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Top 36 Common and Leading Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Top 36 Common and Leading Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep erection strong and firm enough for sex. If erectile problem is just temporary, it is not a cause for concern. However, if erectile dysfunction occurs regularly, it can cause stress, reduce self-confidence and even cause relationship problems. Besides, problems with an erection can also be a symptom of underlying health conditions.

List Of Common Erectile Dysfunction Causes In Men

In this article, I want to show you some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction that a lot of men in the world are suffering from. If you are experiencing this sexual problem and want to know what causes your problem as well as sexual health related to erectile dysfunction, keep your eyes on this article right now.

I. Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, go to see your doctor as soon as possible. Medications and other treatments may be helpful. In some cases, treating an underlying condition can help reverse erectile dysfunction.

Some common symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Trouble in having and keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

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II. Top 36 Common Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Here are some common conditions and diseases that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Check it out right now to know what causes your impotence.

1. Depression

This is the first one of the common erectile dysfunction causes that I want to mention in this article and want all of my male readers to know for good.

Remember that the brain is an erogenous zone and all sexual desires start in the head. So, depression can reduce your desire and even cause erectile dysfunction. Besides, many medications used to treat the symptoms of depression can also harm your sex drive, making it harder to keep an erection. Also, these drugs can cause a delay in the orgasm.

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2. Stress

You cannot be in the mood when you are attacked by stress at work and home. And stress can have negative effects on many different body’s parts, including your penis. Therefore, to prevent this sexual problem from occurring, you should learn ways to relax yourself and make some lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep, deep breathing, exercising regularly, etc.

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3. Anxiety

erectile dysfunction causes

When it comes to common and leading erectile dysfunction causes in men that people need to know and watch out, your sexual problem may be resulted from anxiety. Worrying that you are not good in bed can negatively affect your performance. Besides, anxiety from your daily life can also lead to erectile dysfunction. These worries can make you avoid intimacy, which puts a pressure on both sex life and relationship between you and your partner.

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4. Anger

Anger can increase the blood to your face, but not to your penis; therefore, anger can be reason for your impotence. Also, it is not easy to be in the mood when you are angry about something. Unexpressed anger can also contribute to poor performance in the bedroom.

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5. Alcohol

Many people sip a few drinks to be in the mood, but heavy drinking could make you find to finish the act. Actually, heavy drinking can cause impotence by disrupting hormone levels and causing nerve damage; but fortunately, the effects are just temporary. Moderate drinking might offer some health benefits, including lowering the risks of heart disease that is associated with erectile dysfunction.

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6. Smoking

Smoking may cause vascular disease as well as other health issues, which may be cause of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, keep in mind that tobacco is one of the common and leading erectile dysfunction causes. According to a study, most of the people with this sexual issue either smoke or have a smoking history.

7. Effects Of Aging

According to a study, about 65% of men over 65 years-old experience erectile dysfunction. Generally, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction increases as they age. However, keep in mind that age alone is not sure to cause erectile dysfunction. Simply, older men have higher risk of getting this sexual issue.

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8. Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone produced by the testes. This type of hormone performs a few physiological roles, including maintaining muscle strength, muscle mass, fat distribution, bone density, sperm production as well as regulating sex drive. The level of testosterone is highest in both adolescence and early adulthood. Most men have lower testosterone levels when they reach the age of 40. Actually, this reduction does not result in any harmful effects.

9. Self-Image

When you do not like your image in the mirror and neither does your partner. A negative self-image can make you feel worried about your look and your performance in bed. Á I said above, that performance anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction. Actually, this is known as one of the most common erectile dysfunction causes that you should not ignore.

10. Low Libido

This is another one among common erectile dysfunction causes that I want to mention in this article today. Actually, low libido does not look like erectile dysfunction, but their same factors can also reduce your interest in sex. When low libido is tied up with sex, your sexual desire can be reduced.

11. Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to get erectile dysfunction for several reasons. This condition can cause high level of blood sugar, damage blood vessels and simultaneously reduce the blood circulation to the penis. Also, this condition can damage penis’s nerve endings. Addition to this, diabetes is also associated with higher risk of developing heart disease and fatigue, which can negatively affect the sexual health.

12. High Blood Pressure

erectile dysfunction causes

This condition is known as one of the common erectile dysfunction causes because it can disrupt the blood flow to the penis. When high blood pressure leads to damage in your arteries, this could restrict blood flow. Besides, some medications to treat high blood pressure can also cause erectile dysfunction. If you are worried about this potential side effect of medications, talk to your doctor who can change your drugs for something else.

13. Peyronie’s Disease

The causes of an inflammatory condition called Peyronie’s disease are unknown. This disease affects both men in ages 50-60 and younger men. Narrowing or deformity of the penile shaft is related to this condition. Occasionally, it can be subtle and men just note it during an erection. Besides, scarring of the penile tissues will result in erection problems as well.

Many patients with this sexual condition have a significant pain during an erection. Most treatments available such as anti-inflammatory medication, Vitamin E, Verapamil, Colchicine, are not effective. For men suffering from Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, early diagnosis is very important to prevent permanent penile deformity and shortening and simultaneously restore potency.

There are other leading erectile dysfunction causes in men we want to mention in this article that you should know for good. So, keep reading this article to discover all of them and then find the best solutions to improve your sexual health as soon as possible.

14. Medications

The drugs you are using could affect the quality of your performance in bed. They may cause erectile dysfunction by linking with the blood flow to the penis. However, you should not stop taking your drugs without the permission of your doctor. Ask your doctor about the potential effects of your medications on sexual health.

According to a study [1], some medications that can contribute to erectile dysfunction include:

  • Diuretics for heart failure or kidney disease
  • Drugs for high blood pressure
  • Corticosteroid medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Statins or fibrates
  • Antihistamines
15. Physical And Neurologic Trauma

Erectile dysfunction can cause physical and neurological trauma. These traumas include spinal cord injuries, pelvic fracture, tumors or brain injuries, birth defects, strokes and muscular diseases. People with neurological diseases caused by Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and lumbar disc herniation can experience erectile dysfunction.

16. Priapism

If you are looking for common and leading erectile dysfunction causes in men, priapism may be the reason for your impotence. If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, it may result in tissue injuries, which will cause erectile dysfunction. Some common causes of priapism are sickle cell anemia, improper injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, misuse of medications like Viagra or use of illegal drug.

17. Obesity

When it comes to the top common and leading erectile dysfunction causes in men people should not skip, remember that obesity can contribute to abnormalities in testosterone levels. Besides, accumulation of fat around the waist, cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction and diabetes share another same factor: low testosterone levels. When obesity increases, the active testosterone levels will decline.

18. Atherosclerosis

This vascular disease is another one among common erectile dysfunction causes that my male readers should know. Fatty substances narrow and cover up your arteries. Then, this condition can reduce blood flow to your penis.

19. Peripheral Disease

Damage to the peripheral nerves can disrupt the nervous system’s functions and it sometimes causes erectile dysfunction. These nerve damages can be the result of a few causes including diabetes. Treatment for peripheral disease involves finding and treating the underlying causes combined with medication for treating erectile dysfunction itself.

20. Parkinson’s Disease

erectile dysfunction causes

According to a research about sexual effects of Parkinson’s [2], you can experience erectile dysfunction as a result of the negative effects of this mental condition. These effects include balance and coordination problems, muscle stiffness, slow movement and muscle rigidity. The emotional effect of this mental condition can also affect both of your sex health and relationships. To deal with this condition, talk to a doctor about medication or sex therapy that can be helpful.

21. Hypogonadism

This is a hormonal condition that can cause low testosterone levels, which can lead to low sex drive as well as erectile dysfunction. This condition can occur at birth or develop later in life. It is not just caused by age and may be associated with obesity or diabetes. If you suspect that you suffer from this condition, ask your doctor to make a blood test in order to measure your level of testosterone. Treatment for hypogonadism includes testosterone replacement therapy.

22. Hyperprolactinemia

Other common erectile dysfunction causes that you should know must include hyperprolactinemia. According to a study about hyperprolactinemia and erectile dysfunction [3], this condition is a rare reason for impotence. It occurs when the hormone prolactin levels in the brain increase, resulting in a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Besides, this condition can be resulted from tumors or injury in the brain. Treatment for this condition will depend on its cause.

23. Peyronies Disease

This rare condition can lead to mild or severe anatomical issues, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Some common symptoms include a bent penis, a deformed penis, pain in the penis and hard lumps in the penis. If you suspect that you have this disease, see your doctor as soon as possible. Treatments are various, including surgery, medication and stretching devices.

24. Low Back Pain

Low back pain can make your sex difficult. According to a study, 34% of men over the age of 50 who have lumbar spine disease also suffer from impotence. Unfortunately, back surgery may not improve sexual dysfunction; instead, you should take prescribed medication to cure erectile dysfunction. This is actually one of the most important erectile dysfunction causes that men should know and watch out to get soon and exact diagnose or even better – prevent the disease before it comes. Keep reading to learn more about trigger factors that can lead to the risk of this health issue!

25. Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease can cause some health problems with your circulation, hormones, nerves as well as energy levels. Researchers show that about 50% of those men having uraemia, also suffer from low sex drive and impotence. The physical and psychological stresses of this health condition may have an effect as well. In some cases, kidney transplant can be helpful, but in other cases, sexual drive is still low even after surgery.

26. Stroke

It’s common to experience impotence after having a stroke. This is because physical problems such as muscle stiffness can make your sex difficult. Besides, you can lose some sensation or have pain or fatigue. Also, a stroke can result in hormonal imbalances; therefore, you can feel anxious or lose interest in sex. In some cases, the stroke can affect the brain’s parts and increase trouble in your relationships.

27. Tumors

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can be caused by pituitary tumor, which affects the hormones’ functions. Some tumors stimulate the production of hormone prolactin, which lowers sex drive and arousal. Surgery is a common treatment, and you can also use drugs to reduce prolactin levels. Actually, this is another one among erectile dysfunction causes that my male readers should not look down, but go to see a doctor for the help. This is also among the most popular erectile dysfunction causes that men should not look down yet watch out for good and safety! Check out and see how other causes can attack the body and lead to erectile dysfunction with Healthy Guide!

28. Penis Abnormalities

A man who was born with a penis getting structural defects can have erectile dysfunction. For example, men with abnormally small penis cannot have sex properly. This condition can be caused by low level of testosterone during the fetus’s growth. Surgery may be the most common treatment for this condition.

29. Disorders Of Sexual Intimacy

Fear of intimacy, difficulty with orgasm and lack of arousal can lead to impotence. They may be resulted from hormonal problems, pain during sex, past history or problems with ejaculation. To deal with this, you can try either cognitive behavioral therapy or psychosexual counseling.

30. Thyroid Diseases

erectile dysfunction causes

Thyroid diseases are common erectile dysfunction causes. About 1 in 10 men over 60 years old suffer from thyroid issues. Both overactive and underactive thyroids are linked with erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, when the thyroid issue is treated, the erectile dysfunction symptomswill be improved as well. If you suspect that you have a thyroid disease, ask your doctor to make tests so that you can treat it as soon as possible.

Do you want to know other common and leading erectile dysfunction causes in men that may be the reason for your impotence? Continue to read this entire article and then try to treat it as soon as possible.

31. Prostate Cancer

According to a study about erectile dysfunction [4], prostate cancer can cause your impotence. Actually, this does not trigger erectile dysfunction directly, but treatment for this kind of cancer can. Hormonal manipulation, radiotherapy or surgery can cause erectile problems. In some cases, impotence caused by treatment for prostate cancer is only temporary, but in other cases, many men experience ongoing difficulties in maintaining erection and they need to be treated by other means.

32. Cushing’s Disease

This health condition is resulted from high levels of the hormone cortisol. This causes some symptoms such as loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Infertility and depression are other symptoms, and they can contribute to impotence. This condition can be caused due to long-term usage of steroid medication, so it is better to reduce your dosage.

33. Cerebrovascular Disease

This health condition can restrict blood flow to the brain, hence causing difficulty in planning and performing tasks like having sex. Commonly, it may be caused by atherosclerosis and may affect your sexual health.

34. Multiple Sclerosis

You can experience impotence if multiple sclerosis has damaged your spinal cord and brain’s parts involved in sexual arousal. Actually, this affects nearly 70% of men who have multiple sclerosis, triggering problems with ejaculation and erection. Besides, side effects of using medication for MS can cause the same impact as well. Hormone type treatments may be also helpful, along with vacuum devices.

35. Watching Porn

A study found that erectile dysfunction cases in men under the age of 40 could increase due to watching pornography online. Over-time exposing to porn could offer these men unrealistic expectations about sex; therefore, it could affect arousal [5] with their partners. In fact, this is another one of the leading erectile dysfunction causes that you and every other man all over the whole world should not look down, yet try to go to see a doctor soon.

36. Cycling

This is the last but very important one on the list of leading erectile dysfunction causes in men that I want to mention in this article and want all of my readers to know for good. Regular exercise is actually good for sexual health; however, you should consider taking up cycling in case you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. According to a study, cycling for over three hours weekly has been considered as a cause of erectile dysfunction. If you experience symptoms such as tingling or numbness in your penis, you should consider other kinds of exercise instead.

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This article today reveals top 36 erectile dysfunction causes that many men in the world are suffering from. If you are worried about this sexual problem, we hope that you can find the exact cause of your problem and then find the best solutions for that. If you know other men around you who are suffering from this sexual problem and do not know what causes their problems, share this list with them right now. Finally, remember to visit Healthy Guide regularly to know more about health facts, relational facts, etc. If you know other erectile dysfunction causes apart from those as I mentioned above, share them with others by leaving your comments below.

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