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17 Emotional & Negative Side Effects of Birth Control Pills for Breastfeeding

17 Emotional & Negative Side Effects of Birth Control Pills for Breastfeeding

Now taking birth control pills is the most popular ways to prevent pregnancy and seems to become a daily routine for plenty of women. It is estimated that 67 % of all women often use the methods of non-permanent birth control about a quarter of women take birth control pills as one of the ways of contraception. For most women, birth control pills have become a part of their life. The ways to use and control them may directly affect the women’s health because taking birth control pills will bring a plenty of side effects that can affect the sexual health.

Emotional And Negative Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills For Breastfeeding Mothers You Should Know

Normally, contraceptives work by preventing ovulation, thinning the uterus lining to prevent conception. In addition, it also thickens the cervical fluid to counteract the sperm passing and reduce the movement of the sperm in the fallopian tube.

Women who use these drugs for the first time, they often wondering whether these contraceptives have any side effects or not. In general, many people don’t experience negative emotional side effects of birth control pills when using, some women may feel rather difficult in experiencing some side effects when starting using it, certainly, they are not often serious.

We all know the negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills for women especially for teenagers and breastfeeding mothers. Besides the common symptoms like nausea, depression, sore breasts, headache etc.…, there are still many negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills that few people pay attention to.  Normally, some common side effects will go away after a period. But in some cases, it may be the serious symptoms that may threaten the women’s health. Firstly, Healthy Guide will show some information you should know about birth control pills

I. About Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills have different kinds which all contain progesterone, estrogen or both. The synthetic forms of progesterone contain only progestin called mini pill. These pills are very popular. Despite side effects of birth control pills for breastfeeding mothers, these pills may be prescribed for them. So do the women who may face with some side effects of estrogen. However, these pills are only prescribed by a doctor.

Birth control pill packs contain either 21 or 28 pills that are equal to the using days. However, there will be 21 active pills for both. Except for 21 active pill, 28 pills contain 7 inactive pills that aim for reminding you to begin your new period after every 28 days.

1. When Should You Start Using These Pills?

It is better for you to ask your doctor before beginning taking the pills. They can be taken at anytime every day. However, you should take it at the time you can remember easily like at your bedtime or before your breakfast.

Besides that, depending on your type of birth control pills, you may begin another birth control pill pack in different ways. If 21 pills are being used, the new pill pack must be used after 7 days since finishing the old pack. In case of taking the 28 pills, you can start the new one after finishing the old pack.

2. What Should You Do When You Forget Them?

In order to get the best effect, you need to take these pills every day. So it is important for you to remember this carefully. You have to take it as soon as you remember if you forget it in a day. In case, you forget until the next day, you have to take 2 pills on that day instead of 1 pill as usual. And in case you forget more, it is better for you to get the advice from your doctor. But you should remember that forgetting to take the pills may lead to less effect. In some cases, you even get a pregnancy test.

3. Can You Take Other Drugs And Birth Control Pills At The Same Time?

This may be a question that many women are wondering. It is advised to ask your doctor about the other drugs that you will take during use of these pills because antiseizure and antibiotics medicines can affect the effectiveness of these pills.

4. Who Shouldn’t Take Them?

According to some researches, besides the negative side effects of birth control pills, they are also linked to some conditions and diseases like blood pressure, some certain cancers or benign liver tumors. The research also showed that they shouldn’t be taken by some certain people like pregnant women, people with migraines, heart problems, obesity, breast cancer, gallbladder, diabetes, or people who are taking some certain drugs.

II. Negative Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

Here are some side effects of birth control pills that people should not look down!

1.Vaginal Bleeding

side effects of birth control pills

Approximately 50% of women who use birth control pills can cause vaginal bleeding beyond the menstrual period, according to a research [1]. It often occurs within the first three months after using these pills. In general, it will disappear after taking the third pack. If using the birth control pills is kept and not forgotten, this bleeding will not affect the effect of contraceptive drugs. The negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills may occur because your body is changing by itself to get the different levels of hormones or your uterus is changing to get a thinner endometrial lining. In case, vaginal bleeding is over 5 days or more during taking birth control pills, you need to visit your doctor.

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2. Nausea

Although nausea can be created by a variety of reasons, it cannot be eliminated to be one of the negative side effects of birth control pills for breastfeeding, according to a research [2]. In fact, little nausea may occur at the start of taking contraceptive drugs. However, it usually disappears after a short period of time. You can take these drugs with food or when going to bed to avoid nausea. If this situation is severe or persistent, it is advised to see your doctor.

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3. Breast Tenderness

Oral contraceptive drugs can make your breasts enlarged or more erected. This situation can be improved after taking the drugs for a few weeks. However, if you see the lump or persistent pain, you should see your doctor. Some solutions for reducing pain you should try such as caffeine and salt reduction or wearing push-up bra.


4. Headaches

When you face with headaches, you rarely think that it is one of the common negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills. Because there are a plenty of reasons can lead to your headaches. Unluckily, some studies showed that you may experience headaches and migraine when taking this drug due to the hormones containing the drug. The incidence of headaches may be reduced by taking a low-dose birth control pill. If a new type of headache appears when using birth control pills, it is necessary for you to see your doctor.

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5. Weight Gain

side effects of birth control pills

Have you ever thought that taking birth control pills can lead to weight gain? Although clinical studies have not shown that oral contraceptives can cause weight changes, some women have more fluid retention, especially around the hips and breast. A decrease of weight may be linked to some certain kinds of hormonal pills.

6. Mood Changes

Mood changes is considered as one of the common emotional side effects of birth control pills. Some women may face with depression or other emotional changes while taking birth control pills. It is said to be linked to the changes of your female hormones. Therefore, if there is any mood change, in spite of no serious change, while taking drugs, it is advised to see doctor.

7. Missed Menstrual Periods:

Sometimes you take the birth control pills correctly, but menstruation does not still occur. Normally, there are many factors can cause this situation like external stress, illness, or timing of endocrine or thyroid abnormalities. In case your menstrual periods are not frequent while using medicine, you should take your pregnancy test before using the next pack and visit your doctor if this situation continues.

8. Less Libido

Birth control pills can affect libido because of containing hormones. Many negative side effects of birth control pills for breastfeeding re linked to the changes of sex hormones in the body. However, there are also other factors from outside can cause reduction of libido. If this situation prolongs or get worse, it is advised to visit a doctor.

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9. Leucorrhoea

Some women may see the changes of leucorrhoea (less or more). You should talk with your doctor if you are concerned about vaginitis.

10. Change Of Vision When Using Contact Lenses

Although change of vision when using contact lenses during your use of these pills rarely occur, it is unluckily one of the negative side effects of birth control pills that you may experience when taking these pills. It is advised to visit your ophthalmologist if you are using contact lenses and see some changes in vision or tolerance of glass while taking birth control pills.

11. Bloating

side effects of birth control pills

There are a lot of reasons can lead to bloating. Among those reasons, the changes of female hormones also cause bloating. For women with gastrointestinal tract disorders and irritable bowel syndrome, bloating may be stronger than the others.

12. Yeast Infections

Among negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills, yeast infections are also a serious problem. Although birth control pills don’t cause directly yeast infection, it may be a result of vaginal bleeding induced by birth control pills. Certainly, some other causes like changes in the use of tampons also lead to yeast infections.

13. Blood Clots

Normally, this side effect rarely occurs. But now, some women are facing with the risk of blood clots when using newer versions of these pills. They may not be dangerous. but the patients should let it be kept under control by gynecologists and themselves to make sure to be safe. The gynecologists will know what exactly happen and will give you the best advice.

14. Brown-Colored Spots On The Face

Brown-colored spots on the face may be a bad thing for many women. Unluckily, taking birth control pills can contribute to increasing the risk of a skin condition like the brown-colored spots on the face. This condition can be called melasma. This risk becomes higher in the women with their family history of the skin problems, said a study. In this case, these women are often advised to use another method of birth control like IUD to avoid the skin problem.

15. Increased Appetite

For some women, it may be the good news. But for most women, it may be not. In fact, hormones can create the feeling of super hunger because your progesterone and estrogens levels are changed by birth control. Certainly, the increased appetite does not always cause weight gain. There is no proof to prove that.

III. Long-term Effects Of Birth Control Pills

side effects of birth control pills

Besides the negative side effects of birth control pills that you may experience on the first months of starting use of it, taking these pills in a long time may lead to the serious health problems. Several studies showed that some serious health problems like cardiovascular problems or cancer risk can be linked to the long-term use of birth control pills.

1. Cardiovascular Problems

You may not think that cardiovascular problems can be negative side effects of birth control pills. In fact, some studies showed that cardiovascular problems such as blood clots, stroke [3], heart attack… may increase slightly due to use of combination pills. Some women with their personal or family history of cardiovascular problems or uncontrolled high blood pressure should see a doctor before taking these pills. They may be advised to use alternative options.

2. Cancer Risk

The higher risk of some types of cancer such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, or liver cancer… are thought to be linked to the natural female hormones like estrogen. The estrogen is known to be the main ingredients in birth control pills. That is the reason why some experts thought that applying a hormone-based method to control some certain natural functions of the body may bring the similar affect.

  • Breast cancer

There are a plenty of causes that can lead to breast cancer. However, this cancer is also thought to be one of the negative health and emotional side effects of birth control pills for breastfeeding mothers and teenagers. According to some experts, using these pills during the teenage years may increase the risk of breast cancer. But, you don’t need to worry about this because the risk of breast cancer [4] will disappear when you don’t use these pills for 10 years. You also should know other factors that can cause breast cancer like women’ age at some certain periods of life.

  • Cervical cancer

Like breast cancer, cervical cancer is considered as one of the negative side effects of birth control pills. Comparing with the people who have never used birth control pills, your risk of cervical cancer may be higher if you use these pills in the long time although HPV is the main cause that lead to most types of cervical cancer and HPV has not been proved to be linked to taking birth control pills.

  • Liver cancer

The risk of benign liver tumors may be higher when using oral contraceptives. However, it rarely come to be cancerous. Although some researches showed that the risk of liver [5] cancer may increase after at least 5 years of using the birth control pills, several others have not given the same information.

In summary, women often experience the negative side effects of birth control pills when using contraceptives. This writing only helps you to get an overview about this problem. You had better see your doctor to get the best advice before using these pills. If you have any question or idea about this matter, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment on the below to share your thought.

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