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Top 7 Benefits & best Advanced PC Muscle Exercises for Male That Work

Top 7 Benefits & best Advanced PC Muscle Exercises for Male That Work

PC muscles are directly related to sexual functioning. By doing basic PC muscle exercises, you can strengthen these muscles naturally and effectively. Then, strong PC muscles will give you better sexual control, hence allowing your sex to last longer.

List Of PC Muscle Exercises For Male To Try Out

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the simplest PC muscle exercises that men who want to tighten their PC muscles and improve their sex performance should consider doing for good.

I. How To Identify The PC Muscles

According to a study [1], the simplest way to identify the PC muscles is drinking several glasses of water. Once you have to urinate, you stop it and then start the flow several times until you can identify exactly the muscles involved. They are exactly your PC muscles.

The second way for you is to place 2 fingers behind your testicles without pressing. Then, you imagine that you are urinating and stop the flow of urine. The PC muscles will become tense whenever you stop the flow of urine.

Addition to this, before doing any PC muscle exercises, you need to keep in mind that it may take time, therefore:

  • Never rush the first PC muscle exercises
  • If you do too much, your muscles may be strained
  • Slowly build up to make your process much quicker
  • Your PC muscles can be undeveloped as you have never been aware of them
  • Do basic exercises for a little longer time rather than just performing them for several days and then moving on advanced exercises immediately.
  • Remember that you are trying to have a lifetime of good sexual functioning.
  • Remember that quick fixes can offer you unsatisfactory results

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II. Benefits Of PC Muscle Exercises

In general, penis enlargement exercises have different influences on males’ penises and the other tissues found near the overall pelvic region. Many people are often surprised to discover that some of these penis enlargement exercises do not just include the penis, either. Kegel exercises, for example, can help in strengthening the PC muscles and condition them at the same time.

The muscles can be found just behind the scrotum on the floor of the pelvis cavity, the part that helps many of those organs in the pelvis. Fundamentally, whenever people contract their manhood whenever as they urinate or ejaculate, their PC muscles come into play. To check pit where they are, simply urinate and then stop the urine flow before you stop. You should feel a bit of a contraction in the manhood area as you do this.

The penis enlargement exercises to promote and strengthen the PC muscles can bring about many benefits to the sexual function in different ways. In fact, there are a lot of advantages you can get related to developing the special PC muscle mass. The PC flex, for example, can give you stronger erections in the long run by boosting the circulation of blood in the penis. If you ever feel the erections turning to flaccid after some time, these penis enlargement exercises will be able to aid a lot in keeping a stronger pose overall.

Believe it or not, PC exercises can also help in improving the results of other penis enlargement exercises. In other words, if you are doing any exercise currently to build your penile length and girth; you can supplement those exercises with PC muscles and take more benefits in the end.

Think about this as you get an erection [2] and flex it, you should see the tip of the penis slightly expand and become darker in colour. This happens as your PC muscles can circulate more blood in the penis, generally. Thus, if you do PC muscle exercises regularly or even every day, you can actually strengthen the flexibility of your own manhood. In turn, this can also help to lower the risks of impairment from impotency, make sure that your penis is always in an upright and full position as needed, as well as improve the quality of your erection in time.

Another thing that PC muscle exercises can bring about is that it gives you the chance to take full control of your own ejaculation. Whenever you feel like you are about to ejaculate, you can simply contract your PC muscles basically and withdraw your semen from the urethra.

In addition to those mentioned above, you can also learn how to strengthen the PC muscles with time thanks to the best PC muscle exercises we will give you below. Once you master this, the body of your own will then be able to respond the way that you want it to whenever you start ejaculate belonging to the orgasm in order to produce longer-lasting and better orgasms in the end. As long as your own PC muscles are sufficiently strong and powerful, they will also be able to contract and be much more assertive during climax, generally, hence intensifying your sexual pleasure constantly as time goes by.

As we all know and see, the PC muscles are completely important (essential) parts of both sexual function improvement and penis enlargement. Therefore, if you decide to choose natural penis enlargement, you definitely should never overlook the advanced PC muscle exercises for male.

Probably the most important penis enlargement exercises for the PC muscle mass thus far, though, would be the kegel exercises. These are the best exercises that you should practice on a regular basis if you are trying to strengthen your PC muscles as much as possible. There are many types of kegel muscle exercises you can make use, though, you should ensure to find the one that would suit your demands best – preferably one that is not too difficult to perform and which will bring you the best results that you desire for your manhood in the long-term practicing.

II. List Of PC Muscle Exercises For Male

There are some PC muscle exercises for male that you should try out. They are simple and you can perform them whenever and wherever you are. They include:

1. Exercise 1

pc muscle exercises

This is the first one among best PC muscle exercises that we want to mention in this article. To get the best results, you should perform it on a daily basis:


  • Firstly, contract your PC muscles
  • Maintain the contraction for about 3 seconds without holding your breath
  • Then, relax your PC muscles.
  • Repeat this process twenty to fifty times.
  • Practice this exercise 2-3 times daily.

This PC muscle exercise can be performed whenever and wherever you are. You can do it right after going to the toilet, while showering, while watching TV or doing other routine activities.

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2. Exercise 2

This is the second PC muscle exercise you should perform on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for PC muscle exercises for male, you should not skip this exercise.


  • Firstly, inhale and pay attention to the area of the perineum, prostate and anus.
  • Exhale and then contract the PC muscles around your anus and prostate
  • At the same time, contract the muscles around your lips and eyes.
  • After that, inhale and release the PC muscles and the muscles around the mouth and eyes.
  • Repeat the process of contracting the muscles while inhaling and releasing them while exhaling.
  • Do 10 – 50 repetitions and practice it 2-3 times a day.

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3. Exercise 3

When it comes to learning advanced PC muscle exercises that you can do at the comfort of your own home to improve your sexual health, you should give this exercise a try.


  • Firstly, inhale and focus on your pelvic area.
  • Exhale and contract your PC muscles for 10- 15 seconds.
  • Then, inhale and relax the contraction for about 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this process, contracting your PC muscles while inhaling and then releasing them while exhaling.
  • Practice 10- 50 repetitions in one session.
4. Slow Kegels

pc muscle exercises

This is another one among the best PC muscle exercises that you should not look down, but consider doing at home as soon as possible.


  • Keep your PC muscles tight for several seconds.
  • Then, relax them for about 4 seconds without pushing down.
  • Do these slow Kegels for about 5 minutes
  • Practice this exercise twice per day.

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5. Quick Kegels

After mastering the slow Kegels, you can try challenging yourself to perform a few sets of quick Kegels. According to a study [3], this is known as one of the advanced PC muscle exercises that you should not look down.


  • Tighten and relax the PC muscles quickly.
  • If possible, do a set of 20 repetitions.
6. Progressive Kegels

This exercise helps tighten your PC muscles progressively. So, if you want to reap the benefits of PC muscle exercises, you should do this exercise regularly.


  • Firstly, keep your PC muscles tight
  • When you count to 4, you reach the maximum contraction for your PC muscles.
  • Hold these muscles for about 2 seconds before slowly relaxing this contraction for about 4 seconds.
  • Then, let your PC muscles relax completely.
  • Practice each set for 10 times daily.
7. PC Muscle Workout

This is the last one among advanced PC muscle exercises that we want to mention in this article and then want all of my male readers to follow for good. This PC muscle workout plan can help prevent premature ejaculation and improve men’s health. To gain the best results, you should follow this plan for 6 weeks.

Weeks 1 – 2:

  • Contract and release the PC muscles for 15- 20 times daily
  • Repeat this process twice per day.

You can perform this workout when sitting, standing, lying down, standing in the queue or driving the car. In case you are sitting or lying, your legs should be uncrossed. Then, you squeeze and relax them completely between each contraction. When your PC muscles start working, your testicles can move towards the body and your penis can slightly twitch and lift.

If you are not able to perform 15 contractions before your PC muscles are tired, you should stop it and try increasing extra contractions by 2- 3 every day.

Weeks 3 – 4:

  • Contract your PC muscles tight and then hold for 4 seconds.
  • Then, relax them for about 4 seconds
  • Perform 30 or 40 contractions, for twice daily.

Remember to relax completely between the contractions in order to allow your PC muscle to recover. It is recommended to manage 3 “squeeze & holds”. In case you can perform 5 times, gradually increase the number to 8- 10 times. However, if you experience pain in your muscles, the situation can be worse. Therefore, do not overdo and follow the routine correctly.

Weeks 5 – 6:


  • Double contractions for 60- 80 times, twice per day
  • Then, double 5 squeezes for 6- 20 times, twice per day
  • Do about 20 anal contractions by squeezing your anal sphincter
  • Completely relax between each your squeeze

There are 2 typical errors when practicing these PC muscle exercises:

  • Exaggerating the number of contractions right when doing the first section. Keep in mind that the PC muscles can become sore. So, you should stay calm and gradually increase the number of contractions.
  • Contracting other muscles along or instead of PC muscles. Keep in mind that while contracting PC muscles, the muscles of the thighs, abdomen [4], and buttock should be relaxed.

Be patient, gradually practice and perform as many repetitions as possible without forcing anything. Once you start feeling better results, you will not be able to stop performing these exercises.

After reading this interesting article, we hope that all of my male readers can find the information helpful and then consider doing any of these best PC muscle exercises at home for good. Actually, all of these exercises are simple and you can do any of them whenever and wherever you are. Also, if you know other simple PC muscle exercises apart from those as mentioned above, you can share them with other male readers by leaving your comments in the comment section below. To know more information about sexual health, you can visit our Sexual Health Category.

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