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14 Tips How to Remove Negative Energy from Home and Body

14 Tips How to Remove Negative Energy from Home and Body

Home is the place that you always feel most secure and safest. However, if your home is loaded with negative energy, this will have tangible effects on your emotions and health. You is not able to see the energy with your naked eye, but you can feel it certainly because the energy in your house often reflects your inner emotional status. The bad energy has the ability to demean your value, derail your dreams, reduce your confidence, dampen your abilities and lower your imagination. Moreover, negative energy also leads to many disturbances in your family relationships. It even causes to conflict among your family members. This will result in more stress and anxiety.

Even though both of positive and negative energies always exist in parallel, it is important that you need to limit the level of negative energy in your home to get a happier life. You can apply many ways to repel negative energy from your place. This will help restore balance as well as harmony in your life and other family members.

In this writing, will show you top 14 effective ways on how to remove negative energy from your home. Keep reading this article to learn more these ways to protect you from effects of bad energy.

Top 14 Ways On How To Remove Negative Energy From Home And Body

1. Smudging

how to remove negative energy

The first of top 14 effective ways on how to remove negative energy from body and from home is smudging. The age-old way is popularly applied among Native American people. To remove bad energy from your house by smudging, the most popularly used herb is sage. When it is burned, the magic herb will release a great amount of negatively charged ions and then spread them throughout the air. This will be able to neutralize the positive charge having in the air. Besides, negative ions have the ability to improve your happy sense and mental clarity. In addition, the sage possesses the soothing and relaxing aroma which is good for your emotion.

You can easily find sage sticks which are available in the market. For another option, you can own your homemade sage bundle. You take a bunch of sage sprigs and place them out in the sun to make them dry. Once it is done, you tightly bind these sprigs together with a twine or string. Now, you can use your own sage smudge stick.


      • At the first, make sure that your house is cleaned and all the doors, windows, drawers, and cupboards are opened.
      • For smudging, you burn a rolled sage stick which is placed in a fireproof box to collect ash and embers.
      • Now, you delicately fan this sage with simply your hand or a feather.
      • The next step, you start cleansing yourself by fanning the smoke lightly into the body from your head up to your feet.
      • Then you slowly walk throughout your house and swirl it in circular motions at the same time. You concentrate on the walls, corners, the ceiling, and floor. Remember that you need to stand on the left of all the rooms.
      • During the process of promoting positivity, you should say positive affirmations.
      • Finishing by removing the burning sage from your house and putting it in an open space to burn off.

Along with sage, pine, cedar, lavender, other aromatic herbs and plants is also used for smudging.

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2. Fresh Air And Sunlight

Another useful way on how to remove negative energy from body and from home is to enjoy fresh air and the sunshine which have excellent cleansing powers. The wonderfully strong energy of nature always make you feel good and comfortable. Hence, welcoming the sunshine and fresh air to your house is a simple way to enhance positivity in your life and home. You should widely open the doors and windows in the early morning. This will allow sunlight and fresh air to enter your home and keep away negative energy.

Moreover, you can expose the body to sunlight in the early morning by standing near an open window. This will aid your body in producing vitamin D that is very important for your health. On top of that, bright sunlight is capable of relieving anxiety and reducing depression.

Apart from the exposure of your room and body, you should dry out your washed clothes in sunlight. Sometimes, you also expose the house plants to sunlight.

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3. Loud Clapping

When it comes to the simple and easy ways on how to remove negative energy, loud clapping is the best. When you clap loudly, this will release the sound and vibrations which assist in breaking up patterns of the negative energy and allowing them to disperse. Actually, clear and loud sounds are known as a powerful cleansing procedure for the home. Apart from loud sounds, the noise of thunderstorms from Mother Nature also has the same effect. Even the sound of church bells and fireworks feels so cleansing and calming.

Therefore, to get rid of negative energy, you walk around your home and clap loudly at the same time. You concentrate on corners, shelves, and the stairs to remove negativity from your space. Your clapping should have the crisp and light sound. You avoid clapping heavily and sluggishly because it indicates negativity.

Apart from clapping, you can also use Tibetan bowls, bells, drums or chimes to break the patterns of negative energy in your home.

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4. Living Plants

There are many amazing ways on how to remove negative energy from your house and living plants are one of them. Mother Nature provides you many excellent herbs and plants which are very beneficial in deflecting negative energy and keeping the balance of your inner connection and the outer world. Furthermore, living plants contribute to greenness and beauty for your home. They also are a great supply of oxygen for your home.

Several living plants that you should put in many different rooms to enhance positivity include money plant, lucky bamboo, sage, orchid, holy basil, peace lily, rosemary, jasmine, and aloe vera. However, before placing living plants in your house, make sure that you have time to care and maintain them. Remember that you always get rid of dying, dried, and dead parts of the plants to protect them from damage. If your plant dies, you remove it as soon as possible.

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5. Saffron

how to remove negative energy

Using spice saffron is known as one of the effective ways on how to remove negative energy from your space. In accordance with Tibetan tradition, the powerful smell of saffron has the ability to get rid of evil energies. This is the reason why this spice helps remove bad energy.

To use saffron, you spread out the smooth aroma of saffron around your home to evacuate and expel the negativity. You can sprinkle a small amount of saffron at the entrance when the sun sets. This will act as an invitation to welcome positive energy since sunset is the moment of the transfer between day and night. Moreover, its bright and fresh color also aids in improving the spiritual purity in your home. You can also mix a bit of saffron with clean water and sprinkle this mixture in any place you want to purify.

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6. Crystals

There are some stones and crystals which are used as an excellent way on how to remove negative energy from home and from body. Crystals are capable of releasing a strong vibration to break down and remove bad energy away from your house and provide positive energy. Besides, it is able to fight against negative thoughts and emotions that you are affected by people around you. One of the most used crystals is black tourmaline that you should put in your house. Placing black tourmaline near your entrance can prevent any potential bad energy from going into your home. You can place it in the central home to repel and get rid of negative energy outward. Several other crystals such as smoky quartz, rose quartz, hematite, jet, amethyst, apache tear, black onyx, and black obsidian that are beneficial in fighting bad energy. To achieve the maximum benefits of crystals, you need to clean them at least one time a week. You place them in a small bowl along with filtered water and allow them to dry under the sunlight for about three to four hours.

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7. A Mirror

If you are finding the wonderful ways on how to remove negative energy, mirrors are a great option for you. They have the ability to spruce up your space because they assist in bouncing light around and making dark places look more bright and spacious. A mirror with a beautiful frame can contribute to amazing flair to your wall. It will also make the room become more open.

8. Essential Oils

Using essential oils is also known as another useful way on how to remove negative energy from home, office or any items. The powerful aroma of essential oils is able to disperse bad energy. It also refreshes your home naturally and invites positive energy to enter your house and life. Moreover, the essential oils have many medicinal benefits. They contain antiviral and antibacterial properties that make your house healthier naturally.

To get rid of negativity and enhance positivity in your house, you can use different kinds of essential oils including lemon, lavender, sweet orange, sage, rose, and peppermint.


      • You make a handmade spray by pouring spring water into a spray bottle. If you do not have spring water, you can replace by normal tap water.
      • Then you add 20 to 35 drops of essential oil to it.
      • Now, you spray the solution throughout the air around your house or office, particularly in the corners, doors, and windows.
      • You should do this one time per week or whenever you want.
9. Sea Salt

Sea salt is widely used as another wonderful way on how to remove negative energy from home and yourself. The sea salt has the ability to release negative ions out the air and thus leading to the appearance of positive vibes.


Method 1:

      • To transmute bad energy, you mix several tablespoons of sea salt along with a glass of warm water.
      • Then you stir it until the salt dissolves completely.
      • Now, you pour this solution into a spray bottle.
      • You start spraying it in all corners of your house.

Method 2:

      • You can simply sprinkle a small amount of sea salt around your rooms, particularly in the corners which face the southwest and northeast directions.
      • You keep it on overnight if possible and then clean up the salt. You can discard the salt outside.

Method 3:

      • To purify your body, you can also add a cup of sea salt to a bathtub that is filled with warm water.
      • Then you soak the body in this salt water.
      • You do this for 15 to 25 minutes to relax and purify yourself.
10. Furniture Rearranging

Rearranging your furniture is also known as an effective way on how to remove negative energy. Because bad energy always needs objects that help it remain around, you should keep changing the decoration of your rooms from time to time. Simply rearranging the position of the furniture is enough to get rid of the bad energy.

Make sure that you move around your furniture in your home at least one time per month. While rearranging, you put them in open space and places that you feel the most comfortable. You experiment on furniture rearranging until you find the most rational decoration. You can ask family members and friends about suggestions. You do not keep damaged or broken home decoration items and anything that you no longer use. You should donate or throw away unused furniture and other items.

11. Cleaning

how to remove negative energy

One of the best ways on how to remove negative energy from body and from home is to clean your room. When entering a clutter-free and clean place, you will feel comfortable. On the other hand, you will feel bad if you enter a  messy, cluttered, and dirty room. This happens because all the dirt and clutter have the ability to attract negative energy. Therefore, each time you clean your house, you are automatically cleansing negative energy. This is the reason why cleaning your house or office should be the top work on your list to fill your area with more positive energy.

You should clean and vacuum each room of your house regularly, including the kitchen and bathroom. Do not forget to clean all of the windows, doors, and doorknobs in your space because they are often very dirty and dusty.

Every night, be sure that your kitchen and cooking area do not have dirty dishes. You should arrange your things and place them in their designated area. You need to throw out things that you no longer use. In addition, you should keep away toxic products from your area. Remember that you do not put your washed clothes anywhere you like, but keep them in your laundry hamper.

12. A Bell

Just like sage, bells is also used as one of the excellent ways on how to remove negative energy from body and from home all over the world. A bell is helpful in cleansing your space. The featured sound of the bell will fill your area and cleanse negativity in the air.

To perform this idea, you walk around your home and ring a bell in corners and doorways of your house. At the same time, you imagine the lively sound of the bell which is spreading out like a smooth ripple. This will push all the negative and stagnant energy out.

13. Candles

Using candles has been known as one of the amazing ways on how to remove negative energy from body and from home because fire is a strong purification tool. The flame of a candle is able to absorb and melt away the lower energies. You can use white candles that you should keep them handy at your house for this purpose. Sometimes you can let them burn all the way until they are all gone. Then you simply throw them in the garbage. However, you should be careful about where the candles are manufactured before buying them.

14. Incense

The last of the top 14 effective ways on how to remove negative energy from home and from body is to use incense. Its fragrant smoke has been known as a meditation and spiritual practice. When you use incense at home, this will assist in elevating the positive energy and repel negative energy at the same time. In addition, it plays a role as a clean house for meditation because it has the ability to create a serene and calm atmosphere.

Additional Tips

Apart from the above-mentioned ways on how to remove negative energy from home and from body, there are several following additional tips that you should not ignore them.

      • The natural aroma of fresh flowers can expel negativity. Hence, you should put a few fresh flowers in a vase and place it in your room.
      • You can simply walk in your room and chant a mantra or prayer to invite the positivity into the house. Alternately, you can also turn on an audio recording of the favorite
      • Prayer 2 times a day, once in the early morning and another time in late afternoon.
      • Meditation aids in creating vibrations which are also capable of expelling negativity from your home and within you. Therefore, you should spend time practicing meditation in the home daily.
      • Burning peels of lemon or orange are beneficial for the atmosphere of your home. The uplifting and pleasant smell helps repel bad energy that is circulating in your room.

Thanks for reading the writing carefully. Above are the top 14 ways on how to remove negative energy from your home. We hope that you will find some useful information and ways which help you get a free-negativity home. Please leave your comments and questions below if you are unclear any content of the writing. In addition, if you have any other ways on how to remove negative energy from body and from home or something associated with this article, let share your information with us.

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