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9 Tips on How to Restore Vaginal pH Naturally and Fast at Home

9 Tips on How to Restore Vaginal pH Naturally and Fast at Home

All of us, especially women may have heard or known the phrase of vaginal pH, is considered as an important part of sexual health. Healthy vagina is very important and essential for women, in which vaginal pH plays an important role in protecting the vagina. If vaginal pH is imbalanced, it may lead to discomfort that influences on the quality of life. More dangerously, it can cause gynecological diseases. In fact, all women may have concerned about vaginal health of themselves but some of them may not know how to keep it healthy. In additional, this is also a sensitive matter that many women feel hard to share with someone. So, what should they do?

The Simple Ways On How To Restore Vagina pH Naturally And Fast At Home

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some simple ways on how to restore vaginal pH at home naturally and fast that you can try at home easily. At first, we should discover something about vaginal pH.

I. What Is pH And Vaginal pH?

pH, stands for pondus hydrogenii or hydrogen power or power of hydrogen or potential of hydrogen, is an index that is used to indicate the basicity and acidity. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. If the index runs from 0 to less than 7, it is considered acidic. If the index is higher than 7, it is considered basicity.

Vaginal pH is the index that indicates the acidity or alkaline in the vaginal environment. In general, the index depends on the age and the estrogen level in the woman’s body. But the ideal index for a healthy vaginal pH should be from 3.8 to 4.5. However, this figure can be higher depending on the age. For example, the girl that has not yet reached puberty, this index should be 7. Women of reproductive age should keep this figure between 4 and 5. Women who experiencing menopause should keep it from 6 to 7.

In fact, not all women can keep vaginal pH healthy. There are the various reasons that can make the vaginal pH change. So, what causes these changes of pH value?

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II. Why Does pH Value In Vagina Change?

how to restore vaginal pH

These figures, pH value, can be changed easily by numerous factors. But you should know the following common factors:

1. Antibiotics

This is the very first one among the best tips on how to restore vaginal pH level that we would like to introduce in the entire article today and encourage readers to make use right from today! Some women habitually use antibiotics when having some health problems. But in some cases, using antibiotics will result in side effects that we don’t know. Besides eliminating the bad bacteria, it also kills the good bacteria that are helpful for healthy vagina. That is why antibiotics are advised to use under prescription.

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2. Intercourse

You may know that intercourse is also one of the common reasons that cause change of pH value in the vagina. Semen, with its alkaline pH value, can have influence on the acidic environment of the vagina. And women are often advised to have protective measurements during intercourse to limit the imbalance of pH in the vagina.

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3. Douching

Now home remedies are very common. Not all remedies are good for applying at home. Especially it should be more careful when using for vagina. Many women cleanse their vagina with home remedies using some ingredients like iodine, baking soda, vinegar that don’t know it can cause the imbalance of vaginal pH.

Misusing scented soaps or vaginal deodorants for cleansing vulva and vagina is also one of the main causes lead to imbalanced pH level in the vagina. Because these liquids will kill the good and bad bacteria.

4. Menopause And Breastfeeding

Why do women in breastfeeding period or menopause face with imbalance of pH in the vagina? The reason is very simple. In these periods, the estrogen levels may decrease the acidity in the vagina due to reduction of the numbers of lactobacilli.

III. How To Restore Vaginal pH Naturally And Fast At Home

There are a lot of tips and techniques that guide you on how to restore vaginal pH naturally at home within a very short time period that readers can make use to achieve best results, especially female readers. Check out with Healthy Guide right now to know more about the solution for this issue:

1. Frequently Changing Tampons And Sanitary Napkins

how to restore vaginal pH

Among the simple ways on how to restore vaginal pH at home naturally and fast at home that we want to share with you, changing sanitary napkins and tampons is the first ways that you should and have to follow to maintain healthy vagina. During menstruation, women must wear tampons and sanitary napkins. The figure of blood pH is higher than of vaginal pH. Keeping tampons or sanitary napkins in the vagina too long will make a good environment for the bad bacteria grow that may be a main cause of vaginitis. That is why women are advised to change sanitary napkins and tampons frequently to avoid vaginitis.

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2. Avoiding Douching

Women often think that douching may help clean the vagina. However, in many cases, douching can make the pH levels in the vagina imbalance, according to a research [1]. Because during killing the bad bacteria, it also eliminates the good ones. You may not know your vagina can clean itself naturally. So, cleaning outside of the vagina is better. It is advised that you should visit a doctor for a good and healthy method when you have any problem in the vagina. This is actually also one of the most amazing tips on how to restore vaginal pH naturally at home within a very short period of time that we would like to introduce in this article. Thus, readers should not miss it yet try making use at home to achieve the best desirable results as expected!

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3. Having A Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is always a great remedy for a healthy body including women’s sexual health. A variety of clinical evidences shows that fruits and vegetables are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help prevent yeast infections and other diseases like cancer. Eating vegetables, fruits, grains and some foods that contain acidophilus can contribute to the process of producing lactic acid.

In addition, there is a note for the women with low vaginal pH that sugar should be limited. Because sugar may be a cause that impacts on the pH balance of your body. All doctors often advise that consuming sugar daily should be controlled for a healthy body. Keep reading the whole article for more useful tips on how to restore vaginal pH at home that can provide a lot of help.

4. Eating Yoghurt

how to restore vaginal pH

Yogurt is one of the wonderful foods for health with a great source of various nutrients. Especially, it contains lactobacilli that can help growth numbers of good bacteria that are useful for healthy vagina. Thus, eating yogurt is also considered as one of the easiest ways on how to restore vaginal pH fast and naturally as well as good for improving your health.

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5. Wearing Proper Clothing

Wearing proper or improper clothing can become a reason for an imbalanced vaginal pH. Wearing some certain fabrics like synthetics can make your sexual organs moister and hotter. This is a good environment for the bad bacteria to growth, one of the common causes for imbalanced pH level and infection. So, it is advised to wear cotton underwear daily to contribute to protecting your sexual organs more effectively. Moreover, you should remember that tight-fitting clothing is not advised, the reason is here [2].

6. Having Protective Measures During Sexual Intercourse

During sexual intercourse, using a condom is often advised to avoid some sexual transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis and some things like these. In addition, it also helps to prevent your vaginal pH from alkaline semen. Whenever switching oral sex to vaginal sex, changing a new condom is always a good measure to protect the vagina from harmful bacteria.

7. Taking probiotics

This is considered as one of the good ways on how to restore vaginal pH fast that you could try at home. Probiotics can help speed up the growth of the good bacteria, according to a research [3]. Thus, your system will be balanced and healthy. Taking probiotics can be by foods and capsules. If taking probiotics capsules, you should get the advice from the doctor or gynecologist to get the best effect.

8. Cleansing With Warm And Plain Water Or Mild Soap

how to restore vaginal pH

Normally, cleaning your vagina with warm and plain water is enough for staying vagina healthy due to a self-cleansing mechanism of the vagina. Or you only need using a mild and perfumed – free soap to cleansing your vagina to control the impact on vaginal pH. Scented soaps or vaginal deodorants should be avoided. Misusing vaginal soaps or deodorants can make the vagina imbalance, according to a study [4].

9. Visiting Gynecologist Regularly

This is also among the most amazing tips on how to restore vaginal pH fast that everyone need to know if they are struggling with the vaginal pH issue. Women should visit gynaecologist [5] regularly. Gynaecologists can diagnose the symptoms, disorders and diseases may be harmful to the vagina. Visiting them periodically will ensure your healthy vagina. Especially, whenever you have some symptoms such as unusual discharge, foul odor, burning, and itching, it is necessary to visit your gynaecologist immediately. They can help you discover the matter you are facing with.

Above are some simple ways on how to restore vaginal pH naturally and fast at home that Healthy Guide want to show you. We hope that they are useful for maintaining your vagina healthy. Remember that you should visit your gynaecologist if you have any unusual matter. If you have any question or suggestions for this writing, please feel free to share your idea with us.

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