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Top 37 Things Women Need To Know About Sexual Health

Top 37 Things Women Need To Know About Sexual Health

Sexual health is an embarrassing problem that many women do not want to talk about. To ensure you have a good sexual health, you should have regular check-ups whether you are sexually active or not. There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from catching infections. And, in this article, we will show you everything women need to know about sexual health.

List Of Things Women Need To Know About Sexual Health

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the important things women need to know about sexual health. So, if you want to experience better sex life and simultaneously protect yourself from getting sexual problems, you should keep both of your eyes on this article right now.

1. Condoms Have Expiry Dates

This should be the first one among important things women need to know about sexual health that we want to mention in this article. You cannot use a condom anytime, anywhere. This is because condoms, like any other products, have an expiry date. You can use a condom for 3-5 years. Therefore, you should check for its expiry date before using.

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2. Many STIs Have No Symptoms

things women need to know about sexual health

Many STIs do not have any symptoms, but they can lead to a few serious side effects, including ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility.

3. You Can Get Pregnant If You Have Vaginal Sex During Menstrual Cycle

During your periods, if you have vaginal sex, you can still get pregnant. This is because sperms can survive from one day to one week in your body, so a sperm could fertilise an egg. Therefore, even when you are menstruating, you have to also use a condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

4. Menopause Can Make Sex Uncomfortable

This is also an important thing about sexual health that every woman should know clearly to improve their own sex life properly. When women reach the menopause stage, they may have low estrogen and progesterone levels. As a result, this can make sex uncomfortable by causing tiny tears in the vaginal walls. To deal with this, you can use lubricants, use some estrogen cream or indulge in lengthier foreplay.

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5. Follow A Right Diet For Increased Sex Drive

Women should load your plate with some certain foods to help them feel sexier. Studies found that phytonutrients present in watermelon can help relax blood vessels and increase your libido. Besides, the same effect can come from vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges and carrots. Vitamin C has been found to increase circulation, and improve sex drive.

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6. Do Not Wash Your Vagina With Antibacterial Soap 

You should wash your vagina with tap water, and then allow it to dry during the day. You should not use harsh antibacterial soaps because they can change the pH balance in your vagina and simultaneously wash away good bacteria present in your vagina, hence making unpleasant smells worse.

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7. All Sexually Active Women Are Likely To Get HPV

All sexually active women and men can get HPV at least once in their lives. According to a study [1], about 79 million people are infected with HPV. Not all strains lead to cervical cancer, yet in case you get a low-risk strain, it can lead to a high-risk strain if untreated. It is believed that HPV can only result in cervical cancer in women. But, the fact is that it actually makes men have higher risk of getting penile cancer.

8. Chlamydia Can Cause Infertility

things women need to know about sexual health

If you do not know things women need to know about sexual health, you should keep in mind that chlamydia can lead to infertility. Chlamydia can contribute to the higher risk of getting infertility. However, if detected early, you can easily treat it with antibiotics. Besides, other causes of infertility can be gonorrhea. Besides, birth control helps reduce your risks of pelvic inflammation and infertility. You should also get checked every year.

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9. Sit On Your Towels In Public Areas

When it comes to learning things women need to know about sexual health, you should not look down this tip, yet try to apply for good. When you use toilets, swimming baths, spas and saunas in public places, you should use your own towels in order to avoid picking up bacterial vaginosis, which can be found on public surfaces.

10. No Penetration Does Not Mean No Pregnancy

Women can get pregnant when their partners ejaculate or pre-ejaculate near or on their vulva. Therefore, whether you engage in vaginal sex or not, having naked body contact around the vulva could lead to pregnancy.

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11. Saliva Does Not Spread HIV

There is no chance of spreading HIV by kissing somebody who has HIV or AIDS. Remember that HIV can easily be transmitted when you swallow semen or breast milk from an infected person, and cannot be transmitted when you kiss.

12. Avoid Wearing Synthetic Underwear

If you are not aware of things women need to know about sexual health, you should know this tip and then follow for good. To maintain sexual health, women should avoid wearing synthetic underwear. Instead, you should wear cotton underwear because this can keep the area dry and less exposed to a few allergic reactions.

13. Both Genders Enjoy Sex

There is not any scientific evidence showing that men enjoy sexual intercourse more than women. Mindsets and societal norms may prevent women from expressing their feelings about sex and pleasure. But, the fact is that women are designed to enjoy sex as much as men.

14. Seek Medical Help If You Are Sexually Active

If you are sexually active, you have to seek medical advice to check whether you are carrying an STD or not. In case you are infected with infection, it is necessary that you and your partner should receive treatment as soon as possible. This can help both of you have better sexual life without worrying about sexual problems.

15. Washing The Vagina After Sex Does Not Prevent Pregnancy

After sexual intercourse, even in case you wash your vagina with cold water, hot water, shampoo solution or soap solution, sperms can get to their set destination very quickly. Therefore, washing your vagina after sex will not help prevent pregnancy. Instead, you should use safe birth control methods.

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16. You Can Get Pregnant Even In First Time

things women need to know about sexual health

A girl can get pregnant whenever she is having sexual intercourse, even it is her first time. And, in terms of the age, a woman is most fertile during her teenage years; therefore, it is important for her to use birth control methods.

If you want to discover other things women need to know about sexual health, you should continue to read this interesting article and then try to apply one or more of these tips as soon as possible.

17. Not All Women Bleed In First Time Love Making

It is unnecessary for all women to bleed after their first sexual intercourse. The fact is that women bleed only when their hymen is broken for the first time. And, according to a research about the hymen [2], the hymen can be broken after performing rigorous physical activities such as running, cycling or swimming. As a result, it is unnecessary for a virgin to bleed the first time she makes love.

18. Sex Therapy Is Helpful

If everything else does not work and you continue lacking sexual desire, you may need sex therapy or counseling. Actually, therapists can help you deal with your insecurities, lack of communication, as well as other psychosexual issues that may affect your sex life. Besides, therapists can also suggest other natural ways to deal with sex problems apart from medical treatment.

19. Middle To Old Age May Have Poor Sexual Performance

Your sexual desire may plummet due to the low testosterone levels in the body or due to age-related health conditions. Therefore, you should not just focus on achieving orgasm, start enjoying the bodies and compatibility. You should also not rely too much on drugs and always consult your doctor before taking any new medications because it can cause unwanted side effect on your sexual desire. Sensual massages, masturbating, kissing, and maintaining communication can help you maintain your interest in sex life.

20. Not All Cases Of HIV Cause AIDS

Although there is no shot cure for HIV, you can try taking a few medications and dietary rules in order to suppress the virus. You should talk to your doctor and try to improve your immune system in order to reduce the risk of getting HIV or AIDS.

21. Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Treated

This is another one among things women need to know about sexual health that you should not look down. According to a research [3], erectile dysfunction can be treated. There are a few lifestyle tips that you should apply in order to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Stop smoking, check your alcohol intake, exercise, follow a healthy diet plan and control your diabetes.

22. Not Everyone Needs To Sex All Night 

Sexual appetite and sexual aptitude may differ from person to person. Therefore, if you want to have great sexual performance, you need to have a good shape to be able to help with your physical exertion.

23. Effects Of Pregnancy On Sex

When you are pregnant, you should avoid rough lovemaking. This is because the stomach of a pregnant woman is covered with the amniotic sac which is responsible for keeping the baby safe. And, indulging in rough lovemaking will negatively affect the fetus. When you want to make love, simply hug, kiss, and gently sex.

24. Talk With Your Partner About Sexual Health

things women need to know about sexual health

Talk, or discuss your partner about birth control and your previous partners. Keep in mind that women feel greatest in bed whenever they feel safe. In case your partner is not open to your discussion, he may not be a right person for you.

25. Use The Right Products

Women of a certain age can experience vaginal dryness, and in order to make things more comfortable, you can try using a right lubricant. After using lubricant, you could be aroused physically, yet not mentally; therefore, you just need to warm up yourself. Actually, this is known as one of the best things women need to know about sexual health that you should know.

26. Strengthen Your Sex Muscles

Kegel exercises can help in strengthening the pelvic area, making more intense sex and orgasms. Kegel muscles can support all of your pelvic organs. Besides, doing the exercises properly can increase arousal during sex, improve blood circulation, and produce more lubrication.

27. Confidence

If a woman does not feel confident about her body, she may find it difficult to have orgasm. So, you do not worry about your extra pounds or stretch marks. Instead, you should focus on the moment with your partner in order to experience full arousal and orgasm.

28. Be Cautious With Anal Sex

Always ensure that anal sex will never be followed by vaginal sex. If not, it can lead to a few serious medical problems. For instance, infections can transmit through the back passage and enter the vagina and urethra. As a result, you can cause chronic pelvic pain, pelvic infection, pelvic adhesion, severe cystitis as well as fertility problems.

29. Nobody Does it Better Than You

You can wait for your partner to offer you orgasm, but you can get it a lot faster when you take care of your sexual organs. If a woman masturbates, she often climaxes in less than 4 minutes. And if she is engaged in foreplay and intercourse, she can climax in 20 minutes. To get a speedy climax, you can consider using a vibrator.

30. Many Women Do Not Have Orgasms

This may sound strange when it comes to learning things women need to know about sexual health, but it is actually important. According to a study about factors affecting orgasm in women [4], many women have no orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is because thrusting will not stimulate the clitoris, which contributes to the ultimate pleasure.

31. Do Not Ignore His Nipples

Imagine if your partner ignored your nipples during sex, so why are you ignoring his nipples? According to a survey, more than half of the men said that nipple stimulation enhanced their arousal. Therefore, you do not ignore your partner’s nipples if you want to have a great sexual performance in bed.

32. Casual Sex Is Not For Everyone

Casual sexual intercourse may sound like a kick. However, for many women, casual sex is not a great experience. According to a study, only 54% of the women who had casual sex had positive feelings about it while 85% of men thought it was great. Actually, this is known as one of the important things women need to know about sexual health, especially if you want to enjoy a better sexual performance.

33. Romance Can Last Forever

things women need to know about sexual health

Another great one among things women need to know about sexual health is that romance can last forever. Recent study shows that long-term relationships can maintain and intensify the sexual chemistry. If they are missing the passion of short-term relationships, which means they are free of insecurity and anxiety.

34. Marrieds Do it More

If women are married, they are having more sexual intercourse than single people. According to a survey, married people have about 69 sexual intercourses per year and this number is nine more than single people do. But now, you need to know that quality is more important than quantity.

35. Condoms Take A Minute To Wear

Wearing a condom does not happen quickly and there may be an awkward pause while men put on a condom. In some cases, the mood is lost; therefore, you should find a few ways to make it hot and sexy.

36. People Do Not Fit In Some Cases

There is no such thing as too tight an anus or vagina [5] and too big a penis. But, genitals have different sizes and shapes and in some cases, it takes a lot of creative angles, practice and lube to really enter.

37. Longer Sex Does Not Always Mean Better Sex

This is the last yet very important one among things women need to know about sexual health that we want to mention in this article. You are sure not to want to have under-a-minute sex; but longer sex is not always required because it can be damaging for you and your partner. Therefore, you should have an honest talk with your partner about it.

After reading this interesting article, we hope that all of my female readers can have a general understanding about sexual health. And then, you and my other female readers should apply these tips in order to enjoy sex and simultaneously prevent the chances of getting infection and unwanted pregnancy. If you think that this list is helpful and can help other women around you who want to know more about sexual health, you should share this list with them as soon as possible. One more thing, if you know other things women need to know about sexual health, you remember to share them with us by leaving your comments in the comment box below.

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