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13 Most Googled Sexual Health Questions and Answers You Should Know

13 Most Googled Sexual Health Questions and Answers You Should Know

Sexual health is caring everything related to sex, including contraception such as condoms and emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infections, genital conditions, period disorders, fertility, sexuality, pregnancy, transgender problems, and menopause. In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the most Googled sexual health questions and answers that many people are concerned about.

List Of Most Googled Sexual Health Questions And Answers

Now, if you want to know more about sexual health, you should spend time reading this interesting article to discover some of the sexual health questions and answers that many people search on Google.

1. What Is Sex Education?

This should be the first one among the most Googled sexual health questions and answers that we want to mention in this article. Sex education covers all young people who need to know more about sex. Sex education includes sexual activity, emotional relations and responsibilities, age of consent, human sexual anatomy, safe sex, contraception, pregnancy, sexual reproduction, sexual behavior, reproductive rights, and diversity.

Sex education is taught according to the child’s age. For example, pupils in primary school are taught basic biology such as the principles of reproduction. Children from the age of 14 begin learning more about adult topics such as safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

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2. What Happens At Sexual Health Screenings?

At sexual health screenings, you will be asked about symptoms that you experience including vaginal itching, discharge, or soreness. Also, you will be asked about the history of your partner and your previous partners, the last time you had sex, whether you used protection or not, and what kind of contraception you used. Plus, you will be asked whether or not your periods are regular and whether or not you may be pregnant.

Then, you will be examined including urine testing, vaginal swabs, and blood tests in order to check for chlamydia, thrush, gonorrhoea, bacterial vaginosis, syphilis and HIV. A sexual health screening just lasts a few minutes, depending on the complex of the situation. It often takes about a week for the results.

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3. Can You Fly When You Are Pregnant?

If you are looking for the most Googled sexual health questions and answers to know and improve your sexual health and life, you should not look down this question. According to a study [1], you should avoid flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy due to the higher risk of going into labor. However, some airlines can insist that you are not more than 28 weeks of pregnancy.

In case you have increased risk pregnancy, you should consult your doctor. To be safe, you should avoid flying during the first 12 weeks in case you have excessive sickness due to the increased risk of miscarriage at this time.

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4. How Do Tampons Work?

most Googled sexual health questions and answers

When it comes to learning the most Googled sexual health questions and answers proven by prestigious professionals, doctors, and experts, you should know how tampons work. Tampons are made in a cylindrical shape and made of compressed cotton. They can absorb blood in the vagina, and stop it from flowing out. To be safe, tampons must be removed after several hours. If not, bacteria can build up and cause serious infection.

5. Where Is The G-spot?

The G-spot is located around 2-3 issues on the front of the vaginal wall towards the stomach. This patch feels ridged, thick and spongy. To find the G-spot, you can use your finger. When you find it, you are able to assess how it feels. During sexual intercourse, placing a pillow under the woman’s bottom can aid the penis to reach the G-spot. Alternatively, you can use your finger while also using the penis.

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6. How To Cure Genital Warts

According to a study [2], you do not try to treat genital warts naturally at home. If you have warts on your bits, go to see a sexual health doctor in order to get treatment. You do not try using over-the-counter treatments because these treatments are designed for hands, not for your genitals. The sexual health doctor can use a cream to cure the warts, or use cryotherapy to freeze these wards off. Also, you will be advised to stop sex until all of your warts are completely treated.

7. How To Make A Penis Bigger Manually

The fact is that you cannot make your penis bigger unless you perform a surgery. You should skip the natural remedies and exercises and try to make use of the size because the fact is that the size does not affect too much the sexual pleasure. In case you are self-conscious, you can try sex positions like doggy style because it will make your penetration deeper. Therefore, you do not need to look for ways to make your penis bigger.

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8. How To Make A Woman Orgasm

The simplest way to make your women orgasm is to ask her. Keep in mind that every woman is different as well as different things can make her orgasm. She may have a better idea of her preferences than Google; therefore, you should ask her how you should do, what position she likes, and what you can do to make your sex better.

According to a research [3], most of women cannot orgasm from penetrative sex. So, if you want to bring your woman to climax, you can try foreplay. According to a study, women will be more likely to climax if the sexual encounter includes manual genital stimulation, deep kissing, oral sex and vaginal intercourse.

9. How To Insert The Male Organ Into A Female Organ

Firstly, you need to ensure that both of the parties have enthusiastic consent and both of you are really excited to have sex. Secondly, you need to spend some time on foreplay to make sure that the woman’s vagina is sufficiently self-lubricated and the penis is erect. Next, the penis will be able to easily slide into the vagina. The woman can guide you in. Remember to go slowly and ensure that everything is comfortable before you thrust away.

If you want to know other most Googled sexual health questions and answers on the Internet that are proven by professionals and experts, you should better continue to read the rest of this article right now.

10. How To Measure The Penis

most Googled sexual health questions and answers

There are two ways to measure a penis. You can measure the penis when it is flaccid or when it is erect. In order to measure the flaccid length, you need to ensure that you are not too cold. Next, you place a ruler or a tape measure at the base of your penis, where the base and the abdomen meet. Also, remember to place it along the penis. According to a survey, the average size for the flaccid penis is approximately 3.5 inches. In order to measure the erect length, at first, you need to make your penis erect and then do the same thing. The survey shows that the average size for the erect penis is about 5 inches. Alternatively, you can also measure the girth by using a tape measure around the penis.

11. How Long Does Sex Last?  

A survey revealed that the average time for foreplay is 20 minutes while the actual sex only lasts 7.3 minutes. If your sex lasts 1-2 minutes, it is too short, sex for 3-7 minutes is adequate, sex for 7-13 minutes is desirable and sex for 10-30 minutes is too long. The time for sex depends on what you define as sex and foreplay should be included. However, sex can last for as long as you want and there is no time limit.

12. Why Does Sex Feel Good?

This is another one among most Googled sexual health questions and answers that you should not look down. The brain as well as the central nervous system is responsible for sexual responses. During sexual pleasure, all the body’s nerve endings, including the genitals are linked to the nervous system. And they are in communication with the brain.

13. Time To Get Pregnant After Sex

Taking the morning after pill can prevent a pregnancy for up to 5 days after sex; however, it is most effective when you take it immediately. Without taking the morning after pill, if you do not have safe sex and you are ovulating, conception may take place within 2 days. And, if the cervix stores sperm [4] and then releases it for 2 days after sex, you can conceive 4 days after having sex.

After reading this new article, we hope that you know most Googled sexual health questions and answers that many people are concerned above. All of these answers are helpful, so you should not look down them, yet try to follow to improve your sexual health. If you have any ideas about this topic, you can feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below. Also, if you want to know more about sexual health facts, you should visit our Sexual Health Category regularly.

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