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Let’s Discover Top 21 Secrets Sexual Health Nurses Will Never Tell You

Let’s Discover Top 21 Secrets Sexual Health Nurses Will Never Tell You

Going to the gynecologist is necessary for most people, but it can be an awkward and embarrassing experience for some people. Before you make your annual appointment, you should know some secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you.

List Of Secrets Sexual Health Nurses Will Never Tell You

In this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the secrets that only sexual health nurses would know.

1. They Do Not Care How You Groom

When it comes to sexual health, this should be listed as one of the most common secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you in the hospital. Whether you are going bare, or keeping your vagina natural, your doctor will not care your pubic hair preference. Sexual health nurses said that un-groomed or groomed makes no differences, but they also have noticed some trends. Nowadays, most people are more likely to be groomed and they may want to feel more polished these days.

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2. Shower Before Your Appointment

Although your sexual health doctor may not care about how you groom, it is better for you to clean your body before your appointment. Actually, having decent hygiene will be appreciated more than anything else. It is recommended to just use mild soap and water.

3. They Hate When You Play Doctor Google

secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you

Having access to a computer does not mean that you are a doctor. Many mothers and mothers-to-be who actively research their healthcare may be good parents. But, some of them who do that research cannot make good judgments. So, playing doctor may cause stress in your relationships.

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4. Male Doctors Need Female Backup

Your male doctor often needs a nurse with him during examinations. Actually, male doctors bring female doctor or nurse with them into exams in order to ensure that their female patients are comfortable and simultaneously minimize the misunderstandings. If a male doctor is alone with his female patient, the patient has the right to have a female observer.

5. There Is Nothing Sexual To Doctors When Seeing You Naked

The fact is that seeing new people naked is not exciting. Over time, seeing patients naked becomes clinical rather than sexual. For many patients, they feel no difference, but in some cases, doctors can get a bit weird if patients just whip off all of their clothes.

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6. Birth Is Not Always A Beautiful Process

This is known as one of the secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you that you, especially female readers should know. Birth can be amazing, but according to a study [1], doctors also often face traumatic situations relating to pregnancy. Therefore, delivering a pre-term baby is a process that scares both the patient and doctor.

7. Accessorizing Your Vagina Is Not A Good Idea

You can shave your pubic hair or dye it bright green; however, you should not accessorize on the inside. Accessorizing the vagina can create the smell like rotten meat and even worse. Therefore, you should clean your vagina up, but you do not get fancy.

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8. People Do Weird Things When They Do Their Exam

For some people, sexual health exams can be awkward, but other people feel a little comfortable on the table. A doctor says that he has seen his patients text during the exam.

9. They Sometimes Take Extreme Measures

Dealing with a patient’s sexual health problems is not always simple like scheduling them for surgery or writing a prescription. In some cases, they have to help patients stop heavy bleeding post birth or use instruments to remove retained placenta from the uterus.

10. People Have Interesting Ideas Related To Contraception

When it comes to knowing secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you, you should not look down this fact. Lacking information about contraception can have negative effects on patients. They can get unintended pregnancy and also make themselves sick.

11. They Concern About More Than Just Your Reproductive Organs

secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you

The sexual health doctor’s main job may be to assess your sexual health, but he is also concerned with other things; for example, your whole-body health. When sexual health doctors exam a patient, they also look for lots of things, including how the patient is doing, any new life changes, the patient’s mood and happiness.

12. They Do Not Care If Their Patients Are On The Period

You do not need to skip your annual sexual health appointment if you are on your period. It makes little difference to most doctors whether their patients are bleeding or not. You just need to give a brief heads up, and do not be self-conscious.

13. Using Tampons Causes Serious Problems

Using menstrual products can change their lives for many women. However, according to a study about tampon safety [2], these products can also lead to major health problems if used improperly.

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14. Their Job Is Not For Squeamish People

Sexual health doctor often see penises that are inflamed, swollen, split, discolored, bleeding, covered in lumps, and even leaking discharge. And, the same goes for vaginas. Of course, the various smells are always unpleasant.

15. People Do Some Weird Things In Their Vaginas, Bums, And Urethras

Some injuries that sexual health doctors often see are cuts from broken glass, bottles or lightbulbs during sex. And, in some cases, these things can get stuck in their vaginas, bums and urethras and there is nothing we can do other than take them to the hospital.

16. People Leave STIs Before Dealing With Them

We often have to take patients with STIs to hospital, and we wonder how long they have lived with these symptoms. In some cases, women do not realize that they are suffering from the symptoms of STIs because the growths and the sores are often internal.

17. Patients Really Open Up To Doctors

When you see a sexual health doctor, you should let him know your full sexual history. You should trust doctors to keep your sex secrets. Some people cry on the doctors’ shoulders about their sexual health problems, personal problems, their addictions and loneliness.

18. If You Are Diagnosed With An STI, Doctors Can Contact Your Ex-partners

If you are diagnosed with STIs, you should inform your current and past partners about STI diagnosis so that they can be tested too. However, not everybody feels confident when doing that, so they can do it anonymously by post or via phone.

19. Some Men Have Erections During Exams

This may sound strange when it comes to knowing secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you, but it is actually the fact. Getting erections is embarrassing for them, but it is just a normal reaction. Sexual health doctors often have to tell them that it is OK and then reassure them.

20. There Are Special Clinics For Sex Workers

There are special clinics that provide free and non-judgmental tests as well as health advice for sex workers. These special clinics are often straightforward because sex workers tend to be honest and clear with doctors.

21. We Offer Advice, Counseling And Support

secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you

Apart from making tests, some clinics also provide psychosexual therapies for many sexual problems such as having discomfort during sex, lack of desire, difficulties in having erection, ejaculation, or orgasm problems. We also work with patients who have relationship problems caused by their sexual problems. These problems include lack of sexual satisfaction, loss of confidence and anxiety [3] in sexual performance. We provide services with both psychological and medical expertise and integrate these skills in order to help in dealing with sexual problems more effectively.

After reading this article, we hope that you can know some of the secrets sexual health nurses will never tell you. And then, you can consider whether you should make an appointment with your sexual health doctor or not. Also, if you think that this list is helpful and can help other people around you who are facing sexual problems, you should feel free to share this list with them as soon as possible. One more thing, if you have any idea about this article, you can leave your comments in the comment box below. If you want to know more about tips and facts related to sexual health, you should visit our Sexual Health Category regularly.

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