone called estradiol-17beta during a woman’s reproductive years. According to a study, women who took this herb reported to have more intense sexual experiences and satisfaction.

14. Tongkat Ali

Considered as one of the greatest natural aphrodisiac, Tongkat ali extract can help women to improve arouse desire as well as erogenous sensitivity. It has been found to be helpful for women with low libido because it also helps reduce stress and stimulates overall brain function. By balancing hormone levels with an increased level of testosterone, women will be able to experience better metabolism and maintain healthy weight.

15. Damiana

Damiana’s leaf is considered as a libido enhancer. It contains flavonoids, glycosides, phenolics, terpenoids, and even caffeine. And, all of these compounds contribute to reduce stress and simultaneously increase blood circulation, especially for the pelvic area where increased sexual sensitivity contributes to more intense stimulation.

16. Ashwaganda Root

Ashwagandha root has been considered as a passion and desire enhancer. Apart from stimulating libido and increasing sexual satisfaction, this herb can help increase blood circulation to the clitoris as well as other female sexual organs, hence creating more intense sexual experiences.

17. Catuaba

According to a study about catuaba benefits [3], catuaba contains powerful aphrodisiac powers. Besides, its active compound called yohimbine also helps stimulate libido and sexual desire. Plus, it has been found to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain, causing much more sensitivity to erogenous stimulation. Regular usage of catuaba has been proven to create erotic dreams and increase sexual satisfaction as well as orgasm intensity.

18. Shatavari

Shatavari is a great herb used in Ayurveda and is considered as a great female tonic. It can be used to treat female infertility, and boost libido. This herb contains anti-inflammatory effects on the sexual organs, hence enhancing healthy ovulation. Actually, if you want to know how to boost female sex drive after 50, you should try this herb!

19. Tribulus Terrestris

how to boost female sex drive

Women who used this herb reported increased arousal, and more intense orgasms. Tribulus terrestris boosts androgen receptors in the brain, hence making the women’s body much more responsive to sex hormones. Addition to this, according to a research [4], this herb also helps to relieve anxiety, stress and depression.

20. Examine Your Relationship

A low sex drive can be caused by relationship problems outside your bedroom. Whether it’s a minor or serious issue, a marriage or family therapist can help you deal with these problems. If sex is the only problem between you and your partner, you should see a sex therapist. Experts suggest that having a spa day together can help increase blood flow and improve libido naturally.

21. Physical Contact

Holding hands with your partner is so sweet, but do you know that it also contributes to better sex? Studies found that acts of touching your partner can cause your body to produce the hormone called oxytocin, which has been found to boost closeness and arousal. Even, 20-second hugs can also help you feel more bonded. Therefore, you should hug and cuddle your partner whenever possible. Especially, choosing unexpected times to touch your partner can spark feelings of intimacy as well as sexual desire.

22. Switch Up Birth Control Pill

This is another great way on how to boost female sex drive naturally that you should not look down, yet consider applying for good. Triphasic birth control pills may be interfered less with your libido than monophasic pills. Therefore, if you think that your birth control pill is the reason for your low sex drive, you should consider switching up it.

23. Just Do It

The more you have sexual activity, the easier you find to become aroused. And if you have less sex, your body can forget its sex drive. So, you should try to have ‘maintenance sex’ with your partner. It also helps your partner feel good about the relationship, and helps your own sexual desire. You can allow your partner to sexually touch you whether you have sexual desire or not. Then, it can stimulate brain’s parts involving in sexual excitement, and physical arousal will follow.

24. Use Arousal Aids

This is the last but very important way on how to boost female sex drive fast that we want to mention in this article and want all of my female readers, especially those with low sex drive to apply for good. You can use gels, lubricants, sex toys and massage oils in order to heighten your pleasurable sensations and increase your libido [5]. You can apply the gel topically to the clitoris in order to boost sensitivity and increase enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

There is no need to apply only one remedy at a time because they complement each other’s effects. So, you can consider using a few remedies at the same time in order to improve your sexual drive as soon as possible. If you have any idea about this article or you know other effective ways on how to boost female sex drive after 50, feel free to share them with other female readers by leaving your comment in the comment section below. Also, if you want to know more about sexual health, you remember to visit our Sexual Health Category regularly.

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